My Father's Daughter

My Father's Daughter

by Teresa Marotta

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My Father's Daughter by Teresa Marotta

Stalking and kidnapping in the 19th century!

After the death of her father in the spring of 1893 in South Carolina, Amelia Porter discovers her father's old travel journals that tell of his marriage to a Cherokee maiden during one of his summer trading trips. Amelia further learns of the birth of a baby daughter. A sister she never knew existed.

Thwarted in her request to travel unchaperoned with her father's former young trapping companion, a strong-willed Amelia is determined to find and unite with her half-sister, in spite of the intimidating warnings from her stern godfather and her mother's concern for her safety. With decisive single-mindedness she devises an intricate scheme to follow the roguish trapper to the Cherokee trading camp.

During the course of Amelia's treacherous journey she is stalked by a renegade Indian named Mukipha who plots to kidnap her and take her for his wife or place her head on a pole in front of his abode if she refuses. He is obsessed with the anticipated magic that her long, curly red hair will bring him in order to vindicate him and restore his position within his tribe. The budding romance between Amelia and the trapper only makes Mukipha a more dangerous and angry predator while trying to capture his trophy.

My Father's Daughter is a historical adventure filled with suspense, romance, laughter and tears, taking the reader on a journey through the backwoods and swamps of South Carolina into the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as into the real world of the Cherokee long after the Trail Of Tears.

The current Medicine Woman and Keeper of the Flame for the Cherokee Nation was the resource for much of the authentic and historically accurate Cherokee customs of that era.

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Publisher: Crary Publications
Publication date: 02/04/2011
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About the Author

The author has been writing short stories for many many years and has, like many famous authors, been able to wall-paper a wall with rejection slips. Her first novel is, in effect, making her own mark in the world of fiction. For a first novel after several non-fiction books, this work of fiction has had the rare effect of sticking in the reader's minds long after the book is finished.

Teresa Brown uses the pseudonym of Teresa Marotta for her fictional writing. She has been writing since grammar school. She once wrote a Christmas poem for her sixth grade English class and her teacher very reluctantly gave her an A because he was convinced she had plagiarized it. She also wrote for her high school and college journalism newspapers as well as being on the yearbook staff.

She self-publishes and writes with a variety of interests. Her books include:

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Teresa’s books can be ordered at as well as, through bookstores and libraries. More information on her books can be found at

Just for kicks and giggles she made a YouTube video called "Passing Gas, Rapped by Three Old Farts."

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My Father's Daughter 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WiseBearBooks More than 1 year ago
Wise Bear Books Reviews My Father's Daughter by Teresa Marotta -- 4.5 Paws! If you enjoy historical fiction with a large helping of romance on the side, My Father's Daughter by Teresa Marotta may be the next good book you've been searching for.  This novel is a definite must-read, especially if you're interested in Native American Cherokee culture, history and traditions. Set in the late 1800s on the fringe of the South Carolina frontier, the novel tells a story within a story.  The book begins at the funeral of John Porter, an affluent Columbia businessman who was killed during his business travels.  As his family mourns his passing, his daughter Amelia's story begins. Ostensibly an only child, Amelia secretly obtains her father's private journal and discovers that he had once been married to a beautiful young Cherokee princess who died during child birth, leaving behind a daughter named Taunais.  On her death bed, Sleeping Fawn makes her husband promise that their daughter will remain in the Cherokee culture and be raised by her Indian tribe. John Porter kept his promise and even after he remarried Amelia's mother, he made the decision to raise the daughters independent of each other, although he faithfully documented his interactions with each of them.  The journals themselves are compelling and the author's delineated writing style in this segment of the novel is excellent. As a trapper and trader, her father would leave for months at a time acting as a conduit for goods and services to what was left of the clandestine Cherokee tribe.  In hindsight, Amelia realizes her father has been dividing his time between his two daughters.  The shock of discovering she has an older half-sister propels Amelia to find and meet her at all costs—no matter the danger. Knowing she'll meet resistance and outright opposition to her wishes, Amelia devises her own plan to shadow her one of her father's business partner's next expedition by following at a safe distance.  It doesn't take Andrew and his Indian companion long to discover their uninvited guest lurking behind them—they are trappers after all—but the men decide to play along and test Amelia's resolve. Andrew is the son of Amelia's godfather, Thomas Hamilton (aka Uncle Thomas) who is also the executor of Amelia's father's estate.  Until recent events, Andrew has viewed her as an indulged, obstinate child.  Amelia was no fan of Andrew's either, which creates the perfect setting for seeing each other in an "opposites attract" new light.  Although not legally related, they were raised as if part of the same family, given that each other's father was their respective godfather.  The closeness of the Porter and Hamilton families might help to explain their lifelong indifference to each other—like cousins or siblings.  It's safe to say that each of these characters discovers a lot about themselves as they see each other in a new light during their journey to unite sisters of different cultures. In a very short period of time, Amelia's life is completely scuttled from everything she has known.  She has found an unknown sister from an unknown culture, with the help of a prospective mate, in a matter weeks since the passing of her father.  More important, she comes to find herself in the process. Amelia is a young woman of great strength and determination, which is important to a pivotal plot point in the novel's conclusion.  Not one to settle for society norms in terms of woman's roles, Amelia is a feminist ahead of her time as is her half-sister Taunais.  The women also learn that despite their geographic and cultural differences, they are more alike than not. The author has a done a nice job of creating rich characters with good dialog that flows nicely as a balanced historic tale.  The title itself has a nice duality to it as My Father's Daughter can and does apply to each of these diverse characters. This book was reviewed as part of the Wise Bear Digital Book Awards competition. Entry fees associated with the contest are administrative in nature and do not influence our honest, unbiased book reviews.
Linda_Weaver_Clarke More than 1 year ago
This story begins with the funeral of Amelia's father in the late 1800s. After the funeral, she cleans out his office and finds some journals. Some are about his travels among the Cherokee Indians where he trades each summer. Curious, she takes them home to read. Each night she reads several entries about his journeys. When Amelia learns about his attraction for a Cherokee maiden, their marriage, and the birth of a child, she is determined to find her half sister. Now the fun really begins when she teams up with a handsome trapper who takes her to meet her sister. They tend to butt heads with each encounter. Why? Because Amelia is stubborn, self-willed, and head strong, making the reader wonder if they will ever get along even though you know there's a great deal of attraction towards one another. I like the fact that the author researched the traditions of the Cherokee Nation and was able to use authentic Cherokee ceremonies and beliefs in her book. This brought the story to life and what these tribes were like. I would recommend this book for ages 18 and older. Reviewed by Linda Weaver Clarke, author of the historical romance series "A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho."