M.U.T.T.: Night Jackal:

M.U.T.T.: Night Jackal:


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Book II in the M.U.T.T. Series, M.U.T.T.: Night Jackal focuses on the Night Jackal infiltration team which is asked to operate as an investigative unit shortly after the M.U.T.T. phalanx returns to home base after completing their escort mission as told in Book I, M.U.T.T.: Multiple Utility Tactical Teams. Night Jackal returns to the Pact nation of Tremannen at the request of their government. They are tasked with helping the Tremannen authorities attempt to uncover who attempted to assassinate their Princess Nandua in advance of her wedding to Second Prince Braden of Gwann, whom M.U.T.T. had escorted from his nation to hers. Once again M.U.T.T., in this case a single squadron of the phalanx, is put in the middle of situation requiring the utmost diplomatic awareness and care, while also employing all of their senses, training and abilities to help solve a mystery with global implications. It is a mission that they cannot afford to fail if they do not want to see the fragile peace between the Pact and Alliance disintegrate. Unseen antagonists once again seem to dog their every move and threaten to destabilize the peace that M.U.T.T. seeks to reinforce. Night Jackal combats time and machinations with intelligence and instinct and when necessary, brute force, spells, talents and powers.

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ISBN-13: 9781987017953
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 12/26/2018
Series: M.U.T.T. Series , #2
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 815,759
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

James Martin is a bookseller of twenty total years experience, a former modern dancer of thirteen years of experience and a former theater technician of several years. He has also played and run many a session of different role-playing games. After so many years of being around books and the creative process, he decided to create a book series from his own mind and role-playing experiences. He has an e-book of poetry called Aware, Adrift, Alone, About on Barnes and Noble Press and has won the third place Margaret Walker prize for his poem Character Generation. He derives some of his inspiration from the park areas of his beloved Houston.

Catherine Compson’s drawings and sculptures are based on flora and fauna both real and fantastical. Her artistic eye extends to her beloved jaunts into the natural world, where she endeavors to balance immersion with documentation. She recently completed a multi-month solo excursion to 20-plus U.S. National Parks and wilderness areas.

Sanika Mhatre is a multi-talented high school student whose interests include medicine, traditional Indian dance, music and of course art. Her work has gone to state competition in Texas.

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