My Favorite Thief

My Favorite Thief

by Karyn Monk
3.7 4

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My Favorite Thief 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Charlotte 'Lottie' Kent had grown up the hard way, with an abusive father and stealing to survive. Now she is the ward of the Marquess of Redmond. She runs a refuge house in London for unfortunate women and children. She only went to balls and parties in hopes of talking the members of the Ton into giving her refuge home donations. Yet one night she interrupted a burglary and found herself actually helping an inept jewel thief known as the Dark Shadow escape. ........................ It did not take Lottie long to figure out the thief was Harrison Payne, Earl of Bryden. She probably would never have done anything with the knowledge if her past had not caught up with her. But alas, it did. Lottie needed a lot of money ... FAST! So she tried to blackmail Harrison for it. ................... Harrison knew Charlotte would not have stooped to blackmail unless someone was threatening her. He agrees to help her get the money and rid herself of her past permanently. However, they have an enemy who is out to destroy them both! .................. ***** Y-E-S! In previous books titled 'The Prisoner' and 'The Wedding Escape', readers watched the band of street urchins that Genevieve and Haydon Kent had rescued. In this latest release, shy Charlotte's story is told and (in my own humble opinion) it is even better than the first two! ....................... Karyn Monk has a talent for creating warm and lovable characters and placing them in the worst imaginable situations. What takes place will keep your eyes riveted to the pages until the very end. ......................... I loved every second! Highly recommended reading! *****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Another..'Can't put downer' ...I started this book late one night thinking I would just read a bit and hit the old can guess what happened!!!.. Needless to say Charlotte and Bryden's(Harrison Payne, Earl of Bryden) story was well worth the lost sleep...The two characters are a perfect foil for each other, as in, all of Karyn Monk's books that I have read. This one is a definite Recommend and ^two-thumbs-up^..
Guest More than 1 year ago
In 1875 the Marquess of Redmond is the guardian of respectable Charlotte 'Lottie' Kent, who runs a London refuge shelter for unfortunate women and children. Lottie attends high society events hoping to raise money for her center. While at one of these galas, Lottie interrupts a bungled jewel robbery and abets the wounded Dark Shadow enabling the thief to escape.

Lottie knows that Earl Harrison Payne is the thief, but her intentions are to ignore him. When someone blackmails her threatening to expose her past, Lottie worries for her guardian and her refuge center. Feeling she needs to pay off the blackmailer, Lottie tries to blackmail Harrison. However, he cannot picture the beautiful woman who risked everything to rescue him trying to embezzle money from him. As they share notes and fall in love, neither realizes that a common enemy lurks for the moment to destroy both of them.

MY FAVORITE THIEF is an action-packed Victorian romantic suspense that hooks the audience from the moment that Harrison and Lottie meet while he botches his assignment. Lottie is a superb protagonist combing reticence and courage that blend very well together within her. Though the villain seems superfluous except perhaps in Lottie¿s childhood memories, fans of the era, author or those just wanting to read a good novel will enjoy this tale and some other favorites by Karyn Monk (see THE PRISONER and THE WEDDING ESCAPE).

Harriet Klausner