My Blood Runs Blue

My Blood Runs Blue

by Stacy Eaton


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"I'm still a cop, and my blood runs blue."

Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. Even though her job with the Fawn Hollow Township Police Department keeps her busy, she continues to feel as if there is something else out there she is meant to be doing.

Kristin finds herself investigating a homicide where a young woman has had her throat ripped brutally out. As she begins to dig for the answers, she finds herself thrown into a world she never knew existed.

When Julian and Alexander crash into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive. Kristin in determine to figure out who they are and why they keep calling her Calista.

Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the two seductive men who have entered into her life and the real truth about herself in a suspenseful tale that weaves paranormal into to the realistic world of law enforcement.

My Blood Runs Blue was originally published in 2011 but was recently been revised and re-edited in 2014.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781432771805
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 04/11/2011
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 0.63(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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My Blood Runs Blue 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
goodbyegravity More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue alternates narratives between Kristin, a police officer, and Julian, who is both a vampire and part of a security team that keeps watch over not only humans but his own kind. Another vampire named Alex adds narration later on. Things start when a girl whose parents Kristin knows is found with her throat gored open, one of several who have been found in neighboring towns. The girl's parents have a strange reaction to their daughter's death, and seem to know more than they let on. At the same time, two handsome strangers enter town, and affecting Kristin deeply. But that's only the beginning. First off, the chemistry between the characters in this book, especially Julian and Kristin, and in Julian's flashbacks with Calista, is electric. The sensuality is very, very steamy, and the emotional connections are described in a really believable way. I could actually feel their emotions through the words. As an aside, vampire/human sex is so hot and so much fun to read about! I thought the combination of vampires and police work was really original, and I didn't know if it would work. But in Ms. Eaton's hands, the idea is handled effortlessly. I loved the juxtaposition of tough office Kristin with her romantic feelings, and it felt very natural and not forced. The attention to detail of the police work and regulations makes the story very engrossing and realistic. The writing flows very well and is easy to lose yourself in. Also, and this may just be a personal thing, but each chapter is titled with the character's names, which makes it very easy to know whose head your in, as opposed to other books where there is head hopping and you can't tell who is talking. The supporting characters are as well fleshed out as the main characters, and I could really see them in my head. My Blood Runs Blue is a very solid and enjoyable 5 star read, and I'm very eager to read the sequel!
hannahmac More than 1 year ago
This was a good debut book by a new author. The characters are interesting and well developed. I especially loved Julian and thought he and Kristin were perfect for each other. It's clear Ms. Eaton knows her law enforcement. The books seems thoroughly researched and very accurate. If you're looking for an interesting, entertaining read, with a bit of romance, then give this one a try. I hope to read more from Ms. Eaton.
M_A_Stacie More than 1 year ago
This was a really solid first book! It was very clear throughout this author knew about law enforcement. It shone through and made the novel that little bit more realistic! Wonderful! I love any book that drops 'breadcrumbs' - revealing the truth little by little, and the author does a great job this! I was thoroughly intrigued as to why the death of a stranger would have some importance to Kristen... The memory of Julian and Calista was beautiful! And instant mating. And Kristen's reaction to Alex's revelation was so real! I couldn't help but laugh too. Alex and Jules' were definitely swoonworthy. I can think of worse things than being adored by 2 hot male vamps! It's a well written novel, with a very solid plot, though I personally felt on a few occassions the prouse could have been edited to make reading a little smoother and remove repetitive words. This did not distract from the story in any way, and is more of a personal preference. I would be very interested in reading more from the author, and more from these characters!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Review by Phoebe Matthews - For romance readers who want to expand into vampire books, this story is a sweetheart of a romance. Tough cop Kristin is widowed and thinks love is over, so why does she keep having these romantic dreams and thoughts that are about a man she's never met? She's a cop. She had been trained to focus and that's what she does, keeps her mind on protecting her small town and solving crimes, right up until a terrible crime draws her into memories of a romance, well, I won't spoil it but I will say, this is a well-written story weaving bits of fantasy through a believable setting and letting you see deeply into the thoughts and hearts of the main characters. Enjoy!
Shar58 More than 1 year ago
This is a great read. It has it all, mystery, love story, even some muscle cars!
Evampire9 3 months ago
