My Bad Tequila

My Bad Tequila

by Rico Austin


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My Bad Tequila by Rico Austin

Mystery, Mayhem, Madness... Margaritas & Mexico One Man's Epic Journey across two Continents and four Countries with 50 years of Adventure. But, 1986 changed everything forever. "It's all good until it turns bad." One event devastated the lives of 19 Students, 3 Chaperones and 1 Bus Driver. Was it the Tequila???

"You'll see the true reflection of me when the Tequila bottle is empty," I shouted out to the wind as I tossed the sad, angry, bottle shaped mirror to the sea.

I sat for a while and watched the fog slowly envelope the town, the surrounding mountains and everything else I could see minutes before.

"What in the world happened here last night?" trying to recollect the last thing I could recall.

Searching, searching my memory bank, "Aw yes, it was coming back to me now; there was fog last night, real fog, I was drinking Tequila and was trying to wake Tina up, and, and......" my mind came to a sudden halt.

"Fun, self-indulgent non fiction with a turn around every page.
I've had a MY BAD TEQUILA kind of day!"
-McMullen, The Oregonian

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780981978932
Publisher: My Bad Tequila, LLC
Publication date: 09/30/2010
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Rico Austin - Mi Vida Loca
Born and raised in Southwestern Idaho, Rico is the oldest of five boys, growing up in a area that was ripe for several adventures for him, his four younger brothers andnumerous cousins.
Rico grew up near farmland that produced potatoes, hay, hops, grain and corn. There were several fruit orchards and vineyards in the Snake River Valley as well. A couple of years out of high school he moved to Boise and enrolled at Boise State University as a student and walk-on football player. However, he could not escape the allure of traveling the world and began writing and storing his experiences in hopes of someday becoming a novelist. He began by reading every chance he had. From contemporary novels to classical literature, Rico's love of storytelling was uncontrollable.
Rico earned an Associate Degree in Marketing and Sales from BSU. After a few years of low level management positions Rico moved to Hawaii for a short time surfing the waters of Kauai and enjoying the outdoors. He then moved to Southern California for less than a year before heading back to Idaho. In 1991 Rico moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and continued his education receiving a BBA in International Business at Grand Canyon University and received "Outstanding International Business Graduate of 1995." That same year he was also selected as "Mr. Future Business Executive" at the State Leadership Conference which included all universities in the State of Arizona. The summer before graduating Rico went to Vilnius, Lithuania and taught English (ESL). Rico also attended Staffordshire University in England where he also started on the American Football Team for the Staffordshire Stallions. Rico finished his Masters, an MBA in International Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management with a focus on the Latin American Region and the Spanish language.
Hollywood has even had an encounter with Rico. Mr. Austin did a cameo appearance on 'Baywatch' in the episode "Day of the Dolphin" in 1997, he played the role of a drug lord on a yacht with sexy chicks.
Rico is an avid fisherman and has traveled far and wide to cast his line into many waters: including streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, seas and oceans.
He and his wife live in Scottsdale, Arizona and San Carlos, Mexico. They enjoy snorkeling, hiking, hanging by the pool or on the beaches of Mexico while sipping on a cold cerveza or a Margarita blended with Rico's favorite TEQUILA.

