My Confessions to Silvio Pellico. the Autobiography of G. Sorelli

My Confessions to Silvio Pellico. the Autobiography of G. Sorelli

by Guido Sorelli


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ISBN-13: 9781145398863
Publisher: Creative Media Partners, LLC
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 0.85(d)

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But, the influence this new study produced upon my young heart will be shown in the succeeding chapters. CHAPTER IV. Petrarch had now become the companion, the friend, of my solitary evenings. His presence, with that of his beautiful Laura, had changed my lonely apartment into a little paradise, in the tranquil enjoyment of which, I felt as though I could neither have envied the splendour of a court, nor craved the society of the most accomplished companions. " Oh ! why have I not earlier known thee ?" was my repeated exclamation, even before I had reached the period of that sonnet, in which Petrarch thus anticipates the feelings of posterity : " O Fortune, to my eyes thou bitter foe, Since thou to me a Laura hast not shown ! Oh ! would that later she had dwelt below, Or I had earlier an existence known !" Insensibly my own heart became purified by the loftiness of his sentiments. My contempt for women gradually softened, after a contemplation of the character of the beautiful, the virtuous Laura; and I, too, pictured to myself a being who could realize my dreams of happiness who could inspire me with a love independent of sensual feelings such a love as man was permitted to feel in his first days of innocence. The poetical compositions of Petrarch, written during the life of Laura, occupied my attention for many weeks. Meanwhilemy heart had selected its own its exclusive Laura, though scarcely conscious of its choice. The heart is a book, the study of which man too often neglects and why ? Because Truth, whose characters are alike clear and indelible, there presents to him a picture so little flattering to himself. Amongst my pupils at Zurich I numbered several young ladies,all equally amiable and agreeable. But upon one, one only though at first, scarc...

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