Even though her job with the Fawn Hollow Township police keeps her busy, Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. While investigation a homicide where a young woman’s throat was brutally ripped out, she’s thrown into a world she never knew existed and when Julian and Alexander crash into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that been going on longer than she’s been alive. The characters are quite strong, forceful and easily grab the readers’ attention from the get go and the chemistry that Kristin feels for both Julian and Alex sizzles with lots of heat that readers can practically feel singeing the pages but the love triangle relationship is quite complicated and messy which has lots of turbulent emotions flowing from the pages along with all the turmoil from other aspects of the book, like the discovery of the paranormal, the learning of a past Kirstin had new clue of and the investigation of a serial killer that has Kirstin in his sights. The author has created a fascinating vampire world with her unique elements that make for refreshing change in this fast paced, engaging and suspenseful story. This story also flip flops between pov which can be a bit annoying but provides insight that proves essential to the characters and their emotions throughout this complex romance. The plot thickens and the intrigue builds with twists and turns that keeps the readers glued to the pages and wanting to know more, please be prepared for the HFN as this story continues.
Pat.Egan.Fordyce on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue¿.By Stacy EatonThis book was given to me by the author through World Literacy Cafe for reviewThis was a very exciting book, but would be hard to put in a specific Genre. It¿s about a policewoman, it has Vampires, romance, re-incarnation, and oh yes¿A Serial Killer! Kristin, our heroine, is a cop in the small town she grew up in. She was married to the love of her life, until he was killed in the line of duty. Now, a widow, trying to put her life back together. She is assigned to investigate a horrific murder which sadly turns out to be a young woman she knows. Even more intriguing is that the victim had her throat savagely ripped open. Not a knife wound!Enter VMF. To the human world, it stands for Virtual Military Force Security. To the Vampire world, it is Vampire Military Force. Alexander is the leader, and one of our Hero¿s. When he hears of the murder he assigns Julian, one of his enforcers, to investigate what sounds very similar to a series of crimes that occurred years ago. Julian knows these crimes well, he lost his wife and five year old daughter to the murderer. Julian is our second Hero.What follows is a series of events that makes the reader anxious for every twist and turn as it occurs. It doesn¿t end with your usual HEA. It ends, leaving the reader wanting more! Lucky for us there is more! Blue Blood For Life will hopefully have the rest of the answers we are looking for! My only negative would be, though interesting to read each different persons perspective , it is a little repetitive. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes a stretch to their imagination while reading!
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: From the beginning, I could tell that Eaton was going to make this a detailed and brilliant read. He knowledge and time as a police officer, meant that her main character was completely real. She had all the mannerisms, slang and attitude of a true police officer. She followed the path we often see officers of the law take - the law became her life. She was consumed by her love of the job, often closing off the outside and focusing on work.  The level of knowledge Eaton had also showed in the detail given to the situation, the storyline, the world of police and the way that the crime is carried forward. Our main character delves into the murder and soon finds that there is so much more happening than she originally thought. Eaton gave us sufficient detail to feel as though we were making these discoveries with our character. I felt the frustration, the fear, the betrayal and the hope throughout the investigation.  I liked the characters, and thought that they had a lot of depth. I feel that the relationship between the characters and the story was perfect. Our main character was always in sight, but there was never a 'top dog' who flew through and fixed everything. Just like the real world, these characters battled through the work, made mistakes, felt lost and then gather evidence, ideas and made the investigation come together.  I really like that the story was told from different perspectives, at different times. Though this made a slight repetition, it also made the book even more real. In any investigation, it is the sum of all the parts of the story that bring the real story together and give them the culprit. I felt as though the different angles really brought that to life.  Overall, this is a really great read. It was fun and I think it would be a read that anyone who likes crime or suspense stories would enjoy. 
AvidReader59IK More than 1 year ago
Great Vampire Romance with Suspense My Blood Runs Blue is a GREAT new vampire romantic suspense novel. Everything I love mixed in to one book...vampires, romance, suspense, and more romance!! The author has done an amazing job with her characters. They feel real, they act real, they are real. The story line is unique and captivating. I've already started book two and I hope there are more novels from this author to come. Highly Recommended!!!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review** Kristen is a cop who works the night shift. Her partner is Mick. She's been a cop for 10 years. Trevor was her husband who is new dead. Her mom was killed when she was an infant and she never knew her dad. She always needed to control her destiny. Her biggest strength is the fact that she's a control freak, but it's also her biggest downfall. She lived in Fawn Hollow. Julian and Alexander were once best friends, but both had loved Calista. Alexander was now Julian's boss. Julian was searching for Damon, a 37yr old rogue vampire. Julian is headed to Fawn Hollow to look for Damon. The company Julian worked for was Virtual Military Force Security. His unit was vampire military security. This was a good book to read, enjoyable twists and turns. I recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers in the paranormal world.