Musings Vol.#1 - A Victorious Life: Musings - Vol.1 A Victorious Life, God's Original Plan

Musings Vol.#1 - A Victorious Life: Musings - Vol.1 A Victorious Life, God's Original Plan


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Years ago, God's Holy Spirit started giving me weekly insights into His Word, especially His Torah and Old Testament. Two years of those messages were published in 2011 as - Hebraic Insights - Messages Exploring the Hebrew Roots of Christian Faith.
The Holy Spirit then continued to consistently provide weekly messages for another three plus years; and they have been called Hebraic Musings..
There is an underlying pattern in these selected musings that could easily be called a 'prosperity message'. But before we chase prosperity, maybe we should understand that A Victorious Life is the better quest. Then we may find out what prosperity really means.
Maybe God considers prosperity for us as living victoriously over our sin nature.
Many references relate to the Torah, so the PREFACE will explain an interesting background on the Torah Scroll which is referenced in Scripture.
Let's go exploring...because
A Victorious Life is what our Father God desperately wants for each of us.

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Publication date: 10/06/2014
Pages: 106
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About the Author

Ordained minister Joe Brusherd, a.k.a. Yosef, refers to himself as a Torah Respecting Gentile Believer. With the goal of encouraging the Christian community to understand the richness of the Old Testament, the Torah, and the culture and customs of the people of God,
Yosef likes to share inspirational and thought-provoking insights useful for preaching, leading Bible studies, and understanding God in a refreshing way.
He relies on his multi-denominational background as he uniquely explores a variety of topics that include laws, commandments, mitzvot; Hebraic customs; God's view of marriage; and the themes of obedience and sacrifice.

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