My Eyes Are Open Now: A Book of Poems

My Eyes Are Open Now: A Book of Poems

by Lorraine S Gamble


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My Eyes Are Open Now: A Book of Poems was created after the author, Lorraine S Gamble, overcame addiction and began to express herself through poetry.

The unique quality of the poetry is a reflection of the author’s spiritual awakening that brought her back on a journey to what she was meant to be. After many years of not seeing the beauty in the world, she opened her eyes to an entirely new existence.

The words in the poetry are meant to encourage healing and a feeling of joy for the reader. Lorraine’s wisdom and life experiences are qualities she expresses in her poetry. When we concentrate on the negative side of life we miss out on the most important part life has to offer: the joy!

The words in this inspirational collection will encourage the reader to find their joy by keeping their spiritual eyes open!

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ISBN-13: 9781504328623
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/27/2015
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

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My Eyes are Open Now

A Book of Poems

By Lorraine S Gamble

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Lorraine Dunn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-2862-3


    Open Eyes

    My eyes were closed for so many years.
    It was very difficult to see through the tears.
    My very existence was living a lie.
    It didn't matter how hard I would try.
    I put myself in a state of gone
    And didn't want to see what was wrong.
    Rock the boat, and make it sink
    Was not what I was ready to think.
    I stayed in a life that wasn't real
    And did everything I could not to feel.
    One day, my eyes opened wide,
    And the unhealthy life I could not hide!
    I chose to give myself the love
    And open my heart to You above.
    Then everything fell into place.
    The unhealthy state did erase.
    Now my eyes are wide and clear.
    I'm in charge of my life to steer.
    I see now what I'm meant to be:
    It's to serve and help others see
    The love we all have inside.
    Let's use our spirit as our guide.


    You left this world way too soon.
    You couldn't stay—heard a different tune.
    We all thought you were the best,
    But you felt each day was a test.
    It was amazing what we saw outside
    And the demons you felt you had to hide.
    For there must have been a lot of pain
    To make you feel you had nothing to gain.
    We laughed with you throughout the years,
    But inside you there were many tears.
    We will miss your incredible gift
    And how you made our spirits lift.
    From the genie in the bottle to Peter Pan,
    You really were an amazing man.
    We will all miss your smiling face.
    It's like you left us without a trace.
    You're probably making them laugh above,
    But down here we miss your amazing love.
    The laughter stopped when your light went out,
    And now we want to scream and shout,
    "Why did you leave us, you funny man?
    We will carry on and do what we can
    To help other people who want to leave
    To find the strength and power to believe
    They're loved and cherished in God's eyes
    And will carry on when the laughter dies!"
    So now we're at the end of your show,
    And we say good-bye because you had to go.
    Good-bye, our special, funny, friend,
    And to all the laughter you did send.


    Amazing grace—I didn't know what it meant before.
    Now I do, and so much more.
    I closed my eyes for so many years
    Because of self-hatred and many fears.
    They're open now, and I can see
    All that I am meant to be.
    Love, kindness—His is the grace
    That comes from above, not winning the race.
    I open my heart and fill it with peace,
    And to my surprise I feel the release.
    Joy has finally entered my life—
    No more pain, no more strife.
    Thank you, spirit, for this is true.
    I wouldn't be here if not for You.

    Soul Vacation

    My soul took a vacation and went away.
    My joy went with it and didn't stay.
    I didn't feel it because I drank wine,
    And my divine light lost its shine.
    Like a switch turned it to dark,
    My very essence lost its spark.
    I wonder where my soul went for all those years.
    Did I keep it away because of my fears?
    I know when I decided to love myself.
    It returned to me as perfect health.
    My light began to shine once more.
    I felt the joy to my very core.
    I think I always had God inside,
    But alcohol caused this part to hide.
    The mind controls what we let in.
    Loving myself is how I begin
    To get my soul back to its place
    Inside my heart, my sacred space.
    My soul needs a temple in which to reside,
    A place that's receiving, open wide.
    A healthy body gives my soul a home
    And keeps it staying, not wanting to roam.
    My thoughts are also healthy and pure.
    The addiction leaving was the cure.
    My soul took a vacation, but now it's back
    To a place of abundance, not of lack.
    I'm thankful for each and every day
    My soul brings joy and decides to stay.


    I feel the peace at last.
    Gone is all the pain from the past.
    The storm can rage all it wants.
    I'm at peace. I ignore its taunts.
    This place of peace makes me free
    To feel the love inside of me.
    I pass it on and help a friend.
    I'll feel this peace until the end.
    I feel the hope and joy inside.
    My divine light refuses to hide.
    It shines so brightly through my eyes,
    Through all that leaves and all good-byes.
    I found my wonderful peace at last.
    I see the beauty in my past.
    I live for today and love who I am.
    Nothing stands in my way to do all I can
    To keep my eyes open and shining so bright,
    Through the light of day and dark of night.
    Peace has finally entered my life
    Through all the pain and all the strife.
    I feel the peace at last.
    Gone is the pain from the past.


