Plant-Strong: Discover the World's Healthiest Diet--with 150 Engine 2 Recipes

Plant-Strong: Discover the World's Healthiest Diet--with 150 Engine 2 Recipes

by Rip Esselstyn
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Plant-Strong: Discover the World's Healthiest Diet--with 150 Engine 2 Recipes by Rip Esselstyn

The # 1 New York Times bestseller--now in trade paperback for the first time!

In this #1 New York Times bestseller (originally published as My Beef with Meat), Rip Esselstyn arms readers with the 36 most powerful facts that prove, once and for all, that a plant-based diet can save your life. Do you want to: Prevent cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes? Eat plants! Have stronger bones than milk could ever give you? Eat plants! Avoid dangerous carcinogens and contaminants? Eat plants! Lose weight and look great? Eat plants! On top of these arguments are 150 other reasons why plants rule--as in 150 delicious, mouth-watering Engine 2 recipes, including 10 that are exclusive to this new edition. Prepare to eat well, be healthy, and live plant-strong!

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Publication date: 05/14/2013
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About the Author

Rip Esselstyn is the New York Times bestselling author of The Engine 2 Diet and My Beef with Meat. He has been featured on and in Today, Dr. Oz, Time, and Newsweek, among other media. A former world-class professional triathlete, Esselstyn joined the Austin fire department in 1997. In 2009, Esselstyn became a healthy eating partner with Whole Foods Market and currently travels around the world promoting the Engine 2 lifestyle.

