My Brother is Special: A Cerebral Palsy Story

My Brother is Special: A Cerebral Palsy Story

by Murray Stenton

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BN ID: 2940157202897
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication date: 12/24/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 40
File size: 11 MB
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Age Range: 6 - 8 Years

About the Author

From an early age Murray was artistic. His favorite pastime was and still is doodling cute and fun little characters. As Murray entered the working world he utilized his natural creative talent in his graphic design profession. Illustrating being his true love, Murray started looking for freelance illustration work. Murray had no idea that answering a Kijiji ad would help his long time ambitions come to life. A well known children's book author and disability advocate,
Jewel Kats gave him a shot at illustrating one of her children's books. That experience gave Murray the courage to pursue other illustration contracts. Murray had an instant connection to Jewel, through the world of physical disability. Murray's oldest son Ethan had a stroke at birth causing CP and other life altering conditions. With his new found courage and through the help of Victor R. Volkman and Loving Healing Press Murray brings this wonderful story to children everywhere. Murray's hope is that siblings of children with disabilities will know they too are not alone.

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My Brother is Special: A Cerebral Palsy Story 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
kissygluvvym More than 1 year ago
My Brother is Special: A Cerebral Palsy Story has great potential to help siblings and all children relate to everyday life around special needs children, particularly children with siblings who have cerebral palsy. This book is also mentions epilepsy, as well as behavioral differences. It talks about the differences that children notice with children with learning disabilities and daily medical care as well as behavioral differences. I feel it can help children feel that they may have a sibling with special needs and that they are not alone, other children have siblings with cerebral palsy and special needs also. It also mentions the love they have for their siblings even though they have their differences. The illustrations in this book will have children very interested in the detailed pictures of the book as the story is read to them, or as they read it themselves. Great book. I raised two sons, and one with special needs. I think this book would have helped the sibling of my special needs son relate to the character in this book and feel a little less puzzled and a little less alone.
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
This book is such a special read I loved reading this book. I read it with my Mom when we went camping last month. It is a short book but very special to read. I liked the illustration as well. I wish I can draw like that. I can relate to this book when my big brother a little bit. They have different situations but help to understand them are the same. Dealing with my big brother sometimes is difficult, my Mom always remind me that he is different in a very special way. You just have to be there for him. I still love my big brother despite being different. It does not matter to me if some kids are different just like my big brother. They still have the heart and needs compassion, understanding and above all unconditional love. We have no right to judge them because they are different. Life is full of mystery and we need to respect other people.
Silvie_MySillyLittleGang More than 1 year ago
This book is a very good book that helps explain to a young child as to why a sibling may be different. It is hard to know how to explain why a sibling can't do the same things that other kids can do. But this book that is written in rhyme helps do just that. The illustrations are very good and the pages are colorful. This book would make a great gift for a family that is dealing with a child with disabilities. Another thing that I really liked and found helpful is that there is a list in the back of the book with helpful websites for those in the US/Canada.
JessicaCali More than 1 year ago
One more book for my boys to read to my daughter. Though I'm not entirely sure any of them understood that Ethan was special needs, nor really what special needs is, becuase I did have to explain it to them. From my knowledge, we don't know anyone with Cerebral Palsy. I say from my knowledge, because while in school, my mom worked in the special education room and I'm not entirely sure what a couple of those children were in there for, but they were in wheelchairs. I thought this book was a beautiful way to give your children a view into what being a sibling of a special needs child is all about and what it really means. The illustrations in the book are beautifully done. There is a super positive/uplifting message in this book, and my almost 11 year old pointed that out while reading it. We often tell our kids how special they are, and I think this is the perfect book for them to understand that EVERY SINGLE CHILD in the world is special, no matter their condition.
Readlearnandshine More than 1 year ago
I am drawn to this book because of the honesty within the words.  It is a story of two boys... I know it is meant to highlight and give understanding of Cerebral Palsy but I think it does by far more than just that.  While I was reading this awesome little picture book, I could see some of the daily difficulties of this condition, but I could also see the highs and lows of being the older brother.  The illustrations managed to grab the intensity of some of the emotions and I give praise for this ability.  I particularly liked that the inclusion of honest facts such as he get angry and fights with is little brother and is sometimes "mad at the silly things he does when he acts strange and silly".  This, for me, gave the book 'truth' and some fantastic talking points for young children as it is read aloud to them.  So in conclusion, this book is a fantastic resource for home, day care centres, kindergartens, preschools, and schools.  It has a potential to speak for those with Cerebral Palsy, and the brothers and sisters that have to live along side Cerebral Palsy.  It shows the love for a sibling; the differences between siblings; and the frustrations, that in all honesty every sibling has for their bothers and sisters.
