Music from the New York Stage 1890-1920, Vol. 3: 1913-1917

Music from the New York Stage 1890-1920, Vol. 3: 1913-1917



The third volume of British archive label Pearl Records' series of four three-CD sets compiling original cast recordings of Broadway shows from 1890-1920 covers only a four-year period, from the start of 1913 to the start of 1917. This was a period when imported and homegrown operettas competed with musical comedy revues. Composers Victor Herbert, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin were in the ascendant, along with performers Al Jolson, Chauncey Olcott, and Bert Williams, and all are heard from here (Berlin even performs one of his own songs). Jolson, the first Broadway star also to be a major recording star, is especially dominant, being featured on 11 of the 68 tracks. But like its predecessors, this volume suffers from the lack of original cast recordings of some of the most popular songs to emerge from Broadway shows during the period. Of the ten songs introduced in Broadway musicals of the period that topped the charts (according to Joel Whitburn's book Pop Memories), only four are included here. It's not that the recordings exist and haven't been included; it's that with the exception of Jolson and several others, Broadway stars simply didn't make records, leaving popular recording stars to score hits with the songs they had introduced. In this sense, the album provides an accurate, exhaustive survey of the original cast recordings of Broadway shows of 1913-1917, it's just that the extant recordings themselves are inadequate to fully document the era. (Note that the sound quality, while good for unimproved tracks mastered from records from the era, does not remotely compare to 1990s standards.)

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Release Date: 11/18/1993
Label: Pearl
UPC: 0727031905820
catalogNumber: 9056


Disc 1

  1. You Can't Play Every Instrument in the Band
  2. You Made Me Love You
  3. My Yellow Jacket Girl
  4. The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
  5. Just You and I and the Moon
  6. New York, What's the Matter With You? (Ziegfeld Follies of 1913)
  7. Hello, Honey
  8. If a Table at Rector's Could Talk
  9. Look in Her Eyes
  10. Sweethearts
  11. The Cricket on the Hearth
  12. Angelus
  13. Who Can Tell Me Where She Dwells?
  14. Tommy, Won't You Teach Me to Tango?
  15. Follow the Crowd
  16. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)
  17. Dream Girl of Mine
  18. My Little Dudeen
  19. Oh! Gustave
  20. Your Eyes
  21. Can't You Hear Me Callin', Caroline?

Disc 2

  1. When You're All Dressed up and No Place to Go
  2. Darktown Poker Club
  3. Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers (Dancing Around)
  4. When the Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies
  5. Pretty Baby
  6. The Lilac Domino
  7. I've Gotta Go Back to Texas
  8. Murders (Tonight's the Night)
  9. The Only Way (Tonight's the Night)
  10. Meet Me 'Round the Corner (Tonight's the Night)
  11. Boots and Shoes (Tonight's the Night)
  12. To the Lass We Love, a Toast
  13. A Breath O' Blooming Heather
  14. I'm Neutral
  15. Love Is the Best of All
  16. New York Hippodrome March (Hip-Hip-Hooray)
  17. The Ladder of Roses
  18. Some Little Bug Is Going to Find You
  19. Thy Heart My Prize
  20. Rackety Coo
  21. Rackety Coo
  22. I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife

Disc 3

  1. Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
  2. You're a Dangerous Girl
  3. Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go (With Friday on Saturday Night)?
  4. Tillie Titwillow
  5. Down Where the Swanee River Flows
  6. Now He's Got a Beautiful Girl
  7. Don't Believe All You Hear in the Moonlight
  8. In Scotland
  9. Evelyn
  10. In the Dark
  11. If I Knock the "L" Out of Kelly
  12. By the Sad Luana Shore
  13. My Castle in the Air
  14. Sometime
  15. Here Comes the Groom
  16. Patrick Henry Must Have Been a Married Man
  17. Hawaiian Sunshine
  18. Oh! Johnny Oh! Johnny Oh! (Follow Me)
  19. Lily of the Valley (Follow Me)
  20. What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For? (Follow Me)
  21. Love Is a Wonderful Thing (Follow Me)
  22. Where the Black Eyed Susans Grow (Follow Me)
  23. Napolean, Pt. 1
  24. Napolean, Pt. 2
  25. Dance and Grow Thin

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Irving Berlin   Vocals,Track Performer
Jolson   Vocals,Track Performer
Bert Williams   Vocals,Track Performer
Sam Ash   Vocals,Track Performer
Elizabeth Brice   Vocals,Track Performer
Joseph Cawthorn   Vocals,Track Performer
Marguerite Farrell   Vocals,Track Performer
Christie MacDonald   Vocals,Track Performer
George MacFarlane   Vocals,Track Performer
Chauncey Olcott   Vocals,Track Performer
Six Brown Brothers   Saxophone
Van & Schenck   Vocals,Track Performer
Reinald Werrenrath   Vocals
Mizzi Hajos   Vocals,Track Performer
Patrick Henry Must   Vocals
May Naudain   Vocals,Track Performer
Frank Pollock   Vocals,Track Performer
John Charles Thomas   Vocals,Track Performer
Roy Atwell   Vocals
Billy B. Van   Vocals,Track Performer
Roy Artwell   Track Performer
Henrietta Wakefield   Vocals,Track Performer
Nat M. Wills   Vocals,Track Performer
Eleanor Painter   Vocals
Raymond Hitchcock   Vocals
Leslie Henson   Vocals
Henry Lewis   Vocals,Track Performer

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Dwight Blocker Bowers   Liner Notes
Arthur Schwartz   Composer
Jack Raymond   Producer
James V. Monaco   Composer
Charles K. McCarron   Composer
Charles S. Alberts   Composer
Albert Von Tilzer   Composer
Jean Schwartz   Composer
George W. Meyer   Composer
Sousa's Band   Contributor
Joseph McCarthy   Composer
Howard Johnson   Composer
Herman E. Darewski   Composer
R.P. Weston   Composer

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