Murphy, Apostle of the Smokies:The Story of a Detroit Businessman Who Became a Priest at Age 80

Murphy, Apostle of the Smokies:The Story of a Detroit Businessman Who Became a Priest at Age 80


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Murphy, Apostle of the Smokies:The Story of a Detroit Businessman Who Became a Priest at Age 80 by Carolyn Nowakowski, Jane Schmenk

The story of a Detroit businessman who became a priest at age 80.

The dream of a three-year old, picking berries, on his father's farm is realized more than 75 years later.

By means of her unique storytelling artistry, Sister Jane captures and involves the reader of Murphy, Apostle of the Smokies in the life of an exceptionally gifted, humble, and holy man who is Mr. "Will" Murphy, destined to become Father Murphy.

This unforgettable story comes alive through Sister Jane's personal friendship and long association with Father Murphy.

The journey of "Will" from the berries of Michigan to the forests of North Carolina and the picturesque Church of St. Margaret is beautifully written and thoroughly absorbing with rich detail, faith-provoking historical insights and humorously warm anecdotes about the life of a remarkable man of faith, his family, and his legacy to Maggie Valley.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595188901
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/2001
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Remembering1
My Good Father2
My Good Mother6
Detroit-Home to the Murphys8
The Marriage Blessing10
Berries, Berries, and More Berries14
"Lead Kindly Light"15
Growing in Age and Grace--Wisdom??18
Labor is the Sweetest Joy23
Folded Hands Are Ever Weary26
Chapter 2Catholicism-Almost Non-Existent In The South31
South Carolina31
North Carolina32
Carroll-Prefect Apostolic33
Georgia and the Carolinas-A New Diocese34
North Carolina-A Vicariate35
Bishop Waters of Raleigh, a Committed Leader37
St. John Vianney Hall42
Evangelization Moves Farther Westward45
Chapter 3Murphy's Apostolic Work In North Carolina Begins48
"Build A Church"48
Heading for Florida, Landing in Murphy, North Carolina49
Sylva, the Promised Land51
Murphy Donates Newman Center54
In the Verdant Hills of Maggie Valley55
Where Two Or More Are Gathered58
Another Loss, Another Time to Mourn59
The Garland Name Lives On60
Murphy, Always An Evangelist61
Falling Waters Motel62
Serving a Need69
Murphy Touches Lives71
Chapter 4Upon This Rock I Will Build73
To Thy Name, O God, Give Glory76
Little Bits of Heaven76
St. Margaret of Scotland77
Construction Questions Needing Answers80
Stones Laid, Blessed, And Dedicated85
Church Rectory87
No Area Of The Rectory Was "Cloistered"89
But Some Areas Should Have Been Cloistered91
Chapter 5Our Lady Of Guadalupe-Cherokee92
Father Wilmes Presents Resolution93
Our Lady of Guadalupe Reflects Cherokee Culture96
Dedication of the Church97
Cherokee-Mission of St. John's, Waynesville98
Being Accepted On The Reservation99
The Cherokee-A Truly Captive Nation101
Ron's Doubts Disappear104
Chapter 6New Priest-New Diocese105
Murphy Finds A Priest For Maggie Valley105
"It's Now or Never"109
Benedictines to the Rescue111
Will Was a Quick Learner113
Ordination At Last115
The Lord Calls In Various Ways116
Awed By the Mystery118
"Don't Get Your Shoes Dirty"119
News of Ordination Spreads Quickly124
The "Shed"126
Diocese of Charlotte Created127
Which Diocese Would Father Murphy Belong To?129
Chapter 7Murphy's Priestly Ministry Begins131
Murphy Ministers in Raleigh Diocese131
Time to Retire?132
Murphy-First Pastor of St. Margaret's133
Father Murphy Administers the Sacrament of Baptism135
Father Murphy Assists at the Sacrament of Matrimony136
War and Peace137
Murphy Retires a Second Time139
Murphy Continues His Ministry141
Murphy's Sacred Space146
Tears and Fears148
Starting a Parish Council152
Chapter 8The House Of Prayer154
The Vision Dream155
A Director for the House of Prayer160
Murphy Loved Benedictines163
House of Prayer Opens164
The House of Prayer Fulfills Its Purpose166
Fire Destroys the House of Prayer169
"I'll Never" Turns Into "I Will"174
Another Fire-Another Move176
"Falling Waters" Becomes "Living Waters"177
Home, Home, At Last!180
Chapter 9Doing The Lord's Work183
Sister Agnes Comes to the Valley183
A Crisis Moment186
The Threat187
Come to the Water190
Reflections on A Creek190
Cleansing at Collins Creek192
A Near Tragedy193
How Great Thou Art194
Traveling with Father Murphy196
Chapter 10The Final Hours203
The Last Sorrowful Mystery203
A Soliloquy209
The Wake212
The Funeral218
So What Is Being A Mystic-Murphy-Style?222
Chapter 11The Vision Revisited224
Chapter 12Memories231
Bishop Begley's Encouragement247

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