My Beagle's Journal: Building Memories One Day at a Time

My Beagle's Journal: Building Memories One Day at a Time

by Michael Considine


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As a fellow dog parent, I know that you consider your dog to be one of the family, and love them as you would your own child. While this bond is not understood by others, any dog parent knows exactly what I'm talking about. As a dog parent, you probably have tons of photos, and special memories of your dogs. We all do, because they give us so much unconditional love, there are so many opportunities to share special moments. That is why I created " My Lab's Journal" to help capture those moments and put them into a book that the whole family will cherish forever. How many times have you snapped that one of a kind picture only to have it sit in some drawer, or get lost in the digital world? Now you just print it and paste it into your Lab's personal journal. How many times has your dog done something that touched your heart in a way that you never wanted to forget? Now you just write about it in your Lab's Journal and be able to re-call that moment any time you want for the rest of your life. I wish I would of thought of this long ago for the precious dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge, for while I still have many good memories, and we talk about them often, how nice would it be to be able to pull out their personal journal and re-live all those memories that might of faded a little with time? I plan on going back and creating a Journal for my beagle named Copper who left me 1 ½ years ago, and put those pictures that we have, and re-call some of the special times we had together, but I am also starting one for our new beagle mix, name Irish so that we can journal as things happen. I'm going to have a book for each year, and I know my wife and I will cherish these books for the rest of our lives. We will have many dogs in our lives, always at least two at a time, but they are all unique and all bring a new kind of love into our home. You can never replace the dog that you lost, so I want to capture and remember in great detail all special moments we have together, for the rest of my life. Each dog that has touched our lives has brought something special that was unique to them, and each deserve their own personal journal, so that those memories will live on even beyond our time.

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Publication date: 03/24/2014
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