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Music Business Handbook and Career Guide / Edition 5

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide / Edition 5

by David Baskerville, Tim Baskerville, Gary McLaughlin, Stan Cornyn

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ISBN-10: 0933056060

ISBN-13: 9780933056060

Pub. Date: 11/13/1990

Publisher: Sherwood Publishing Company

New edition of an up-to-date guide to the $100 billion music industry. It covers all aspects of the field including songwriting, publishing, copyright, licensing, artist management, promotion, retailing, media, and other topics such as careers in music and specific advice on getting started in this highly competitive profession. Seven chapters cover music in the


New edition of an up-to-date guide to the $100 billion music industry. It covers all aspects of the field including songwriting, publishing, copyright, licensing, artist management, promotion, retailing, media, and other topics such as careers in music and specific advice on getting started in this highly competitive profession. Seven chapters cover music in the marketplace; songwriting, publishing, copyright; business affairs; the recording industry; music in broadcasting and film; and the Canadian music industry and international copyright. The book is illustrated with b&w photographs and tables and also contains an appendix with sample copyright forms, writing and publishing agreements, and directories of professional organizations. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Sherwood Publishing Company
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6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Part IMusic in the Marketplace
More Than Pop4
Art Versus Commerce6
Historical Development: Finding a Paying Audience7
Influence of Mass Media13
The Arts and Entertainment Industry14
2.The Music Business System15
Getting Through the Maze15
Music Business Studies in Higher Education18
Help Wanted!19
Part IISongwriting, Publishing, Copyright
3.Professional Songwriting23
The Market23
Predictors of Success24
The Craft25
Income Sources28
Publishing Options31
Evaluating Publishers33
The Songwriters Guild of America35
Contract Reassignment or Default37
Breaking In38
4.Music Publishing47
Types of Publishers49
Acquiring New Material62
Talent Development65
Contracts With Writers66
Split Copyrights, Copublishing72
Copyright Protection: Sampling73
Promotion, Advertising74
Income Sources77
Trade Associations79
5.Music Copyright83
Essential Provisions84
Key Terms85
Exclusive Rights90
Fair Use of Copyrighted Material91
Copyright Ownership94
Transfer or Assignment95
Work Made for Hire97
Musical Arrangements98
Sound Recordings100
Compulsory Mechanical License102
Royalty Payments (Section 115[c])103
Duration of Copyright104
Infringement, Remedy111
Record Counterfeiting, Penalties112
Changing Laws113
Rights in Names and Trademarks115
A Final Note on Law117
Part IIIBusiness Affairs
6.Music Licensing121
Music Rights: An Overview121
Performance Licensing123
Income, Royalty Distribution125
Foreign Collections125
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers126
Broadcast Music Inc.130
Mechanical Licenses136
Synchronization Licenses138
Cable Television Licenses140
Video Licenses141
Transcription Licenses142
Jukebox Licenses143
Dramatic Music Rights144
7.Unions and Guilds149
American Federation of Musicians150
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists152
American Guild of Musical Artists154
American Guild of Variety Artists155
Actors' Equity Association155
Screen Actors Guild156
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employes157
Other Unions and Guilds; Related Issues157
8.Agents, Managers, and Attorneys161
Business Management Techniques177
9.Artist Management179
National Conference of Personal Managers180
Discovering Each Other180
The Financial Relationship181
Manager's Commission183
Producing the Act186
Advancing the Career188
Personal Management Agreement195
10.Concert Promotion209
Getting Started209
Locating Cosponsors210
Arena Sponsorship211
Corporate Sponsorship211
National Promoters212
College Sponsorship212
National Association for Campus Activities213
Preparing Budgets213
Negotiating Contracts216
Promotion, Advertising218
Production Management219
11.Music and Theater225
Types of Musical Theater226
Theater Associations231
Production Components232
12.Music Product Merchandising241
Sales Leaders242
Instruments and Equipment244
Trade Associations253
Financial Management255
13.Arts Administration259
The Serious Music Market259
Representative Organizations262
Symphonic Music263
Funding the Arts268
State Arts Councils271
Part IVThe Recording Industry
14.Scope of the Recording Industry283
Major Labels286
Independent Labels287
Specialty Labels288
Recording Company Structure289
Piracy, Counterfeiting, Bootlegging293
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences295
15.Record Markets297
Research Development297
The Charts297
Recording Industry Association of America300
Record Categorization301
Stylistic Preferences302
16.Artists' Recording Contracts307
AFTRA Agreements307
AFM Agreements312
Royalty Artist Contracts316
17.Record Production329
Producing Talents329
Production Deals332
Production Budgeting334
Creative Control338
18.Record Promotion, Distribution, and Retailing345
The Marketing Plan345
Record Promotion347
Record Distribution352
Merchandising Audiocassettes and Compact Discs356
Home Video Retailing362
Future of Retailing363
19.Studios and Engineers365
Semiprofessional Recording366
Demo Studios367
Independent Studios367
Label-Owned Studios368
Studio Acoustics, Design, and Ambiance368
Studio Operation369
Changing Technology370
The Art and Science of Mixing371
Professional Associations373
20.Business Music375
Service Companies376
Production Music Libraries378
Part VMusic in Broadcasting and Film
21.Music in Radio383
Types of Stations384
Audience Identification and Market Research386
Spectrum of Formats390
How Commercial Radio Stations Work394
22.Music in Television403
Music and Video403
Stations and Networks404
Cable Television407
Producing TV Musical Specials408
Producing Short-Form Videos417
23.Music in Advertising421
Music Uses423
The Agency Role425
Spot Production427
24.Dramatic Scoring for Motion Pictures and TV443
Changing Styles444
The Craft446
Music Scoring for TV451
Library Music452
Hiring Practices452
Part VICareer Planning and Development
25.Career Options463
Creative Careers465
Producing/Directing Careers480
Performing Careers487
Teaching Careers494
Music-Related Careers500
Starting Your Own Business514
26.Career Development521
Defining Goals521
Climbing the Ladder526
Finding Work527
Part VIICanadian Music Industry and International Copyright
What You Need to Know About Canada's Music Scene535
International Copyright: The World Market Outside the United States549
Part VIIIAppendix
Publishing Rights Forms
ASCAP Agreement With Writer/Publisher572
ASCAP Writer Application575
BMI Publisher Application583
BMI Writer Application588
BMI Publisher Agreement590
BMI Writer Agreement594
Copyright Forms
U.S. Copyright Form PA598
U.S. Copyright Form SR602
Selected Readings
Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters608
Professional Organizations612
About the Author675

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