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My Daughter in Ashes

My Daughter in Ashes

by Marchela Wells
My Daughter in Ashes

My Daughter in Ashes

by Marchela Wells


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Similar to ‘Rising from the Ashes’, the overall theme is getting involved in ‘what the crowd wants’ often can lead places that the young should not go. Neither my wife nor I faced these things in our own lives. I was often tempted during my years in the U.S. Navy, but never strayed. We both were raised to respect our elders and not give ourselves over to wanton behaviors, drunkenness, sexual perversions or drugs. Neither of us had sex before marriage, attended drunken parties, etc. We have remained faithful to our religion as well as each other and have survived 46, (47 in February of 2017), years of marriage.

Sad to say, I had two daughters. No matter what my wife or I would do or try to teach them — they always knew better. Both girls went down the paths that I describe in these novels (just in slightly different variations). Their lives today are filled with problems and they suffer from these mistakes of youth, and have the diseases and debilitation’s of body that result from those actions.

Jesus offered an opportunity to the young prostitutes and robbers of his day for redemption and salvation. My novels endeavor to take that message and offer it to today’s young who are willing to read and understand.

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