My Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

My Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

by Ted LoCascio


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ISBN-13: 9780789749970
Publisher: Que
Publication date: 10/02/2012
Series: My... Series
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Ted LoCascio is a professional graphic designer, author, and educator. He served as senior designer at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) for several years and has created layouts, graphics, and designs for many successful software training books, videos, websites, and magazines.

Ted is the author of numerous software training books and videos and has contributed articles to Photoshop User magazine,, the Quark Xtra newsletter,,, and InDesign Magazine.

He has also taught at the Adobe CS Conference, the InDesign Conference, the Pixel Conference, the Vector Conference, and PhotoshopWorld.

A graphic designer for more than 15 years, Ted’s designs and illustrations have been featured in several national newsstand and trade magazines, books, and various advertising and marketing materials. For more about Ted LoCascio, please visit

Table of Contents

1 Getting Started with Lightroom 4 3

Launching Lightroom 4 4

Customizing the Identity Plate 6

Creating a New Catalog 9

Opening an Existing Catalog 10

Choosing Settings 11

Importing Photos 14

Using Auto Import 29

Exporting Photos from a Catalog 32

Renaming Photos 35

2 Previewing Photos in the Library Module 39

Library Module Panels 40

Library Toolbar 44

Filter Bar 45

Choosing View Options 46

Browsing and Selecting Photos in the Library Grid 50

Browsing and Selecting with the Filmstrip 52

Navigating in Loupe View 53

Changing Loupe Zoom Views 54

Working in Compare View 55

Working in Survey View 58

3 Organizing Images in the Library 61

Rotating Images 62

Flipping Images 63

Rating Images 64

Flagging Images 65

Rejecting Images 66

Applying Color Labels 67

Creating a Custom Color Label Set 68

Organizing with the Painter Tool 69

Sorting Images 70

Working with Stacks 72

Removing Photos 76

Deleting Photos 76

4 Working with Metadata and Keywords 79

Working with Metadata 80

Working with Keywords 88

5 Searching for Images 101

Searching with the Text Filter 102

Searching with the Attribute Filter 104

Searching with the Metadata Filter 108

Filtering with the Filmstrip Controls 110

Filtering by GPS Location 111

Saving Photos to Collections 112

6 Using Quick Develop 121

Applying Quick Develop Presets 122

Cropping Photos with Quick Develop 124

Applying Quick Develop Color Adjustments 125

Adjusting Vibrance and Saturation with Quick Develop 127

Converting to Black and White with Quick Develop 129

Apply Quick Develop Tonal Adjustments 130

Adjusting Clarity and Sharpness with Quick Develop 137

7 Adjusting Images in the Develop Module 141

Opening a Photo in the Develop Module 142

Updating the Process Version 142

Cropping Images 144

Applying Tonal Adjustments 150

Applying Color Adjustments 156

Working with Tone Curves 161

Enhancing Color with HSL Adjustments 167

Correcting Chromatic Aberration 172

Working with Vignettes 173

Adding Film Grain 176

8 Applying Localized Adjustments 179

Working with the Spot Removal Tool 180

Correcting Red Eye 184

Working with the Adjustment Brush 185

Utilizing Adjustment Brush Presets 196

Using the Graduated Filter Tool 199

9 Develop Module Workflow 203

Accessing History States 204

Working with Snapshots 205

Creating Virtual Copies 208

Sharing Develop Settings 209

Resetting Images to the Default Settings 216

Working with Soft Proofing 217

10 Working in Black and White 223

Converting Images to Black and White 224

Applying White Balance Adjustments to Black-and-White Images 226

Applying Auto Black & White Adjustments 228

Applying Custom Black & White Adjustments 230

Creating a Split Tone Image 232

11 Reducing Noise and Sharpening 235

Applying the Sharpen Faces Preset 236

Applying the Sharpen Scenic Preset 238

Sharpening in Luminance Mode 240

Reducing Noise 243

12 Mapping Photos 249

Changing the Map Style 250

Changing Map Magnification and Crop 251

Viewing Geotagged Image Locations 252

Adding GPS Locations 253

13 Printing 257

Choosing a Print Layout Style 258

Choosing Print Settings and Options 265

Inserting an Identity Plate Overlay 274

Creating a Watermarking Preset 278

Utilizing Color Management 283

Saving a Custom Print Template 285

Creating a Saved Print 286

14 Creating Books 289

Choosing Book Setup Options 290

Working with Auto Layout 295

Viewing Book Pages 298

Editing a Book Project 299

Working with Captions 304

Saving a Book Project 309

15 Creating Slideshows 313

Viewing Images in the Slide Editor 314

Choosing Slideshow Settings and Options 315

Inserting Slideshow Overlays 319

Creating a Backdrop 328

Adding Intro and Ending Screens 330

Adding Soundtrack Music 334

Previewing and Playing a Slideshow 335

Exporting a Slideshow 337

Saving a Slideshow Template 340

Saving a Slideshow Project 341

16 Creating Web Galleries 345

Choosing a Web Gallery Layout Style 346

Choosing Web & Device Output Settings and Options 351

Previewing a Web Gallery 366

Exporting a Web Gallery 367

Uploading a Web Gallery 368

Saving a Web Gallery Template 369

Saving a Web Gallery Project 370

17 Working with DSLR Video online only

Index 373

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