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My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet--Plus 140 New Engine 2 Recipes 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just got this book yesterday and read through most of it last night! The other reviewer clearly has not read the book! It is packed with great information about eating vegan or plant-strong as Rip calls it. I love the shorter chapters, gets to the point!!! Also the recipes! They all look divine, and the pictures are a nice addition. I highly recommend people read the book and ignore the beef lovers! - Shelly T.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the book in ONE night. I've been following this guy on facebook for about a year, and totally did a 180 on my diet, just from the facebook posts and resources on Engine 2. When I heard about the new book, I decided to wait for it rather than get the first book. This answers every question anyone might ever have about plant-based eating from why to how! It was an easy read, but very informative and easier to read than some other things I've seen. So far I've made 4 recipes, LOL Oat Loaf, Cashew cream, Split-Pea Burgers and banana oatmeal peanutbutter cookies. All have been a hit so far in my house, even my picky 3 year old loved all of them so far, and he won't touch vegetables. I'm very thankful to Rip and what he is doing!  Mary from St.Petersburg, FL 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rip has written a very informative, well researched book. The main difference that I saw in this book, when comparing to other health books, is that Rip incorporates comedy into the writing. This keeps you reading, holds your attention, and brings you back to the book. It is one of the few health books that I have read in a couple days. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount of information, but I had a blast learning! A note regarding his dietary suggestions... I started this plan three weeks ago and will NEVER go back to the way I ate before. Previously, I ate a rather sensible diet (or so I thought). I never ate fast food (I just didn't like it), I ate very little meat, mostly poultry and lean beef, and did not drink sodas or eat junk food snacks. I decided to try his plan because I have undiagnosed problems that have been going on for nearly 14 years as well as high blood pressure that started when I was 20. Since starting this diet, my blood pressure has come down to normal ranges and it has only been 3 weeks! I was told I would never get off of medication... yet here I am! I feel better than I have in ages and can't wait to see how I feel in another month. Thank you, Rip, for sharing your knowledge with us and to your Dad for being the amazing doctor he is that went a natural route! You both have changed my life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let's face it, no one ever likes to be told that what they are doing isn't good for them. Ever tell a smoker they should quit? If so, I am sure you got the evil eye. I can see where if you never considered going plant based that upon your first reading you may be a skeptic. BUT... I will tell you, have an open mind! I have been plant based for 2 years and my cholesterol dropped over 50 points! It's been a year since I was tested and I bet it is even lower now. Anyway, here is what I like about Rip's book (and no, I don't know the guy but he writes in a manner where you feel like he is one of your buddies:) - He gives you LOTS of information with just enough facts not to overwhelm you. - He provides examples of real life people - He provides recipes that taste great, mirroring dishes in the American menu without using processed junk and they taste great! - The recipes are easy to follow and don't require any crazy exotic ingredients - He let his wife write a chapter about women's health! Love that... and yes, since going all plants, not only is my libido higher but my enjoyment is much more intense! Whoo hoo!!! - He brushes briefly upon some other side effects of going plant strong- helping the environment and feeling a strong connection with nature (which in my opinion, gives you a much stronger connection spiritually!) This is a great book for the beginner or for anyone who already has given up animal products. Oh, by the way, to the naysayers... I recommend reading The China Study to see how our bodies actually synthesize plant protein which will make complete sense on why spinach is higher in protein than beef or any other animal product. Keep up the great work Rip! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've been on paleo for 1 year, I lost weight, but my cholesterol is now sky high, and my blood pressure. My Dr. told me that paleo was dangerous and I should look at going on a plant-based diet, and that was closer to what my ancestors ate anyway. I listened to Rip's interview and he was asked about Paleo, he said it was a great first step, but if you want to go a step further, to go plant-based. So that is what I'm doing! I am on chapter 7 and I'm already convinced. I've also made 3 recipes so far: waffles (this morning) and then a chili and I have cookies cooling as a write this. The recipes look good, easy and very yum!  I will update my review when I'm done reading the book! Mike 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been Plant Strong for one year thanks to Rip.... I have lost 50+ pounds and am now at my exact Ideal Weight. I am off all medications including ones for cholesterol and high blood pressure. Rip dispels all myths people have about eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Everyone I know who has adopted this healthy lifestyle is so happy about finding out about WFPB eating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rip's newest book is excellent. I've been plant based for over three years and know first hand the health benefits of not eating meat, dairy and eggs. His latest book gives great information whether you are already eating this way, just starting out on this journey or thinking about going plant based. Rip puts it in simple terms and provides the proof and information to back up the claims that a whole foods plant based diet can improve your health and help reverse and prevent many diseases. In addition...the recipes are amazing and delicious.
mangopaco More than 1 year ago
Great book. I wish that this had been in the first book, Engine 2 Diet. It answers and helps crush myths about eating Plant Strong. With Rip's help, I've been able to lower my cholesterol medication and then go completely off of it. Eating Plant Strong works. I'm lean, healthier than ever, and can run marathons and recover quickly. Engine 2 made a huge difference in my health life and this one is making a huge difference in how I'm able to talk about it.
HSRHS More than 1 year ago
I've been doing this for over a year...and I have NEVER been healthier. I cut out all meat, dairy and other sources of animal proteins and it has made a world of difference. No more diabetic issues, weight loss has steadily occured AND my skin, hair and muscles are all thanking me a thousand times over for this. Oh, and arcdude: You have ZERO clue what you are talking about. My doctor is also a vegan triathlete and has been for years. He is ridiculously healthy and he turned me towards this program and Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes - both of which follow exactly this path and both of which saved my life. Get a clue, arcdude. Wash your brain out of all the "good protein=meat" propaganda.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In 2009 my doctor advised me to follow a plant strong regime. I thought I was destined to a life of nasty tasting veggie burgers and white pasta. Buying Engine 2 Diet changed my life and introduced me to a whole world of responsible plant strong doctors and a very active community. This book is a logical follow-on and perfect at this time, to provide great information and another great group of recipes. It's good for my health (off blood pressure meds for 4 years), great for my weight (no more dieting!), and tastes wonderful. The fact that it's good for the environment and cheap is good too. Thanks for another great book, Rip!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Agree with previous reviewer about the grass fed beef! I hate that myth and I'm glad Mr. Esselstyn addresses it. I am almost done with the book, yesterday I took my nook to the grocery store and loaded up on groceries, I made the Adonis Chocolate cake (DELICIOUS!) I also made Bad to the Bone chili in the crock and it is the best chili I've ever tasted! This weekend I plan to make a lot more. Thankful to Mr. Esselstyn and his family as well as the great recipes he put in the book. I highly recommend the book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book.  My whole family and I are going PLANT STRONG!  If you have a chance you should watch the DVD's for both Engine 2 and Forks over Knives.  Both excellent documentaries with unbelievable evidence and it is scary what is being hidden from the general public.  My husband has always been a meat and potatoes type of guy, but after reading the books and seeing the documentaries, we have totally changed our  way of eating.  We cleaned out everything in our home that was unhealthy and went right into eating a whole food plant based diet.  Recipes are really good, we made the Mushroom stroganoff last night and it was AMAZING!  Thanks to Rip and all the great information he provided, it has changed our lives and we will never look back.  Definitely BUY this book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I went plant strong 6 months ago with the help of engine 2 and forks over knives. I love this new book! It helps me explain my position to meat eaters I encounter. Thank you for another great reason to be plant strong!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally a book that cuts through the confusion of WHAT SHOULD I EAT with actual scientific evidence! The recipes are amazing too! Highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great!! I highly recommend it. If I can change the way I have been eating at the age of 55 anyone can!!! I've been plant strong for 4 months and have never felt better. The recipes are great, I made the sweet potato lasagna as one of the dishes at Easter and everyone loved it. I loved the first book and so happy the second one is finally out. The book is easy to read, right to the point. I wish everyone would read it. I'm an RN and I see first hand everyday what the effects of our diet does to people and wish I could give this book to all the patients. Seems so simple, changing the way we eat is not so hard when you look at the options. Thanks for this book!!! Love it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Collection of clear, concise arguments for eating plant-based.  I've read many books on the topic, but the author breaks each issue down to its fundamentals, in a style that's comprehensible and witty.  I haven't tried the recipes yet, but they sound wonderful.  This is a great addition to my library of plant-based cookbooks.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book if you are serious about taking charge of your health through better nutrition. The book begins with scientifically proven as well as anecdotal information about why a plant-strong diet is the healthiest for most people. After reading this book, I watched the 'Forks Over Knives' film and picked up the China Study recipe book. (I also recommend the documentary 'Vegucated' if you are on the fence about going totally plant-strong.) The book also has a large recipe section that is packed with plant-strong recipes that are full of flavor! Even if you just want to incorporate more whole foods into your diet, this book will be a great resource. Go veggies!
bp108 More than 1 year ago
We do not have to succumb to western diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, most cancers, arthritis, etc! It's the FOOD we eat. My Beef With Meat explains how eating food that is only whole and plant-based is as simple as we need for ensuring excellent health without worrying of diseases that likely killed many of our family members. Rip is so knowledgable, yet speaks to the average person in ways that we can relate and understand. READ THIS BOOK IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!
Girl-Smiley More than 1 year ago
Even if you choose to eat meat this book contains great information that you should know. Like chicken contains about the same amount of cholesterol as beef ... There is strong evidence that a plant-strong diet is the way we should be eating to live a healthy life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great guide that illustrates why many of the food myths are simply untrue.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
New to this Plant Strong Lifestyle, but after husband had a heart attach - we need to change our diet. The book was an easy read, with lots of recommendations for further reading and pointing toward the many scientific studies to back up the information.
andwend More than 1 year ago
People can get as much protein from plants as large, plant eating animals do. Eating animals needlessly strips them of dignity. Many people would stop eating meat if they had to kill it themselves. Thank you for your books, they help me stick to my plant strong resolutions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book!!! it's full of easy to understand information about eating a plant-based diet. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be healthy and cut your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased the book on Thursday and read it all by Friday.  Love the way it debunks the need for animal protein and can't wait to try the recipes.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Got the book Monday, just finished today! A++ For Esselstine! My favorite chapters were the one on iron, the one on B12, the one on kids and the one on the myth that grass fed meat is healthy, I hate that argument and my meat eating friends always bring it up! This book is a lot more put together than the first, even though I liked the first. I like the pictures, but wish there were more. The recipes look doable and yummy. I tried the flapjack recipe and the soba summer noodles, and they were A-mazing.  JDIG