My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical

My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical

by Steve Adams


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Steve Adams, a retired, overweight, 61-year-old Brit, who had never hiked in his life, decided one day that he wanted an adventure. Not willing to settle for just any old adventure, he decided to hike the entire length of America's Appalachian Trail, a beguiling attraction for many hikers, both home-grown and from all corners of the globe. Stretching from Georgia to Maine, taking its travelers on a whimsical journey through national forests and parks, along ridges and over mountains, the A.T. is the longest hiking-only trail in the world. The Appalachian Trail is physically strenuous and emotionally taxing, involving a commitment of about six months to complete the entire 2,200 miles: only one in four of the people who start in Georgia will actually complete the hike. Steve was completely unprepared for the myriad challenges that the trail offered him, but took them on with gusto.
My Appalachian Trial I: Three Weddings and a Sabbatical tells Steve's story of the hike from its origins, details his careful preparation and tentative first steps, and follows his faltering progress and eventual growth as a hiker. Often intimate, sometimes profound, and occasionally profane, My Appalachian Trial I explains why Steve was drawn to such an iconic trail, how he embraced it, and what happened when things went wrong.

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ISBN-13: 9781533179951
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Publication date: 05/02/2016
Pages: 318
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