Music Box

Music Box

by Ron Kramer


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This European-inspired tale explores the boundaries of love, music, and dance.

On Elfriede’s sixteenth birthday, she's gifted an enchanted music box, which belonged to a mysterious gypsy. Little did she know that this box came with a heavy burden. To an ordinary person, the box was just a box; but, to someone pure of heart, as she is, it was an eternal bond.

In the coming days, she is confronted by an evil sorcerer, who wreaks havoc on her village, tearing away everything that she holds dear. Now alone in the world, she must muster the courage to enter the Black Forests of Germany and cross the soaring countryside of Austria.

Elfriede is caught in a game of cat and mouse, and she must elude eerie shadowed creatures while running for her life. While escaping from peril, she becomes friends with magical creatures once rumored to live in the Fern Blackwood’s and, with their aid, a battle plan is struck to make a blow against her evil pursuers and rescue her childhood friend.

Elfriede discovers how far her magical bond is interwoven with the music box. Can she unravel the secrets that the music box holds? Does the box hold the key for rescuing her friend and saving herself from an endless pursuit? Or will she fall victim to the sorcerer’s dark magic as many have done before her?

With the backdrop of Europe and all its splendor, Music Box will capture the hearts of all ages with its timeless and classic storytelling.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692786680
Publisher: Panda Books Press
Publication date: 10/14/2016
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

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Music Box 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Iamlilu More than 1 year ago
Music Box By Ron Kramer Rating 5 This book is short...only 87 pages; but it is magical and a fairytale. I read Music Box on Christmas Eve which, of course added to the ambiance. I put on the music (also by the author), poured myself a glass of wine and settled myself cozily in my recliner. The story is actually a story within a story. Young Hieke is visiting her grandparents during summer vacation. As soon as she can she scurries inside to the library A wondrous library filled with old odds and ends and books galore. She heads to her little reading nook to pick out a book for her first summer read. Then she saw it...a very old music box being used as a book end. She opened up the music box and the most beautiful and yet haunting music began to play. It gave her goosebumps (and me, too). Hieke heard her Grandmother calling her and in her hurriedness to put the music box back in its place, she accidentally knocks down a book which fell right into her lap. It was a very old book with brown leather. The title was barely visible...the pages were yellow; but still readable so Hieke begins to read. This is when it happened. I was no longer reading the book...but listening to Hieke read the story. A story of a very old fairy tale. German, I think. Heike”s grandparents are German so a German fairytale would be a good guess. All of this in the first three pages. The tale was enthralling and captured me. It wouldn't let me go till the very end. The story of the music box tells the adventures of Elfriede and a young man named Eugene. It is a magical tale of love, pureness of heart, bravery, sorcery, magic, good and evil. Horrible monsters and fantastical forest creatures abound. Then there is Teodora. Elfriede and Eugene could have very well been a Princess and a Prince with Teodora as a fairy Godmother in any other tale. I listened to the tale as Hieke read to me. As the story ended, I laid the book down and my lap, continued to listen to the music, sipped my wine and smiled. Now that is a fairytale...