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My Bad Tequila 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
MinnesotaAZ More than 1 year ago
Rico Austin is a modern day Mark Twain, Real, Raw and Rugged, What an Adventure....., "MY BAD TEQUILA"....... I Loved it!!!!!
DagTagJS More than 1 year ago
"MY BAD TEQUILA" did NOT disappoint, I LOVED the story! It was very well paced ....dropping little hints as to what might happen.... leading us along, but never giving the story away. I liked how the novel subtly drifted back to Rhet's childhood and prior experiences, giving valuable insight into his character. It came to a point in the story, where the situation begins to really heat up.... many things go awry. It was impossible for me to stop reading, until I found out what happens to everyone. There is a very clever twist, followed by a big shock that you don't see coming. The ending was terrific!! Mr. Austin has his own unique version of Hemingway's style of storytelling. Straight-forward, describing the adventure in detail.....(I learned a few things I hadn't known about fish :-)) "My Bad Tequila" is 80% true and 20% fiction. Much of the truth is easy to figure out, but there's enough question....'mystery' that leaves you thinking,.... long after finishing the novel. If Mr. Austin continues to write stories like this, .....He might just become 'A Legend' Papa Hemingway! "My Bad Tequila is an excellent book!!
AuthorsWebTVHost More than 1 year ago
This is one gut wrenching, raw, and riveting read. Austin’s descriptions have you right next to him and you feel his pain. I could see the scenery on his travels, I could taste the food and yes, the tequila. I could smell the foul air of the bars and casinos. My Bad Tequila is a very good book that will have you turning page after page until you reach the end, not realizing how much time has passed. I was absolutely blown away by the ending. It’s not often a book like this ends with my tearing up, but this one did. How much is fact and how much is fiction? Austin leaves that up to the reader to determine.
ApexRev More than 1 year ago
Throughout the pages of My Bad Tequila, author Rico Austin shows his penchant for strong storytelling. Austin’s natural knack for humor and suspense make his winding tale of international adventure quite the engaging read. Highly entertaining from beginning to end, My Bad Tequila provides the reader with a quick, satisfying reading experience, crafted at the hands of someone who has a clear understanding that life is to be lived to the fullest. Though there are various editing issues that distract somewhat from the story, My Bad Tequila provides an overall enjoyable reading experience. There’s truly something for everyone in the tale – love, adventure, introspection, and an ineffable sense of vulnerability – which is sure to attract readers from all walks of life. A recommended read. Michael Wiggins Apex Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite quotes from "My Bad Tequila" from Author Rico Austin... Chapter 8, page 109... "Quietly I slipped out the double glass doors at the opposite end of the entry way. It looked as if Edward Scissorhands lived nearby (although at that time the character had not been created). Medium-sized trees and large, hearty bushes were trimmed in the shape of Mexican men, compete with sombreros and mustaches."
1Lane-_ More than 1 year ago
This very personal memoire by Rico Austin touched me to my soul in it's bravery for revealing the most tragic flaws of the human spirit. Admittedly 80% fact and 20% fiction, as you bob and weave through this adventure, one begins to wonder where the fact ends and the fiction begins...and sometimes you even hope that what you suspect is fact is really fiction...but that is Austin's allure in this book. He takes you on a very intimate journey through his life which is lived primarily on the wild side and he freely admits his flaws and with this book, atones for them. The metaphor for his attitude on life seems to come through when he describes a corporal punishment he received in high school in front of all the students...I could have NEVER told such a story because I would have buried it so far down into my psyche that no amount of drilling could have brought it forth. Kudos to Austin for the amazing courage it took to write this book...the good with the bad...and after all...such is the meaning of a life well-lived. Read won't be able to put it down.,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading My Bad Tequila was written in a style that makes you feel like you are sitting at the table with an old friend as he tells you a story. You feel like you are right there with the characters. I have passed my copy around to many friends and family and HIGHLY recommend this to anyone .
GreatReaderUR More than 1 year ago
This once in a Lifetime Story is the most Outstanding Novel I have yet to read in 2011. Author Rico Austin is a Master at spinning a Tale so irresistible and stunning that all images appear in the Reader's mind as if seeing "MY BAD TEQUILA" on the Silver Screen. I do hope this book finds its way onto a Director's desk and is made into a Film. This Story was made for Hollywood, California! Five Huge OLEs & CHEERS to RICO!
The_New_Author More than 1 year ago
