Musical Astrology

Musical Astrology

by Joyce Rosenfield


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"MUSICAL ASTROLOGY" is certain to be of great interest to all New Age readers, AND for the general public! It tells a simple new System all can understand, that will translate your Birth Chart or Horoscope into its music! A Reader does NOT have to be a Musician or read music, nor does s/he have to be an Astrologer to understand and use this System. It was "channeled" by psychic and harpist Joyce Rosenfield, the author. This System is based on the ancient concept of The Music of the Spheres and on the correspondence of music's 12 Tones with the 12 Zodiac Signs. The author has two college degrees in music, and was therefore able to discern this System, and to convey it with perfect clarity to the public. The music thus derived is useful for meditation, strengthening one's Faith, spiritual healing, and improving one's life. It reveals the Planetary Tones that form a unique musical "scale" in one's Chart and what this means in your Life -- how to improve any "discordant relationships", using "Harmonizing Tones" easily recorded or played, and it reveals secrets of Magic Music. Music's use in healing is also discussed, and there's channeled material about UFO's, Telepathy, and how to prepare for an amazing, wonderful Future! "MUSICAL ASTROLOGY" contains descriptions of the musical charts of over twenty famous people, including Cayce, Gloria Steinem, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Shirley MacLaine, and Einstein. In other Chapters, the author describes how to reclaim your personal Tones to remember Past Lives, how to use them for Positive Magic and more! In addition, "MUSICAL ASTROLOGY" tells how to enter worlds of Earth's cousins in the Intergalactic Federation (Star-Journeyerswhotravel in "UFO's".) This book contains a Glossary of basic musical-Astrology terms, plus channeled "UFO" terms, such as the "C.H.U.M." (the Collective Human Unconscious Mind) and S.E.L.F. creatures (Sentient Exchanging Life Forms, Members of the Intergalactic Federation.) MUSICAL ASTROLOGY does NOT require the Reader to be a Musician or an Astrologers! However, since a great many people have music or astrology as a hobby or as a profession, MUSICAL ASTROLOGY should be of interest to many Readers! It�s also for all Earthpeople who are interested in stepping into their most rewarding Future!

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Publication date: 02/12/2009
Pages: 132
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About the Author

Joyce Rosenfield was born an Aquarius in 1933, in New York City. With extremely good fortune (described in this book�s Introduction), she gained scholarships to some of the USA�s best music schools, and became a concert and orchestra harpist. She gave her debut at Carnegie Recital Hall October 6, 1962, with excellent reviews in the N.Y. Times and Herald-Tribune on Sunday, Oct. 7, 1962, played harp in orchestras in 48 of the United States and taught at two Universities (Texas Christian University, 1960 - 1961 and the U. of Illinois, Urbana, 1967 - 1971.) Joyce played the Krenek "Harp Sonata" at the Raleigh, N.C. Krenek Festival, Aug. 25, 1960 and earned a Certificate for her rendition of this atonal harp solo. Moving to California, she continued playing the harp in solo concerts (in San Francisco, Berkeley, etc.) She was asked to play live on television in Pacifica, California. She brought three different kinds of harps for a live TV concert on HEALING HARP. She played her 46-string concert [pedal] harp, her Irish harp with 22 strings and her African Udungu, with 7 strings, on November 20, 1995; played at 850 Arch St., Berkeley, in a solo concert; at the Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley for a performance of the Christmas operetta, AMAHL & THE NIGHT VISITORS by Gian-Carlo Menotti. Interviewed by Ms. Jackie Parsons. She began to write student music for harp. In addition, Joyce began private research into psychic, metaphysical and spiritual matters. She did simple experiments on telepathy, PK with a moving object and a partner (the partner tossing coins under her direction), and read books about Synchronicities, etc. Having lived in an "Ivory Tower" as a single harpist most of her lifetill her mid-thirties, she underwent some important learning experiences in Berkeley, California, where she met many creative, gifted individuals as she gradually found her true Path and how she might live a life of benefit to others. She studied the Bible, and the writings of Mark Twain, Barbara Walker, Mary Daly, Ph.D., and dozens of other writers before she became a Minister of the Universal Life Church March 16, 2004. Joyce gained information for this book, MUSICAL ASTROLOGY, through conventional research, and channeling. Her vocation includes teaching harp and piano, and she may continue to hold private classes for Earth people to train to become Representatives of Earth in future meetings with the Interplanetary Federation, helping to Guide other Earth dwellers into the era of good changes as Earth Emerges from its solitary past to join the Intergalactic Federation, a peaceful alliance of thousands of Planets with intelligent life. For those who hold a similar futuristic vision, it�s an exciting time, and Joyce invites those interested to contact her. She has no affiliation with any of Earth�s governments nor any private agency, and she wants only the best for Planet Earth and its inhabitants. To quote a few words from a Song with which she feels in tune, "We Are the World, We Are the Children." Joyce�s "Anthem of Earth" begins: "One People of the Earth, One nation now united, Maintaining human worth As ev�ry person�s right! ...." This inspiring Song is available from Joyce: go to her website, Joyce�s compassionate heart goes out to all citizens of Earth. Even if you feel you can�t do anything PHYSICALLY to improve the lot of many of Earth�s people, remember, we can Affirm* for a peace-filled Earth where all can have a good life. When we join with others who have wisdom, faith and knowledge, we see miracles come true. We sing to the Universe and it Responds! "Affirmations" are Positive Prayers said with perfect Faith!

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Musical Astrology 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Musical Astrology" is an amazing new system both for Astrologers and for non-Astrologers like myself! It enables readers to find the music in their Birth Chart. You don't have to be a musician either unless you want to draw up Musical-Astrology Charts professionally. I use the musical tones for Meditation and Self-Healing, but those who're into it, can use them for magic etc. This book also has sections on many related matters fascinating to read, with dozens of Musical Chart descriptions of famous people from Mohammed Ali to writer-medium Blavatsky to Mick Jagger & Martin Luther King, President Ronald Reagan, all validating this new system. My friends of all ages loved its wide-ranging New Age outlook. Based on the ancient idea "The Harmony of the Spheres" (planets & stars) and the unity of all in the Universe, such as your individual Spirit & Mind, it calls the "Collective Human Unconscious Mind" our CHUM that unites you with certain others through time & space, all being a positive part of The Greater Mind whom many call "God" in many languages! This book makes a great gift for nerds, hobbyists, Astrologers, teens & Seniors. Some of it is controversial with its frank mention of sexuality, occasionally, but there was nothing I found objectionable. I particularly liked the way the author gave a well-known musical example such as a Christmas carol so the reader could "hear" each Astrological Sign's "interval", in the 2 notes beginning each song example. I'm a Sagittarius & my Sign has the notes that begin the song, "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," which the author calls a "Major-6th." The happy sound of its first 2 notes do sound exactly like the visual picture of Sagittarius, someone shooting an arrow into the air to hit the mark perfectly! Then this book tells how to "harmonize" relationships that are discordant, by adding a 3rd tone specified in one of the many Charts, & visualizing a much better relationship with that person. I give this book, "Musical Astrology" five stars!