My Confession: Book 3 of The Running Series

My Confession: Book 3 of The Running Series

by DeLaine Roberts


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Harrison Brooks possesses all the qualities most women admire. He's a gentleman first, has made his own wealth and could charm the pants off most girls with his model-quality good looks. He's played hard with the big leagues and enjoyed the likes of many women willing to be his evening's conquest, hoping to capture the heart of the rich playboy.

When Harrison meets Monica Green, he leaves his life in Chicago behind to be with her.

With trust issues, he allows jealousy to destroy his relationship with Monica, and even more desperate, he magnifies events as an excuse to be a jackass and leave her, shy of the alter.

Desperate and drowning in self-pity, Harrison moves back to Chicago and finds his life turned upside down one night at Logan's Bar. The events that unfold help him discover the man buried inside himself that he really wants to become and he finally has a chance at true love. But, will he make more mistakes and find himself in shreds?

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ISBN-13: 9781495277375
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/20/2014
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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My Confession, Book 3 of The Running Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Bear1009 More than 1 year ago
Life always seems to come to full circle. My Confession is the last book in this wonderful trilogy The Running Series. In this story we finally get to know twin brother Harrison Brooks and the woman that has left him hollow inside, Monica Green. From the moment that I started reading this story I knew that this read was going to have me weeping. The amount of emotion that the characters convey is evident in Ms. Roberts writing. Her writing is wonderful, it’s descriptive and always gives so much that I actually feel content with the ending. Of course I hate seeing a book finish but I know that I was able to see them go through the rough times, then the happily ever after but it goes even further. Ms. Roberts words in this story flowed beautifully, it captivated me from beginning to end but most of all I love that I feel as if I’m living the characters life, it’s like everything that is happening to them I going through it also. This is an emotional read of Harrison and finding his way back to the woman that he loves. He has been hollow from the moment that he left her and she has been on his mind at every turn. Harrison has not been with anyone but he is ready for a change. It seems that he loves a concept that I think is wonderful, paying it forward. His way of thinking, doing showed me that he was a marvelous man with a HUGE heart. Harrison Brooks has lived a hard life. He severed ties with his brother because of a conniving woman. Now he had walked away from the woman he loved with all his being but he didn’t give her the chance to explain what happened. When the opportunity came he was paying it forward to a young woman that deserved to her life maybe her dream but that is just the beginning. Monica Green is a woman that seems to work non-stop. Her heart was broken when Harrison thought she was cheating on him. He would no hear her; she truly did try to let him know what had happened. One day she was on top of the world and the next she just submersed herself in her work. When she is on assignment in Chicago she has no idea that when she enters a bar that she would be seeing Harrison. She walks out on him but soon she returns and that’s when everything changes for them. Only she has kept a secret from him and she hopes that he will still feel the same about her. She has no idea what the future will hold but she needs to live her life to the fullest because she may have all that she ever dreamed about right in front of her. Monica will go through so much in this story but she is a very strong woman that will withstand all that is going to happen. The passion that is felt between Harrison and Monica it’s absolutely beautiful. From the moment that they touch each other it’s like there are sparks flying off them from the amount of chemistry that they have. The sex scenes are tastefully written and so passionate. My Confession was a brilliant read that had me thinking about life in general. It made me think about what Harrison did and how paying it forward helped two brilliant women. Harrison is a man that is caring, charismatic and just a great man in general. Then you have Monica a woman that has been heartbroken because of her secret but she is resilient, strong, independent a caring woman. The biggest problem between them is trust. Secrets are not good and they both need to come clean with them in order for them to have a future. The characters were well developed and I loved that they each had their own POV. I was able to get to know Harrison more and also Monica, love when I am about to get into both of the characters head. The pace of this story was perfect. The Running Series has been a great series and if you have not picked up these three books it is a must. You will fall in love with all of the characters but most of all you will get to see them coming together and becoming a family. No matter what obstacles they have to hurdle through the love that they have for one another is worth it.