Musical Culture in the World of Adam de la Halle

Musical Culture in the World of Adam de la Halle

by Brill


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In Musical Culture in the World of Adam de la Halle, contributors from musicology, literary studies, history, and art history provide an account of the works of 13th-century composer Adam de la Halle, one of the first named authors of medieval vernacular music for whom a complete works manuscript survives. The essays illuminate Adam’s generic transformations in polyphony, drama, debate poetry, and other genres, while also emphasizing his place in a large community of trouvères active in the bustling urban environment of Arras. Exploring issues of authorship and authority, tradition and innovation, the material contexts of his works, and his influence on later generations, this book provides the most complete and up-to-date picture available in English of Adam’s œuvre.
Contributors are Alain Corbellari, Mark Everist, Anna Kathryn Grau, John Haines, Anne Ibos-Augé, Daniel E. O’Sullivan, Judith A. Peraino, Isabelle Ragnard, Jennifer Saltzstein, Alison Stones, Carol Symes, and Eliza Zingesser.

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ISBN-13: 9789004368453
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 06/13/2019
Series: Brill's Companions to the Musical Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Europe Series , #3
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Saltzstein, Ph.D. (2007), is Associate Professor of musicology at the University of Oklahoma. She has published The Refrain and the Rise of the Vernacular in Medieval French Music and Poetry (D.S. Brewer, 2013) and articles on medieval French music.

Table of Contents



List of Figures

List of Tables

List of Music Examples

Notes on Contributors

A Note on Manuscript Sigla


 Jennifer Saltzstein

part 1

The Northern Milieu

 1 The “School of Arras” and the Career of Adam

 Carol Symes

 2 The Poets of the North: Economies of Literature and Love

 Eliza Zingesser

part 2

Material Contexts of Arrageois Song

 3 Another Note on fr. 25566 and Its Illustrations

 Alison Stones

 4 Aristocratic Patronage and the Cosmopolitan Vernacular Songbook: the Chansonnier du Roi (M-trouv.) and the French Mediterranean

 John Haines

 5 Taking Notae on King and Cleric: Thibaut, Adam, and the Medieval Readers of Chansonnier de Noailles (T-trouv.)

 Judith A. Peraino

part 3

Genres in Context

 6 The Northern Jeu-parti

 Daniel E. O’Sullivan

 7 The Songs of Adam de la Halle

 Isabelle Ragnard

part 4

Traditions and Transformations

 8 Adam de la Halle: Cleric and Busker

 Alain Corbellari

 9 Refrain Quotations in Adam’s Rondeaux, Motets and Plays

 Anne Ibos-Augé

 10 The Pastourelle and the Jeu de Robin et Marion

 Anna Kathryn Grau

 11 Friends and Foals: The Polyphonic Music of Adam de la Halle

 Mark Everist

 12 Adam de la Halle’s Fourteenth-Century Musical and Poetic Legacies

 Jennifer Saltzstein

Annex I – Refrains in Rondeaux and Chansons

 Anne Ibos-Augé

Annex II – The Refrains and Citations in the Motets

 Anne Ibos-Augé

Annex III – Lyrical Citations in the Plays

 Anne Ibos-Augé

Annex IV – Musical Transcriptions

 Anne Ibos-Augé



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