    I look out the window and see a tree.
    Each season it changes, just like me.
    The fall brings color, and then it all falls,
    Like life when a bad experience calls.
    Winter made that tree bare and cold,
    Like when a very sad story is told.
    The spring brought color once again.
    The growth and beauty remove all pain.
    The summer brought birds and squirrel friends.
    That tree gives peace with all it sends.
    The seasons go, but that tree does remain.
    The seasons and the tree link like a chain—
    All connected in the seasons of our soul,
    Even when life seems to take its toll.
    The seasons don't stop; they have to change.
    Winter all the time would be really strange.
    Just like the seasons, I change too,
    But seasons seem to know exactly what to do.
    I get stuck sometimes and don't know why,
    So I stop, go inside, listen, and try
    To change to a positive point of view.
    Then I too know exactly what to do.
    I look out the window and see a tree.
    Each season it changes, just like me.

    I Am

    I am in a healthy, radiant body.
    I am beautiful inside and out.
    I am loved.
    I am wise.
    I am sure.
    I am living in a beautiful home.
    I am in a loving, caring, joyful relationship.
    I am a writer.
    I am a healer.
    I am nature.
    I am grateful.
    I am peace.
    I am love.
    I am joy.
    I am Lorraine.


    Where are you, my home?
    Are you in my heart or in Rome?
    I wonder if you exist in me
    Or if you are a place to see.
    A house, a job, a heartbeat, or eyes?
    You seem to have every disguise.
    I think home is where there is peace—
    Not a thing or a building, but a release.
    Let's give up the stuff, the lies, the deceit,
    And find our home in the people we meet.
    And in hand and wing, for this is true,
    My beautiful home exists in You.


    How many people truly love
    And connect with You up above?
    The ego gets in the way of this,
    And just think of all they miss.
    It's time for a change to help us live.
    Put down the guns, and learn to forgive.
    Without love, our earth will die,
    But we still listen to the biggest lie,
    Which is climbing the ladder that leads to where?
    And do we find forgiveness and peace there?
    Come on, people, let's learn to love,
    And give the ego a great big shove.
    We can do it. There's still time.
    And when we do, the bells will chime.
    For the angels are listening and waiting for you.
    Love's all we need in everything we do.

    Perfect Love

    They say perfect love is hard to find,
    But I found it inside my mind.
    It starts with truly loving yourself,
    Not from material gain or wealth.
    Open your heart and let it in.
    That's when the love will really begin.
    The ego tricks us, and we think it's love,
    But it's not unless you're connected above.
    I found God inside of me,
    Not in a church or with a cross to see.
    Your perfect love is here to stay.
    There's nothing that can take it away.
    I feel the love and send it back
    And spread it around, not keeping track.
    For unselfish love is easy to give,
    And to share this love you need to live.


    I lost my soul and gave you my power.
    I lost my dad; he was my tower.
    I lost my ability to do my work.
    My head hurt too much; it drove me berserk.
    I lost my spirit. I gave it to weed.
    It felt like I would never succeed.
    I lost my friend, my sister's mate.
    Will I ever find a stable state?
    I lost my cat, my best friend
    Who struggled to live until the end.
    I lost my trust, my love, my rock.
    This forced me to really take stock.
    I found myself in the end—
    Looked in the mirror and had love to send!
    I gave up all that was bad.
    That included feeling so sad.
    I'm ready to move on to the next phase of life,
    Carry on alone, and not be your wife.
    I open the door and walk through
    And open my heart and soul to You.
    For You are the love, the kindness, and the grace.
    I found myself again in loving space.


    The mind is an amazing thing—
    All the imagination it can bring.
    You don't have to live the life you dream,
    And images are not all they seem.
    Everything starts with what you think.
    Bringing it to life is the link.
    The mind creates all that we are.
    Even the sun, the moon, and the star
    Are forces we cannot explain.
    The moon can make us feel insane.
    The mind really does take the lead
    If we fail or if we succeed.
    If we fill our minds with bad intent,
    Negative energy in the universe is sent!
    So let's keep our mind in positive power,
    And watch it bloom like a "flower"!
    When negative thoughts enter our head,
    Just say, "Get out!" and put them to bed.
    Think of all that our mind can hold,
    And all the stories that will be told,
    By each of us in a different way,
    Because the mind always has something to say!


