Musical Theatre Composition Notebook - Things Musicals Taught Me #1: Journal Paper

Musical Theatre Composition Notebook - Things Musicals Taught Me #1: Journal Paper

by Wear the Music


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This Things Musicals Taught Me Composition Notebook with Journal Paper with a treble clef surrounded by sayings will surely please any actor, actress, thespian, or drama student in your life. Perfect for men, women, and kids alike. See below for all sayings.

Makes the perfect gift for a director, assistant director, theatre owner, actor, actress, singer, and dancer. Give for a birthday, Christmas, or any other gift giving occasion.

Music Theatre Things Musicals Taught Me #1 Sayings : The only thing constant is change. | Love will always find you. | Fishnets cure paraplegia. | A dancer dances. | You're not alone in the Universe. | T and P rhyme. | Never discuss marriage with a musician. | Fly your freak flag. | If anything's worth the fear, it's worth the fight. | Don't eat meat pies. | It's no crime to be poor. | Singing about love really makes the relationship clear. | There's no such thing as normal. | An olive is a fruit. | I've got a lot of living to do. | It's today. I know it. | Friends will change you for good. | Never ask for more. | Someone has to burn; better you than me. | Every single life is a miracle. | Why keep it quiet when there's nothing to hide. | Everyone has baggage. | Friends can come from the smallest of places. | You can be in love with anything. Even the moon.

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