My Archive Of Languages (2019 Edition)

My Archive Of Languages (2019 Edition)

by Timo Schmitz

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When I was very young, I started to collect phrases and words in many different languages and within the years I created a big archive. In the first edition of "My Archive Of Languages" (2016), I opened the archive to the public. This new edition contains updates, a lot of changes in structure and more languages. The work is divided in the so-called 'manuscripts' containing all words and phrases that were collected, and an appendix with 'Notes'. These notes contain useful information about the languages, grammatical features, explanations to the phrases, etc., making it a general reference work. It is intended for polyglots who want to get a glimpse in different languages and work with them on their own. The languages that can be found in this book are Abkhaz, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic (Algerian Arabic, Anatolian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Tunisian Arabic, Yemeni Arabic), Assyrian/ Syriac, Avar, Bakossi, Balochi, Bambara, Burmese, Buyang, Cameroon Pidgin (Kamtok), Chechen and Ingush, Circassian, Fulfulde, Georgian, Greenlandic, Hindi languages (Bhojpuri, Fiji Hindi, Kashmiri, Nepali, Rajasthani, Standard Hindi), Indonesian/ Malay, Irish Gaelic, Jingpo, Karone, Korean (North Korean, South Korean, Jeju), Kreyol (St. Lucia), Kurdish, Lezgin, Lingao, Lingala, Lisu, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Mbuwing/ Awing, Miao, Monegasque, Mongolian, Nigerian Pidgin English, Ossetian, Pashto, Persian (Farsi, Dari, Harazagi, Lori, Tajik, Tat and Jewish Tat), Pular, Romani, Samoan, Sarikoli, Serbo-Croatian, Serer, Slovenian, Southwestern Tai languages (mainly Lao, Shan, Thai), Swedish, Swiss German, Tahitian, Tamang, Tibetan (Dzongkha, Eastern Kham, Ladakhi, Northern Kham, Sikkimese, Standard Tibetan), Tokelauan, Tongan, Toucouleur, Turkic languages (Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Kumyk, Kyrgyz, Nogay, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Uyghur, Uzbek), Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Wa/ Va, Wallisian, Wolof, Zhuang/ Buyi.

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ISBN-13: 9783748524465
Publisher: epubli
Publication date: 03/27/2019
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Pages: 425
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About the Author

Timo Schmitz ist ein junger Autor, Philosoph und Journalist mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf fremde Kulturen und Religionen, sowie Sprachen. 2013 brachte er zwei in englischer Sprache verfasste Gedichtsbände als E-Book heraus. Desweiteren veröffentlichte er in deutscher Sprache ein Band mit Erzählungen, ein Buch über den Buddhismus (mit philosophischem Diskurs), einen Liebesroman und ein weiteres Gedichtsband. Er interessiert sich außerdem für Krisengebiete und den islamistischen Terrorismus. 2015 veröffentlichte er ein Werk über Tschetschenien und seine Rolle im Kaukasus.

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