by Susan Frink Anderson


by Susan Frink Anderson


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Are you in a rut spiritually and emotionally? Do you feel a part of you has become lost, hidden, or imprisoned behind a façade you present to the world? Has addiction or trauma left you feeling broken? As a former teacher and therapist, Anderson understands those feelings and has developed Murture-a system to help you reconnect with your true self, with your inner spirit, and with God. 

Through specific case studies and personal experience, Anderson presents the steps you need to take to feel whole again; in this book, she outlines what you can start doing today to reunite your life with God's image of you. Developing a real connection with your true self will lead you onto a path where STEPS will be directed in balance with awakening to your full identity that leads you to fulfill your destiny:

• Living life at a higher level of consciousness with love that is given freely and unconditionally
• Healing all the wounds left from the past
• Developing a confident inner nature with no need to compare, prove, or defend yourself to anyone
• Listening to others without judging, and speaking the truth lovingly
• Evolving spiritually to recognize the unconditional love God offers
• Finding purpose and meaning in life from a new creature perspective

By opening this book, you are saying that you are ready to stop sleepwalking through life; you are willing to dig deeply into your insecurities and leave them behind. God made you for more than you are currently achieving. Embrace Murture and find the truth of what God desires and has planned for you.
Susan Frink Anderson, M.A. in Educational Psychology and M.A. in Counseling, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. She has trained extensively in healing relational trauma to help others find their true self as God sees them. She is passionate about setting the captives free from false beliefs that block the truth of their spiritual identity and obstruct their ability to see and feel unconditional love from Divine Source of Light and Power.

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