Music in Theory and Practice / Edition 6

Music in Theory and Practice / Edition 6

by Bruce Benward, Gary C. White
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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Music in Theory and Practice 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Compared to the last theory textbook i had this one is atrocious. I would not recommend it for beginners in theory, let alone someone who even has a slight amount of knowledge about music. It is often very vague, gives non-consistant examples and throughout the class i constantly had to strain through each exercise in order to understand what it was talking about and would finally get it by teaching myself what the chapter was all along trying to poorly convey. For example in chapter 6 it explains what a melodic motive is by saying it's "a repeated pitch pattern. It usually recurs accompanied by the same or similar rhythmic pattern." So for the first example i was a little confused as to why the pitches CHANGED from one measure to another, and then i realized that it was because the rhythm was the same but the pitches of each motif dropped down every measure. However on the next page (Pg120), the example threw me off because the same thing is happening with the dropping down of the pitches and repeated rhythms until the second to last measure where the motif has 4 EIGTH notes instead of the previous 2 repeated motives which used quarter notes... and the book was saying that the motif was repeated. I had to further analyze the motif to see that it was probably still considered a "repeated motif" because the eight notes were used in the motif in that measure to add a lower neighbor tone... ok that's fine but the book had no indication of that and i was once again confused and wasted about 5 minutes trying to figure that out. And there's a ton of that throughout the book. So like i said, very vague, i do not suggest it, but unfortunately it was required for my class.