Murder is Par for the Course: Everything you need to host a Golf Murder Mystery!

Murder is Par for the Course: Everything you need to host a Golf Murder Mystery!

by Jack Pachuta


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THIS EXCLUSIVE MURDER MYSTERY PARTY KIT WILL WORK FOR GROUPS OF SIX TO 50. Simply take apart this 8.5" X 11" book and you'll have what you need to orchestrate the mystery. Perfect for your next golf outing!

Can you solve "Murder is Par for the Course"? Here's the scenario:

It was the match of the century for the prestigious Porous Pines Country Club. For the past decade, professional champion Holin Wunn had dominated the tournaments throughout the region. His prowess as a pro resulted in awards, accolades and, of course, a lifestyle that most golfers only dream of. Wunn's tenacity on the tee and rigor in the rough were unchallenged by any man - but not so when it came to women.

For the past year, Birdie Bigelow, the undisputed women's regional champ had repeatedly issued a challenge to the legendary Wunn. She would (so she proclaimed) in match play, demonstrate that Wunn's stance to keep women out of men's tournaments was more the result of fear than fact.

"Golf is more brains than brawn," she told the press. "He might drive the ball farther, but no one can size up a course like I can." With pressure from all sides, Wunn finally agreed to the head-to-head confrontation. The date of the match was set. Reporters gushed over a legendary battle of the sexes to settle the matter once and for all. It would be 18 holes of golf that would go down in the annals of the game.

After 17 holes, Wunn was 1-up. That's when it became dead-even. For as Wunn teed up for the 18th hole, a deathly silence fell over the crowd. Just as his driver reached the zenith of its arc, Wunn released the club. His eyes rolled back in their sockets and he collapsed. All efforts to revive him failed. At first, observers feared a hidden medical problem had surfaced, yet police thought otherwise. They confirmed that the evidence pointed toward homicide.

Who would dare club to death the gender controversy with such irony? Why would they even putter around with such matters? Now, it would be necessary to trap a killer with a stroke of investigative genius.

The Suspects . . .

Birdie Bigelow - Professional Golfer.
She'd been waiting a long time for this match. Would she really want it to end this way?

Toten Klubs - Wunn's Caddie.
Surely the rumors couldn't be true. Could Klubs and Wunn really be splitting?

Carrie Bagshot - Bigelow's Caddie.
She told everyone that Birdie would win this event. Why did she dislike Wunn so much?

Nemo Brandt - CEO of Sadasi Sports Gear.
For the past five years, the world-famous Sadasi "Sheesh" has been a fixture on all of Wunn's golf gear. What would happen when his promotional contract expires?

Sandy Trapini - President of Porous Pines Golf Club.
Wunn wasn't in her good graces. Why would she feel this way?

Macon Green - Greenskeeper.
Wunn complained about the condition of the course. How could he develop a stellar reputation if Wunn kept saying rotten things about his ability?


This complete Murder Mystery Party Kit from Mysteries on the Net contains everything you need to host your own event at home or in a large facility. YOU WON'T NEED TO COPY ANYTHING for a party of up to 50 people. The kit includes:

- Complete instructions on how to run your party,

- Facilitator instructions,

- 6 suspect roles and role player instructions,

- 12 invitations to your party,

- 12 copies of "The Scorecard" newsletter,

- 12 copies of a letter from the Sheriff,

- 24 individual clues,

- 6 copies each of the Investigative Report,

- 6 copies of Holin Wunn's and Birdie Bigelow's scorecards,

- 6 copies of the answer sheets to be completed by your investigative teams,

- And, of course, the solution to the case.

You'll need to dissemble the kit to prepare the material for your party, and everything will be right there at your fingertips.

Your friends and colleagues will enjoy the challenge of solving a murder mystery that will be talked about for

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781888475159
Publisher: Management Strategies, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/24/2014
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Jack Pachuta is a mysterious guy. Since a dark and stormy night in 1982, he has authored and facilitated murder mystery events for clients across the United States and Canada. Plus, he sells his complete murder mystery party kits around the world via his websites.

In his alter-ego as a speaker, trainer and consultant, he partners his mysteries with unique learning experiences that focus on team building, communications, negotiations and sales. These mystery seminars convey key skills in non-threatening, fun-filled programs. Holding masters degrees from the University of Southern California and Michigan State University, Jack's client base includes Jockey International, Pepsico, ShopKo Stores, the Asia-Pacific Institute for Management Development in Singapore, Thomson Audio Products Hong Kong, Connex of Romania, Multi-Finance of Athens, Greece - and many, many more.

An inveterate games player, Jack enjoys the challenge of solving puzzles and weaving together facts and details into memorable, entertaining experiences. He regularly conducts mystery writing boot camps during which he shares his unique insights about developing and facilitating murder mystery parties.

Jack met his English wife, Renira, over breakfast in Portugal while they were both living in Germany. They now have two daughters, a cat named Zoe and a house bordering a Christmas tree farm near Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin where Jack maintains his subterranean world headquarters. (Some people call it his basement office.) Jack is also an award-winning printmaker and a member of both the Cedarburg Artists Guild and the League of Milwaukee Artists.

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