My Brother Adam

My Brother Adam

by Christina Fiorella


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ISBN-13: 9781477212264
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/15/2012
Pages: 16
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.04(d)

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My brother Adam

By Christina Fiorella


Copyright © 2012 Christina Fiorella
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-1226-4

Chapter One

I am a big brother now. It wasn't always that way. I was an only child until my new brother Adam came along. I like being an only child. My toys belong to me, and wherever I leave something is where I can find it.

My name is Alex, and I live with my mom, my dad, and three goldfish. I have my own room with lots of fun books. My goldfish stay in my room, on my dresser. They are fun to watch. They swim all the time. I wonder if they ever sleep.

Since my brother was born, lots of things have changed. For eight years I was the only one that everybody focused on when they came over. Now I am almost invisible. When family and friends come, they want to see Adam. Don't get me wrong, everyone hugs me just as much as before, but now I have to share my friends and family with Adam.

Since Adam was born, there have been bottles, diapers, and pacifiers all around. Mom and Dad are always busy with my brother. Who would ever think that such a small person could be so much work? But my mom and dad are a lot of fun. Dad reads to me at night, and Mom always makes my favorite dinners and desserts. They are the best parents in the world to me. They even asked me to help them out with Adam. I feel good that they think I am responsible enough to feed him.

Before Adam was born, it was quiet in the house. Now all I hear is crying, especially at night when I am sleeping. One night I was up while my brother Adam was crying. Mom saw that I was awake and came in my room. She sat on my bed and talked to me about how proud she is of me and how much she loves me. I told her that I miss the way things were and I feel left out sometimes. Mom told me that she has enough love to share for both me and Adam and that just because she is busy with the baby, that doesn't mean she loves me any less. She said she would tell me the story about when Aunt Lizzie was born and how she felt the same way I did. But she wanted me to go to sleep since it was late; she said she would tell me all about it tomorrow.

The next morning, I came down for breakfast. It was quiet, and Mom just cooked pancakes and waited for me to come down. I was glad it was Saturday, because I could go play at the park. Mom reminded me about the conversation we'd had earlier on. She told me that when Aunt Lizzie was born, she felt pushed aside and left out too. She felt Aunt Lizzie was getting all the attention. Mom said that as she helped out with Aunt Lizzie, she felt important doing things to help her sister. She told me that she would help tuck her sister in at night and that Aunt Lizzie would smile and laugh at her.

But Mom told me that she understands exactly how I feel and that it's normal to feel the way I do. Mom reminded me that when Aunt Lizzie was born, she couldn't do things for herself and needed help. She said all babies need help because they cannot do things for themselves until they get a little older. She said it will be the same for me and that I will love being a big brother just as much as my mom loved being a big sister.

Mom told me that Adam and I will be the best of friends as time goes on. I know my Aunt Lizzie and Mom are very close. When Aunt Lizzie comes over, Mom and she tell stories about growing up. They have a lot of laughs, and Aunt Lizzie always tells me that I am a wonderful big brother. I never thought of it that way. I am the big brother, and I have to look out and care for Adam just the way Mom cared for Aunt Lizzie.

Mom suggested that I go into Adam's room to see him while he was sleeping. We went upstairs, and Adam does look kind of cute when he isn't crying. He looks like me too. We have the same eyes and mouth. Too bad Adam is not big enough to come to the park with me today and play baseball. I can teach him how to pitch and throw a ball and how to run the bases. I will do that when he gets a little older.

I head downstairs, and Dad is waiting for me with a baseball glove. He tells me to get my baseball stuff and head out to the park. I was very happy that Dad was taking me, since I know Adam keeps both Mom and Dad busy. Dad said nothing is going to change because my brother was born. He told me that we are still going to have our fun times together and that when Adam gets older, he will join us.


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