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue is a story told by three different viewpoints; not usually my favorite story form but the author does a fairly good job of keeping on point without too much repetition.  I liked the characters and was thrilled that Kristin chose the guy she does.  The author leaves a lot of open ends for the next book (which she has updated and is being re-released) or books.  The author writes knowingly of police procedure and Kristin is my favorite type of character a strong smart woman.  Give this book a shot I think you will be glad you did.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue, Stacy Eaton Genre: Paranormal/fantasy Romance Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews When I started reading this it felt familiar, and on checking I discovered I’d read it when it first came out. That's a couple of years back, and I’ve read a couple of thousand books since then so I couldn’t remember all the story. Its got some great characters, and an interesting storyline, along with a slightly different take on how vampires are created ( well the females anyway – I’m not sure if that applies to males too). I liked Kristin, independent and loyal, she loves her job and has a solid place in the small town where she works as a cop. Julian and Alexander were the two main vampires we meet, and had both known Kristin in a previous life. To them she’s the same person, she thinks they’re nuts though when they talk about vampires, but it seems she can’t keep her hands – or lips or other body parts – off either of them whenever opportunity arises!! She wonders what on earth is going on, and while she’s still trying to work it all out her life gets put in terrible danger. Its a fun read, quite simplistic in plot and I can see openings for the next novel in the series. I enjoyed this book, as I did on first reading, but it’s not one for my keeper files, a one off read for me. I didn’t really get “into” the story, where I like to feel I’m there with the characters. I didn’t really get a proper sense of danger or of mystery about the human/vampire conundrum. It felt quite a superficial surface based read, but if you’re looking for one that's complete in itself, and part of an on-going series that's easy to read, and won’t take too much working out what's going on this is perfect. I prefer a bit more depth and drama but not everyone does of course. I’m in two minds whether to continue with the series, part of me wants to see how the story develops but at the moment I’ve quite a long TBR list...( does it ever get shorter though for us real book lovers??) Stars: Four, a fun light hearted read. ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dissapeared into th forest.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Authentic police procedural and pleasing paranormal romance A clever blend of authentic police procedural and paranormal romance, Stacy Eaton’s My Blood Runs Blue tells a fascinating tale with excellent timing and a truly intriguing use of different points of view. The plot is pleasingly complex—no simple romance or simple mystery here. And the strange backstory is introduced in nicely manageable pauses for memory. Telling the tale from three different points of view provides a satisfying feel for the characters’ complexity and adds depth to their emotions and decisions. There are lots of different takes on vampire lore on the bookshelves today, and Stacy Eaton’s nicely different approach fits well, neither adding too much to nor breaking too many traditional strands. The story builds a pleasing sense of a secret vampire community. Tackling good and evil, love and lust, with equal honesty, the author creates a novel with surprising depth. The end of the story feels a little rushed but brings a pleasing completion to the tale. I’m hoping to read the sequel soon, but My Blood Runs Blue stands alone as an enjoyable story raising fascinating questions and adding some interesting twists to cross-genre fiction. Disclosure: I learned from the author when this book was being offered free and was lucky enough to get a free ecopy.
EmeraldBarnes More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue takes vampires and cops and turns those two things into a novel that will leave you begging for more! (Luckily for the readers, it's part of a series!) My Blood Runs Blue follows Kristin, a tough cop who knows how to handle tough situations. That is until she meets Julian and Alexander. Then, her world is turned upside. She is introduced to a whole new world, and as she learns more about that new world, she learns more about who she really is. She's still tough, determined Kristin, but she's also something else. It's steamy and the story behind it is well written and will keep you reading well on until you know you should stop reading and get some sleep or do those dishes that keep piling up in the sink.
AManemann More than 1 year ago
My Blood Runs Blue was an enjoyable read from start to finish. I had a hard time knowing which direction I should root for as both Julian and Alexander sounded quite yummy, but I was pleased with the outcome. All the characters were well developed from street tough cop Kristin to vampires Julian and Alexander. An excellent story line that entails a captivating mystery, a past forgotten and a love to last an eternal lifetime all inevitably intwined when the human and vampire species find themselves in a case involving the same homicidal killer. Overall a great book and recommended read. I'll be anxiously watching to see what Stacy Eaton puts out next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago