My First Booke of My Life

My First Booke of My Life

My First Booke of My Life

My First Booke of My Life


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An early modern domestic and spiritual memoir, My First Booke of My Life depicts the life of Alice Thornton (1626–1707), a complex, contradictory woman caught in the changing fortunes and social realities of the seventeenth century. Her memoir documents her perspective on the Irish rebellion and English civil war as well as on a plethora of domestic dangers and difficulties: from her reluctant marriage, which sought to rescue the sequestered family estate and clear her brother’s name, to financial crises, to the illnesses and deaths of several family members and six children, to slanderous criticisms of her fidelity and her parenting.


This first complete edition of an autobiographical apologia begins with recollections of Thornton’s childhood and ends with the death of her husband, restoring almost half of the original text omitted from the nineteenth-century edition. The image she fashions of a woman devoted to God and family evolves from the conventional format of the deliverance memoir into a rhetorically sophisticated defense of her life in response to rumored scandal. Inseparable from the praise of God and family is the distinctive sense of identity that emerges from the introduction, text, and annotations, all of which provide a significant contribution to early modern woman’s writing.


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ISBN-13: 9780803254305
Publisher: Nebraska
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Series: Early Modern Cultural Studies
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 376
File size: 668 KB

About the Author

Raymond A. Anselment is an emeritus professor of English at the University of Connecticut. He is the author and editor of several books, including The Realms of Apollo: Literature and Healing in Seventeenth-Century England, a Choice Outstanding Academic Book.

Table of Contents

Preface xv

Introduction xvii

Editorial Principles and Documentation lvii

My First Booke 1

Bpp Halls Obseruations in his booke of Meditations And Vowes 3

A Praier 3

The dedication 3

The birth of Alice Wandesforde 4

Prouerbes 5

A Preface to the booke 5

Vppon my deliuerance from death, by a fall when I was 3 years old 6

A preseruation in the Meassells 8

A Preseruation in the smale-Pox, 1631 9

The first dawning of Gods Spirit in my heart 9

A deliuerance from a fire in London, 1631 10

My Mothers goeing into Ireland, 1632, 33, 34, 35 10

A great deliuerance from drowning In Ireland by a fall out of the Coach 11

A great deliuerance from a 2d fall att Sr Robert Merideths in Dublin, 1637 12

A deliuerance from a fire & other remarkables 13

A dreadfull fire in the Castle of Dublin, 1638 14

A deliuerance from Ship-Rack in A Passage into Ireland 15

A thankesgiueing for our deliucrances affter our dangerous passage by Sea 16

Obseruations vppon seuerall accidents happening in Ireland vppon the Earle of Strafford… and on his fatall murder, may 12,1641 17

A Relation conserning my Honoured Father, the Lord Deputy Wandesforde, & of his Death, December 3d 1640 21

Account of the Lord Deputys Death 22

Meditations & Praier vppon the Death of my Honoured Father 26

A Praier vppon my fathers Death 32

A Prayer to be said before wee Receiue, Made by my father before he went into Ireland, 1628 34

My Mothers Preseruation from the Irish Rebellion, October 23d 1641. A Thankesgiueing for our great deliueration 34

A thankesgiueing for preseruation from the Rebellion in Ireland, Octb 23, 1641 38

Vppon my Mothers comming to Weschester from Ireland & of my haueing the Smale Pox 39

A Thankesgiueing affter my recouery from the smale Pox in weschester, 1642 43

A discourse of passages & deliuerances of my Mother & vs 3 Children 44

A deliuerance from a Surfett of Lobster att Richmond, 1643 48

A Gratefull Remembrance of my beeing preserued from the fury of the warres 50

A great deliurance from the violence of a Rape from Ierimy Smithson 52

My deliurance from Drowning in the Riuer att Midlam … in the yeare 1644 52

The death of My Sister Danby, September 30th 1645, att her house at Thorpe 53

The death of my Cosen Iohn Norton, 1646 57

The death of Sr Edward Osborne, 1646 57

The marriage of my Cozen Edmund Norton 58

The death of my Cosen Edmund Norton 58

Vppon the beheading of King Charles the Martyr Ian 30th 1648 58

The death of my cozen Iulian Norton 61

Vppon the Death of my brother George Wandesforde, March 31, 1651, & of his Sequestration, & other troubles 61

A Lamentation, & Prayer, vppon the death of my honoured brother George Wandesforde Esquire 69

Vppon the reconsileing of my two Brothers George & Christopher Wandesford 73

An Eligie vpon George Wandesford Esqr on his vnfortunate Death, by the Honourable Sr Christopher Wyuill Barronett 73

Obseruations of Gods goodnesse… in the time of the Warres & Distractions 74

The Marriage of my Cosen Mary Norton 75

The Marriage of my brother Christopher Wandesforde 75

The Mariage of Alice Wandesforde, December 15, 1651 76

A Relation of the Remarkable passages of my Life Since my Marriage 81

A deliuerance from death that day on which I was married, December 15th 1651 81

Meditations vpon my deliuerance of my first Childe, & of the great sicknesse followed 82

A praier & thankesgiueing for my deliuerance of my first Childe August 6th 1652 85

Vppon the Birth of my Second childe, & Daughter Alice Thornton 87

A praier & thanksgiueing for my deliuerance of my Second daughter Ian. 3d 1654 88

Meditations vppon the birth of my 3d childe Eliz. Thornton, borne the 14th of February 1655 90

A thanksgiueing affter the birth of my 3d childe Betty 91

The death of my husbands Mother 93

The death of my husbands father in Law 93

The death of my husbands brother Richeard Thornton 93

Meditation vppon the birth of my 4th childe Katherin Thornton Iune 12th 1656 94

A prayer before the deliuery of my daughter Alice Thornton, Iune the 12th 1656, by Alice Wandesford 94

A Thankesgiueing affter the deliuery of my Daughter Alice Thornton 96

Elizabeth Thorntons death, the 5th of September 1656 98

A Praier After the death of my 3d childe Betty Thornton 98

Vppon my great fall I had, beeing with childe of my 5th, September 14th 1657 99

Meditations on the deliuerance of my first Sonne and fifth Childe, Art Hipswell the 10th of December 1657 99

A praier vpon my preseruation affter the birth of my first Sonn & his death 101

My Cure of Bleeding at Scarbrough, August 1659 102

A thanksgiueing affter my recouery 103

1659. Considerations on the Publike Troubles 103

A Praier to God for the Church & restoration of the King, Nouember 1659 105

A Relation conserning my deare & honoured Mother the Lady Wandesforde & of her Death December 10th 1659 106

The relattion of her sicknesse heere followes 111

Seuerall Prayers made by my Mother proper for the time of the holy Sacrament as Eiaculations 119

My deliuery of my Son William, my 6th childe, & of his death 120

Verses vpon the incertainty of Earthly comfort 122

A thankesgiuing for the restoration of King Charles the second of his Coronation, May 29th 1660 122

A Praier & Thanksgiueing for deliuerance from destruction of the Kingdom, 1660 123

Vppon my Husband & Families Remouall from St Nickolas to Oswold Church, neare Newton, Iune 10,1660 125

My greatt Sicknesse art oswoldkirke february 13th 1661 127

Vppon our comeing to liue at Newton affter the house was built in the yeare 1662, Iune the 10th 132

Of the grand mercy I had in the first Sacrament at Easte Newton affter we built the house, August 1662 134

Mr Coluills Settlement of Mr Thorntons Estate, 1662 137

Vppon my deliuerance of my Sonne Robert Thornton, my 7th Childe,…September 19th 1662 140

A Thanksgiueing affter my deliuerance of my Son Robert 142

Mr Thorntons Preseruation from drowning, Oct. 1664 144

Vpon the birth of my 8th Childe Ioyce Thornton Sept. 23d 1665 144

A Relation of Mr Thorntons dangerous fitt of the Palsie at Steersby No. 16th 1665 147

A Prayer after Mr Thorntons Recouery, No. 28th 1665 148

Vppon my deare Ioyce her death Ian. 26, 1665 149

Vpon my Daughter Alice preseruation in a sirfitt Iune 13th 166s 150

Of my dangerous Sickenesse, August 16th 1666 151

The great fire in London 155

My daughter Katherine Thorntons preseruation in the smale Pox the 29th of Sept. 1666 155

The death of my Brother Iohn Wandesford, De. 2d 1666 155

The murder of my Cosen William Norton 159

My Son Roberts haueing the smale Pox Ian. 5, 1667, and of his recouery perfectly againe 159

My daughter Alice Thornton her Smale Pox, Ian. 25, 67 160

My nephew John Dentons smale Pox 161

The 8th of Aprill 1667 Nally had a Pearle on her Eye 161

Kate Thornton was preserued from choakeing 161

Her preseruation from death by a fall 162

The Murder of my deare Nephew Thomas Danby August 1, 1667 162

The birth of my Sonne Christopher, my 9th Childe, No. 11, 1667, & of his Death, Dec. 1st 1667 163

My trouble vpon Seuerall accidents 166

Considerations vpon Mr Thorntons Seuerall relapses & of the Signing the Childrens Settlement for Portions 167

On Mrs Anne Danbys going to Hooly Ap. 20, 67 168

Vppon my Sad condittion & Sicknesse that beffell me by the Slanders Raised against me, Iuly 20th 1668 176

Vppon my lamentable abuses of fallse slanders raised against me, Iuly 20th 1668 188

My Son Robert Thornton preserued Iuly 25, 1668 191

A relation of the last sicknesse and Death of my deare & honoured husband Willm Thornton Esqr… September 17th 1668 192

Prayers & Pettitions vpon this Sad Dispensation of the death of my deare & honoured husband 198

The Widdowes Praieer for her self & Childeren 202

Our Sauiours command 205

Mr Thorntons Motto & my owne 205

Verces vpon Christ & the Church 205

Against the feares of Death 206

An inducement to loue Heauen 207

A faire-well to the World 207

My faithfull Soules wish 209

Vppon Rash Censorers 210

Verses vpon the loss of my deare brother George Wandesford 210

Anagram 210

Acrosticke 211

Notes 215

Index 279

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