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My Brother's Blood

My Brother's Blood

by R. J. Reese


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Throughout biblical history, some faiths have fought and argued over the bloodlines of Isaac and Ishmael and the covenant God made through Abraham. Many consider the two brothers as the father of the Jews and the father of the Arabs. In this story the two bloodlines stem into present day Megiddo, Israel when King Rueben Tobias, a Jew, marries a Muslim princess, Senobia. Turmoil amongst the Jews and Muslims living within the kingdom arose after the marriage in fear of the heir to the throne. Some believe religion is passed through the mother, and in this instance the Jews did not want a Muslim as the King's heir if the Queen were to bear a child. Senobia is assassinated after she bore Aramon. This caused tension between the Jews and Muslims for the next few years. However, the tension becomes much worse when King Rueben decides to remarry, this time to Avigail, an American Christian. The confrontations between the Jews and Muslims have now included the Christian citizens of Megiddo after the birth of Avigail's son, Aden. King Ruben's once harmonious kingdom of the three faiths has now risen to a kingdom of violence, hatred and discrimination amongst the citizens. Uneasy sleep leads the King into a dream where he is met by an angel. The angel tells Rueben of his bloodline of his forefather Isaac and his late wife's bloodline to Ishmael. The angel explains the catastrophic events that will take place in the near future if his oldest son succeeds the throne and the importance of Aden becoming the next King. King Rueben explains his dream to Avigail as Aramon, unfortunately, overhears his future to be King is no more. Struck with jealousy, Aramon is quickly influenced by a fallen angel, Sappharus, and plots to kill his family in order to become the successor to the throne. After the death of King Rueben, Aramon claims the throne and under his rule Christians and Jews live in a society of unfair persecution. Aramon's only threat is his baby brother Aden. By the protection of the Chieftain Angel of God, Michael, Aden must fulfill his destiny and claim the throne as the rightful heir. As an adult, Aden's confrontation with his brother ignites war between the Israeli and Megiddo armies, a supernatural war between angels and demons and a climactic battle between Sappharus and Michael. These events impact faiths all over the world, which soon lead to the war of all wars-Armageddon.

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ISBN-13: 9781450031790
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 03/01/2010
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