    I love to lie in the silence of the night!
    I decide in my mind, what's wrong or right!
    The thoughts come in, and I shuffle through—
    The ones that tell me what I should do!
    Some send a message that isn't clear,
    Then I have to stop and feel God near!
    When I do my mind begins to see,
    What may be in the future for me!
    Some thoughts tell me how to relate;
    Others tell me to change my state;
    To a more positive frame of mind!
    To live in "God's grace" and be kind!
    I love the silence because then I feel,
    All divine energy that makes me real!
    I don't know how I lived all these years,
    Numbing myself through the tears,
    When all I needed was already inside,
    I had to let it out and not choose to hide
    In the noise of the mind;
    Instead feel the silence and listen to find
    Messages that keep me in the flow,
    And give me everything I need to know!


    What does comfort mean to you?
    It's different for everyone, this is true!
    To some of us it's a special chair,
    Or when we feel another care!
    Some of us feel we don't deserve
    The comfort that comes from those who serve!
    We turn away and hide our pain,
    Like we're covering up a dirty stain!
    Comfort comes from changing our course
    And realizing a different source,
    One that gives us what we need
    To feel the comfort in the life we lead!
    Once there is comfort in our heart;
    We give it to others; this is the start!
    We open our arms and let others in
    To spread the comfort we have to begin
    To love ourselves before we can give
    Comfort to others to help them live!
    So what does comfort mean to you?
    And what comfort do you give or do,
    To help our world be a better place?
    Maybe it's just a smile on your face,
    That is all the comfort you pass on.
    It could change a life; you can't go wrong!
    Keep on smiling and shining your light
    So others can shine just as bright!
    Find comfort in all you do,
    And pass it on to others too!


    I am free! I fly like a bird!
    I didn't think it would happen. It sounds so absurd!
    But I let go of self-hatred and guilt,
    The negative thoughts of shame that I built.
    I decided it was time to love,
    Even myself, then fly like a dove!
    Freedom, put your arms in the air,
    And be witness to all that we share!
    You can't have my power again!
    I keep it for myself, and let go of the pain!
    Freedom, what a beautiful word!
    I am free. I fly like a bird!


    My dad had left. I was so full of grief!
    My head started to ache. I needed relief!
    I had never felt this pain before,
    Searing, throbbing, on the floor!
    I wondered if I was having a stroke,
    But my words were clear, and I didn't smoke!
    "Migraine" is what the doctor said!
    Then I spent four years in bed!
    This time of my life was like living in hell,
    But this is not the time to dwell!
    My doctor saved me, the injections a success!
    My head stopped aching, and I got dressed!
    Now I live each moment as best I can
    And hope for the future, a well-made plan!


Excerpted from My Eyes are Open Now by Lorraine S Gamble. Copyright © 2015 Lorraine Dunn. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, xiii,
Introduction, xv,
The Beginning (Which Is Really the End), xvii,
Open Eyes, 1,
Robin, 2,
Grace, 4,
Soul Vacation, 5,
Peace, 7,
Seasons, 8,
I Am, 9,
Home, 10,
Love, 11,
Perfect Love, 12,
Lost, 13,
Mind, 14,
Silence, 15,
Comfort, 16,
Freedom, 18,
Pain, 19,
Done, 20,
Bliss, 21,
Boulevard, 22,
Happiness, 23,
Kind, 24,
Mirror, 25,
Snap, 26,
Expansion, 27,
Calgary, 28,
Weed and Wine, 29,
Mermaid, 30,
People, 31,
Dad, 33,
Hole, 34,
Smiles, 35,
Baby Girl, 36,
Bella, 37,
Yellow Feather, 38,
Incredible, 39,
Music Man, 40,
Sandy, 41,
Angels, 42,
Control, 43,
I Know, 44,
Hello, 45,
Mystic Sisters, 46,
Crystals, 47,
Holy, 48,
Good-bye, 49,
Cold, 50,
Anguish, 51,
Lips, 52,
Soul, 53,
Fresh Air, 54,
Thank you, 55,
Waiting Room, 56,
Voice, 57,
Elated, 58,
Chair, 60,
Secret Place, 61,
Pressure, 62,
Kelowna, 63,
Truth, 64,
Mind, Body, Soul, 65,
Story, 66,
Union, 67,
Anticipate, 68,
Grief, 69,
Pictures, 70,
Choice, 71,
Connection, 72,
Canada, 73,
Why Me?, 74,
Perfect, 75,
Parts, 76,
Passion, 77,
Shed, 78,
Pieces, 79,
Shades, 81,
Breath, 83,
Sister, 84,
Rainbow, 86,
Shift, 87,
Attitude, 88,
History, 90,
Miracle, 91,
Hail, 93,
The End (Which Is Really the Beginning), 95,
About the Author, 101,

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