Murder in Bloom (Libby Sarjeant Series #5)

Murder in Bloom (Libby Sarjeant Series #5)

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Middle-aged artist-come-investigator Libby Sarjeant can't ever seem to have a quiet moment. Her son, Adam, has uncovered a body with in Creekmarsh Place, where he is working as a gardener for TV personality Lewis Osbourne-Walker.

The police seem to think there is no connection with the current owner but Libby, naturally, can’t just leave it at that. With her psychic friend Fran’s mind on other things, Libby has to go it alone.

A murder in London inspires the police to dig deeper and Libby, determined to help her new friend Lewis, stirs up more trouble.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781407913360
Publisher: Soundings, Limited
Publication date: 06/28/2011
Series: Libby Sarjeant Series , #5
Edition description: Unabridged
Pages: 8
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 7.30(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Lesley started writing almost as soon as she could read, and filled many exercise books with pony stories until she was old enough to go out with boys. Since she's been grown up, following a varied career as a model, air stewardess and disc jockey, she's written short fiction and features for a variety of magazines, achieved an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wales, taught writing for both Kent Adult Education and the WEA and edited the first Sexy Shorts collection of short stories from Accent Press in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign. She lives on the Kent coast.

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'HEY, MA, GUESS WHAT?' Adam's voice was jubilant.

'Hello, darling,' said Libby Sarjeant. 'What's happened?'

'I found a body!'

Libby's stomach seemed to roll over and her legs felt suddenly icy. She sat down abruptly.

'A body?' she said.

'I knew you'd be interested,' said Adam. 'I told Mog you would be.'


'The bloke I'm working with. I told you. Don't you remember?'

Libby racked her brain. 'Vaguely,' she admitted. 'What body?'

'A skeleton,' said Adam, his excitement clearly audible. 'Or part of one, anyway. A skull and a few bones, although I think they've found a bit more now.'

'They? The police?'

'Yeah. They've been here all day.'

'So where are you?'

Adam sighed in obvious exasperation. 'Oh, Ma, don't you ever listen? Creekmarsh Place.'

'Oh, yes!' Libby got up from the stair she was sitting on and carried the phone into the sitting room, where she turfed Sidney the silver tabby off the cane sofa. 'Gardening for some famous person.'

'Not gardening exactly, more redesigning,' corrected Adam. 'Mog's a designer.'

'Oh, right.'

'This is his first big commission, and I'm helping him.' Adam sounded proud.

'But you're not a gardener,' said Libby. 'I've never even persuaded you to mow the lawn.'

'Thanks, Ma. I thought you'd be pleased.'

'Sorry, darling, of course I am, but you've just graduated with a sociology degree.'

'Not just, Ma. Last bloody year, and I still haven't got a job. I told you, Mog asked if I'd like to give him a hand with this, as it's big and there's a whole load of clearing to be done.'

'And Mog is …?'

'That mate of Dom's who used to be an accountant. Lives in Canterbury.'

'Oh, right, I remember.' Libby felt she was shaking off the onset of senile dementia. 'He married that nice girl Fiona, didn't he?'

'Now you've got it,' said Adam. 'And he went back to college to learn how to be a garden designer and now that's what he does. When he can.'

'When he can?'

'There isn't so much work around now, despite the fact that people still love the gardening programmes on TV.'

'No, I suppose not,' said Libby. 'More people are digging up the flowers and planting vegetables, aren't they?'

'Exactly,' said Adam. 'But this job is fantastic and could put Mog on the map.'

'Creekmarsh Place? Where is it?'

'Aha! Bit of a secret destination,' said Adam. 'Never heard of Creekmarsh?'

'No,' said Libby.

'It's just along the coast from Nethergate before the marshes begin.'

'Where the Wytch comes out?'

'That's it. It's actually on the banks of the Wytch.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: 1

Chapter Two: 10

Chapter Three: 19

Chapter Four: 29

Chapter Five: 39

Chapter Six: 47

Chapter Seven: 57

Chapter Eight: 69

Chapter Nine: 77

Chapter Ten: 84

Chapter Eleven: 94

Chapter Twelve: 104

Chapter Thirteen: 113

Chapter Fourteen: 122

Chapter Fifteen: 131

Chapter Sixteen: 138

Chapter Seventeen: 147

Chapter Eighteen: 155

Chapter Nineteen: 164

Chapter Twenty: 175

Chapter Twenty One: 183

Chapter Twenty Two: 192

Chapter Twenty Three: 200

Chapter Twenty Four: 209

Chapter Twenty Five: 218

Chapter Twenty Six: 227

Chapter Twenty Seven: 239

Chapter Twenty Eight: 249

Chapter Twenty Nine: 258

Chapter Thirty: 267

Chapter Thirty One: 277

Chapter Thirty Two: 290

Chapter Thirty Three: 303

Chapter Thirty Four: 314

Chapter Thirty Five: 321

Epilogue: 331

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Murder in Bloom 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Terrific British cozy mystery series! The author does a wonderful job of weaving together more than one mystery in each book. We are also treated to story lines that advance the characters in every book. Read this well written, delightful series in order. No sex, no violence, minimal swearing.