My previous review was in error. The fifth star was not highlighted when I posted it. Please disregard the previous review. Thank you. You can run but you can?t hide. Young, in college, Spring Break, and heading for a Mexican beach by the Sea of Cortez sounds like the perfect get away for anyone. But when you are struggling against the cold of an Idaho winter this sounds like the perfect definition of Heaven. What could be more perfect? What could go wrong in a tranquil destination, like this, where the sun burns bright and the beer flows freely? If only Rhet Austen had thought about that question before stepping on the blue bus for Mexico. He might have missed what he would coin as ?My Bad Tequila.? What exactly is My Bad Tequila? Well, you need to read the book to truly understand but to sum it up I would say this ? if it can go wrong, it will. In this case, for Rhet, it has. Rhet is ready to party, drink copious amounts of alcohol and have fun. Even better, he is surrounded by beautiful women but one captures his attention ? Tina. As Rhet and Tina renew a fire they once thought extinguished, things around them begin to crumple and go haywire. A strange accident, lost friends and family members on the way to the hospital and many other events only lend to the downward spiral that is My Bad Tequila. On the day of their departure it is only Rhet and a few college friends on the bus. Where is Tina? What has happened? The answers to those questions are like the salt rim around a margarita glass?they add to Rhet?s Bad Tequila. From the first word, Rico Austin begins to weave a tale that is, for many, truly difficult to believe. He is forthright with the fact that some of this story is fictional; however, much of it is true. What validates and verifies this story are the pictures that illustrate some of the scenes. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to think - what else is going to happen to this guy? The more you read the more you connect with Rhett and his journey. The strength of My Bad Tequila lies in the honesty of it.
Dellani_Oakes More than 1 year ago
When he got on the bus to Mexico that chilly Idaho morning in the spring of 1986, little did Rico Austin know how the trip would change his life. He envisioned blue water, sandy beaches, sultry amigas and enough tequila and beer to satisfy even the heartiest drinker. What he got was a double shot of reality, more than enough for anyone. Funny, revealing, thought provoking and, at times, touching, "My Bad Tequila" runs the gamut of emotions, laying Rico's life bare. One of my favorite incidents is told in Chapter 3 Football Memoirs Part 1. Bronco Stadium at Boise State has blue turf on the football field. Didn't know that? Neither did I. However, the story of how that came to be is told in "My Bad Tequila". Yup, you guessed it-all Rico's fault. It will leave you laughing. Conversely, the touching story of a special Christmas when Rico's family was visited by a volunteer from the Salvation Army, will make you cry. There are several spots where the reader will need a few tissues. When doing a review for a book like "My Bad Tequila", the impulse is to share too much-to give spoilers. However, doing so with this book would completely ruin it. "My Bad Tequila" must be experienced. And what an experience it is! From start to finish, Austin draws in readers, laying his sins bare, admitting his faults. It is a uniquely penetrating look at the man, his life and his tequila. I couldn't put down "My Bad Tequila". Each chapter compelled me to read until it was gone. Like tequila shots, it leaves you wanting more and more. (Only with no pesky hangover in the morning.) This is a book anyone can enjoy. I came away changed in ways I can't even describe. It truly is a double shot of reality. © Dellani Oakes 2011
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"My Bad TEQUILA" held my attention right from the first page. Austin is an amazing a self-journey told in a showing fashion of just the right amount of details. Many of us have our story, but it takes having a gift to write about it in an intriguing way. Congratulations Rico! >Jo-Anne Vandermeulen - Owner of Premium Promotional Services >premiumpromotions (dot)biz
franellan More than 1 year ago
My Bad Tequila Buenos Dias Amigas y Amigos: Listen carefully: For those of you that think going on Spring Break and a drinking binge is the right way to celebrate when school is out. Think Again: My Bad Tequila is not about a drink gone sour or a wild night with friends. It is about one man's journey dealing with many difficult situations that turned out to be not quite what he expected. Author Rico Austin brings to light in this very innovative, unique and different novel in the voice of the main character what happens when you forget to stop and think before heading into a situation or dealing with people. Spring break is what every college student looks forward to after working hard and finally completing their exams. Freedom, fun, sun and of course something cold makes it more enticing. But, when a group of college students take a yellow bus along with chaperones and friends, what happens will change the course and direction of many of these young people's lives and one young man's dreams and memories will haunt him for a very long time. One decision will change it all. Welcome to My Bad Tequila. Let's take the journey back to 1986 and take the bus ride along with Rhett and his friends and find out just what a really Bad Tequila means. As our main character relates many incidents from his childhood you begin to see a pattern in his