My Friend Bobby

My Friend Bobby

by Alan Nourse

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My Friend Bobby by Alan Nourse



My name is Jimmy and I am five years old, and my friend Bobby is five years old too but he says he thinks he really must be older than five years old because he's grown up already and I'm just a little boy. We live out in the country because that's where Mommy and Daddy live, and every morning Daddy gets into the car that we have out in the barn and rides into the city to work, and every night he comes back to eat supper and to see Mommy and me and Bobby.

Once I asked Daddy why we don't live in the city like some people do and he laughed and said you wouldn't really want to live in the city would you? And I said I thought it would be fun, and he said but you couldn't have Bobby in the city, so I guess it's better that we live out in the country after all, and anyway Daddy says that the city is no place to raise kids these days. I asked Bobby if I am a kid and he said he guessed so but I don't think he really knew what that meant because Bobby isn't so very smart. But Bobby is my friend and I like him.

Mommy doesn't like Bobby very much and when I am bad she makes Bobby go outdoors even when it's very cold outdoors. Mommy thinks that I shouldn't play with Bobby so much because she says after all Bobby is only a dog but I like Bobby. Everybody else is so big, and when Mommy and Daddy are home all I can see is their legs unless they look down at me from way up high, and when I do something bad I am afraid of them because they're so strong. But Bobby is strong, too, and he isn't any bigger than I am, and he is always nice to me. He has a long shaggy red coat and a long pointed nose, and a nice collar of white fur and people sometimes say to Daddy what a nice collie that is and Daddy says yes isn't he and he takes to the boy so. I don't know what a collie is but I have great fun with Bobby and sometimes he lets me ride on his back and we have secrets with each other even though I don't think he is very smart. But I don't see what is wrong with Mommy and Daddy because they don't understand me when I talk to them like I talk to Bobby and they just pretend like they can't hear me.

I am sorry when Daddy goes to work in the morning because Daddy is nice to me and takes me and Bobby for walks. But Mommy never takes me for walks and when we are alone she is busy and she isn't nice to me. Sometimes she says I am a bad boy and makes me stay in my room even if I don't do anything bad and sometimes she thinks things in her head that she doesn't tell me. I don't know why Mommy doesn't like me and Bobby doesn't know either but we like it best when Mommy lets us go outdoors to play in the barn or go down to the creek. If I get my feet wet Mommy says I am very bad so I stay on the bank and let Bobby go in, but one day when Bobby went into the water just before we went home for supper Mommy scolded me and told me I was bad for letting Bobby go into the water and when I told her she hadn't told me not to let Bobby go in she was angry and I could tell that she didn't like me.

Almost every day I do something that Mommy says is bad even when I try specially to be good. Sometimes right after Daddy goes off in the morning I know that Mommy is angry and is going to spank me today because she is thinking how she will spank me, but she never says so out loud. Sometimes she pretends that she's not angry and takes me up on her lap and says I'm her nice little boy but all the time I can hear her thinking about how she doesn't like me and how she doesn't even want to touch me and wondering why my hair doesn't grow nice like the Bennet twins that live up the road. I don't see how Mommy can say one thing and really say something else inside her head and when I look at her she puts me down and says she is busy and will I get out from underfoot, and then pretty soon I do something that makes her angry and she makes me go to my room or she spanks me.

Bobby doesn't like this and once he growled at Mommy, and then Mommy chased him outdoors with a broom before she sent me to bed, and I cried all day because it was cold outdoors and I wanted to have Bobby with me.

I wonder why Mommy doesn't like me?

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