Murder in Midwinter (Libby Sarjeant Series #3)

Murder in Midwinter (Libby Sarjeant Series #3)

by Lesley Cookman

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Lesley Cookman's bestselling series featuring amateur sleuth Libby Sarjeant is back for its third instalment.

Bella Morleigh was pleased to inherit a derelict theatre, that is until an unknown body is discovered within it. Luckily for her, her two friends Libby Sarjeant and Psychic Investigator Fran Castle are on the case.

Although Libby is rather distracted by the preparations for her friends’ Civil Partnership ceremony, she’s at least getting the hang of using a computer to dig for information, something she’s certain will be terribly useful in her detecting career.

When a second body is discovered however, it is one of Fran’s psychic moments (and none of Libby’s computer know-how) that help them discover the surprising link between the two corpses...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681469225
Publisher: Accent Press
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Series: Libby Sarjeant Series , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 483,207
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Like many authors, Lesley started writing stories as a child. After a checquered beginning, including jobs as varied as actor, model, cabin crew and nightclub DJ, she fell into feature writing for publications including Business Matters, Which Computer and Poultry Farmers Weekly.

She progressed to short stories for the vibrant Women’s magazine market and, following a Master’s Degree where she met her publisher, she turned to her first literary love of Traditional British Mysteries. The Libby Sarjeant series is still going strong, and has been joined by The Alexandrians, an Edwardian mystery series.

Lesley also continues to work with her local theatre, which often finds its way into her books.

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ROBERT GRIMSHAW OF GRIMSHAW and Taylor came round a teak desk that had been the height of furnishing fashion in the sixties. Bella thought that he had probably got stuck in the same time warp.

'Mrs Morleigh. So pleased to meet you. Do sit down. Tea? Or coffee?'

'Er -' said Bella.

'Tray of tea, please.' Robert Grimshaw addressed the secretary hovering by the door without looking at her and went back to his chair behind his desk. 'Now,' he said, opening a buff folder. 'I expect all this came as a bit of a shock to you?'

'You could say that.' Bella smiled, trying to relax her tense shoulders and sit more comfortably in the low slung chair.

'It surprised me, as well, and I knew Miss Alexander.' Robert Grimshaw surveyed Bella over his clasped hands. 'You have a look of her, you know.'

'I do?' Bella was obscurely pleased.

'Remarkably well preserved lady for her age. Ninety-two, she was, you know.'

'Ninety-two? My father would have been eighty-eight this year.'

'That would be Bertram, Miss Alexander's half brother.' Robert Grimshaw looked up as the door opened to admit the secretary struggling under the weight of a laden tea tray. Bella had to fight with herself not to get up and help while Robert Grimshaw merely watched benignly, tutting when a little tea trickled out of the spout.

'Will you be mother?' He leaned towards her archly. Bella tried to avoid the pale eyes which swept her lasciviously as, gritting her teeth, she levered herself to the edge of the chair and poured tea into two pale green cups.

'So.' Robert Grimshaw sat back in his chair and sipped his tea appreciatively, his expression as he looked over the rim of the cup still faintly salacious. Bella, unused to such admiration, felt uncomfortable.

'Let's fill you in a bit. How much do you know about your Aunt Maria?'

'Nothing at all. I didn't even know she existed.' Bella considered leaning back in her chair and decided against it as the tea in her cup threatened to transfer itself to her saucer.

'But you knew your grandmother?'

'Hardly. She died a year after I was born. My father didn't talk about her much.'

'I gather he left home very early and went to work in the city.' Robert Grimshaw referred to something in the buff folder.

'As soon as he could, I think.' Bella replaced her cup on the tray and edged surreptitiously back in to the chair. There was no beating it, she decided, as she collapsed backwards.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: 1

Chapter Two: 9

Chapter Three: 35

Chapter Four: 53

Chapter Five: 70

Chapter Six: 90

Chapter Seven: 101

Chapter Eight: 112

Chapter Nine: 119

Chapter Ten: 131

Chapter Eleven: 137

Chapter Twelve: 145

Chapter Thirteen: 153

Chapter Fourteen: 165

Chapter Fifteen: 173

Chapter Sixteen: 181

Chapter Seventeen: 192

Chapter Eighteen: 202

Chapter Nineteen: 215

Chapter Twenty: 225

Chapter Twenty One: 233

Chapter Twenty Two: 241

Chapter Twenty Three: 250

Chapter Twenty Four: 257

Chapter Twenty Five: 262

Chapter Twenty Six: 271

Chapter Twenty Seven: 280

Chapter Twenty Eight: 289

Chapter Twenty Nine: 299

Chapter Thirty: 310

Chapter Thirty One: 315

Chapter Thirty Two: 323

Chapter Thirty Three: 332

Chapter Thirty Four: 339

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Murder in Midwinter 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am just gobbling up this series! Read them in order - each book advances the characters and their relationships. The mysteries have many plot twists. Set in a quaint British village with a middle aged circle of friends who are involved in amature theater and stumble upon murder. Content: No sex, no gore, no violence, minimal cursing.