ebookaddictsuk More than 1 year ago
My Brother is Special is told in rhyme format making it a great way for kids to read and understand. It tells the story from a younger sibling - Carter - point of view regarding his older brother Ethan, who has Cerebral Palsy and the differences between them using every day examples. Carter gets frustrated with his older brother sometimes, but he understands why he is the way he is and loves him just the same. The illustrations are child like, colourful and engaging and I think it is the perfect book to read to children who have any sibling that are different, not only those with CP. I also found the information at the end about cerebral palsy very informative and a good tool for the many questions the kids were asking. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
WisReader More than 1 year ago
My Brother Is Special is a special sort of children's book. While it shares the comparison between a healthy little boy with his older brother who has CP, this book is valuable to children of all ages and abilities. Younger brother, Carter, understands that learning comes easier for him, and in a different way, than for his brother, Ethan. He admits that sometimes it is not easy to accept Ethan's different behaviors, but when all is said and done, Carter loves his brother and is happy he is part of his family. The illustrations are bright and entertaining. They can stimulate conversations. I appreciated the extra information about CP included at the books end.
TeresaKander More than 1 year ago
This is a superb story. It tells readers about two brothers, the older of whom has Cerebral Palsy. It would be fitting for any family where one sibling has a condition which makes them "different," however. It is also good just to teach children that not everyone is the same. The book is written in rhyming text, and is very easy to read. The illustrations are bright and colorful to hold a young child's attention. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
LynchburgMama More than 1 year ago
Cerebral Palsy is a non-curable condition that I had heard of but never had firsthand experience with until I met my husband. His niece, Jessica, began exhibiting signs of the condition a little after she turned one. Along with CP, she has other conditions that make hers quite severe and make her completely bed-ridden. While pregnant with my own children, it is always a possibility that a child can be born with a large assortment of conditions or develop one during childhood. I was blessed to have children who are overall, healthy. My oldest son had to participate in speech therapy and has been able to overcome obstacles.  Unfortunately, Cerebral Palsy is not a curable condition. This story features a pair of brothers, the older of whom has CP. Raising two healthy children requires a lot of love, patience, and energy so I can only imagine if you have a child with special needs. Explaining to a sibling, particularly a younger one, why a lot of your focus has to be on the other child, is a process that affects the entire family.  This book is a beautiful way to give your children a view into what being the sibling of a special brother really means. The illustrations and story are beautifully written/created. I love the positive, uplifting, yet informative message given by this book. Whether you have a child with a medical condition or not, this is a perfect book for teaching children that every child is special! The educational value is outstanding! I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
Humber More than 1 year ago
Loved it! This is a very informative book about cerebral palsy. It is told from a perspective that children can easily process and have some understanding of the condition. The story has such important meaning and can be used to help educate kids. The Author provided a very real and gentle approach to this story.
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness. This is the cutest and sweetest little book ever and I wish I would have gotten the book format instead of the ebook format. It is such a wonderful book that I will definitely be sharing with my kids. The book is super cute and rhymes throughout. The book is about a brother who has cerebal palsy, but I think the book fits perfectly for any sibling who is different from the other. In fact, it is a perfect book for my kids. My middle child has ADHD, anxiety, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder so while it clearly is not CP; the book is still fitting – each sibling is different, but they are still brothers and sometimes, the big brother just needs to be the big brother. I adore this book and really think it is an a great, easy read for kids!
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
It can not be easy when one of your children is a special needs child and the other is not. This gets even worse if the special needs child is the older of the two. How do you explain that this is still their sibling and needs and deserves all the love and patience same as everyone else, or maybe a bit more. This short and very well illustrated book may help. It starts to explain to young children the dynamics of being different because of a medical condition over which no one has any control. It explores the emotions that the child with out special needs might be having. Personally I suggest you read this to your young child and point out the important issues. Most will understand via the pictures alone--but reinforcement never hurts. At the end of this book is an explanation of the 3 main types of cerebral palsy --very interesting and informative.
Liliyana More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book. It's a great way to introduce kids to cerebral palsy, as well as teaching them about how it's OK to be different. The narrator gives a great kid's perspective on being the sibling of someone who is different. The ups, the downs, and the unconditional love that's always there. As someone with special needs, and the older sister of someone with special needs, I really appreciate this fun approach to the topic.