behavior. Seeming unsure of himself, down on himself and often portrayed as the scapegoat or feeling like a scapegoat, his choices in are not always thought out and his rash and quick decisions result in major consequences that affect others. Impatient and not really thinking he and one young girl decide to forge ahead on their journey to Club Med and not wait for the local bus with their friends. Hoping into a Chevy Pickup he and one young lady named Barbie begin their trip leaving the others behind. Was this the right move? Wait and see! As the trip begins and they wind up in the first destination Rhet will learn what happens when he moves too fast and when he deals with wrong people. The author allows the reader to enter his life by recounting many real life situations that happened throughout this cross -country trip and flashing back to many that happened while growing up. Trying to rekindle his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Tina he tells the story of the Christmas Angel, the sadness around his younger brother's death, the time he decided to blow up a gas tank and the many times he got drunk to sooth his tears and woes. But, nothing left quite an impression as finding out what really happened to his missing friends and one father. The sadness that befell everyone on this trip and the blame placed him sent him over the edge and straight to the Tequila bottle. My Bad Tequila: This seemed like the worst. With Teddy blaming him for what happened and Tina disappearing we are now ready to find out what happens in My Bad Tequila 2. Real life incidents and emotional outbursts and outpourings you can understand his frustrations, his fears and his anger when everything the goes wrong seems to be his fault even if it's not. Yet, you have to really like this guy who just wants to make things right, is totally real and human and has a great sense of humor. As the author allows the reader into his real life, he relates incidents that affected him as he flashes back to them trying to rekindle his romance with Tina. Losing his younger brother Steven, the sadness around Christmas time,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rico Austin is a phenomenal author whose work I have become engrossed in of late. Last week I reviewed a book of his called My Baja Loco, and in Rico’s book, he takes his readers on an epic journey through motorsports, tequila-fuelled nights and mayhem. It was a glorious and entertaining read so of course, I had to read his other novel, My Bad Tequila and review it for you lovely readers! My Bad Tequila is a memoir written by Rico Austin that will once again take its readers on an incredible journey. Rico will take his readers across two continents and over four countries throughout the descriptions of his life and the turning points in his life that set him on a very different course. In 1986, the reader will learn of one event that changed everything for Rico and although I am not going to spoil this event for you lovely readers, I recommend that you read this book and get lost in this brilliant tale! The story of My Bad Tequila is brazen, poignant and openly honest. I admire the author, Rico Austin for being so honest throughout his literature. It is hard to be so open in your work, especially through events that you are not proud of so I admire Rico for being so honest. Rico openly discusses his flaws throughout his journey and how he did live a very wild lifestyle; he poignantly describes these events as well as many others, and it makes for an open, honest, and captivating read, one that readers should not miss. As My Bad Tequila is a memorable memoir that will enchant its readers and take them on a phenomenal and memorable journey, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of fiction a wonderful five stars! So please book lovers, read this incredible book and get lost in a brilliant and fascinating story!
Motorcitymining More than 1 year ago
This author out did himself. One of the best I've read in 20 years. Had me hooked from the beginning and couldn't put it down. KB
mdintexas More than 1 year ago
This is a great read. Well written, descriptions that allow the reader to feel the emotions, smell the smells, and taste the tastes of the characters. A great story with an ending twist that the reader will love.
Richie-Cunningham More than 1 year ago
"MY BAD TEQUILA" is an absolute mind blowing mystery that no human being would guess or figure out the ending. A pure reading delight. Author Rico Austin's debut novel is destined to become a CLASSIC. I have turned several Friends and Family onto this Great Book and they have all thanked me several times for the fantastic recommendation. Can't wait for Rico's next story.
Bugsy56 More than 1 year ago
I can't quite figure out what the other reviewers found so appealing about this book; perhaps they are friends of the author? In addition to the poor writing skills, we are presented with paragraphs (pure filler) thrown in randomly regarding subjects which read like Wikipedia articles and contribute nothing to the book. Having no other unread book on my Nook, I forced myself to finish this, hoping the author might hit his stride and decide what this book was supposed to be, but no such luck. I finished it, disgusted at what can be published and sold these days. And if rumors are to be believed, this will be made into a movie? I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief.