Musical Warriors: The Beginnings

Musical Warriors: The Beginnings

by Ross Jeffryes, Winner Torborg


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ISBN-13: 9781466263192
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2011
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

About The Authors Ross Jeffryes For over 23 years Ross Jeffryes had been writing for the ministry as an evangelist. He writes for Bread of Life International Ministries as well as being a freelance writer. While most of his books are geared toward the high school and college aged he also writes comparison articles. His uses of football and other team sports in his comparison teachings about everyday life experiences with Jesus are excellent. Ross writes, both, from experiences that he has had and also from what he has learned from the Bible. Having gone through a few colleges with the desire to be the top salesman in America Ross had a turn of events and began preaching and writing for the ministry under God's direction. Winner Torborg Almost all his life people around Winner have been trying to get the best of him. Winner was always the kind of guy who, if he found a good cause, would do he best to help. He was never one for falsity although he did have a hard time catching others in their lies. In September of 1980, Winner Torborg made the life changing confession that Jesus is Lord; he was age of 19 years at the time. Four years later, September of 1984, at a Christian meeting Winner asked for and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit; right then everything he had read in the Bible came alive to him and his ability to learn and grasp knowledge of God's Word increased mightily. The next day he answered the call of God to step into the ministry, mainly as a teacher. As a teacher, Winner had to learn and retain knowledge from the Bible and from watching how other people act in their lives. In September of 1985, Winner began a newsletter ministry called Bread of Life. He started by writing to a group of church people, and his ministry grew. In 1997, Winner put his ministry on the World Wide Web, and the name changed to Bread of Life International Ministries. He is now reaching people from all around the world in many different languages. Winner also writes for many online magazines and for Bread of Life International Ministries (

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