Muscular Hypertrophy: The Science and Application for Muscle Growth

Muscular Hypertrophy: The Science and Application for Muscle Growth

by Jay Horn


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MUSCULAR HYPERTROPHY provides the science, rationale, and application so that you can put theory into practice and increase your muscle mass. With the abundant amount of research we have today in the field of exercise science, and more specifically skeletal muscle hypertrophy, there is no reason why you cannot reach your full muscular potential. Muscular Hypertrophy is a research-based, educational book for those who have the desire to learn more about the riveting science and practical application of how and why our muscles grow. Academically, this book can also be utilized as a comprehensive learning tool for university students. Thus, this text is for a variety of individuals—personal trainers, exercise scientists, college students, exercise enthusiasts, fitness competitors, or anyone with the hunger to gain a better understanding of muscular growth.

Features inside:

* The history of bodybuilding from its origin to present day.

* Graphs and photos to help you better understand the text.

* Heavily-cited material with over 500 references.

* Educational, focal-point summaries at the beginning of each chapter.

* Critical-thinking boxes to assess and objectify your program design.

* Many muscle-building programs from my hypertrophy-based system (TMT).

* Full glossary to utilize as a quick resource.

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ISBN-13: 9781495184345
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication date: 04/14/2019
Pages: 186
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