My Heart: Not Everyone's True Love Comes from Earth

My Heart: Not Everyone's True Love Comes from Earth

by Karry Lee


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ISBN-13: 9781462064700
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/16/2011
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

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By Karry Lee

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Karry Lee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-6470-0

Chapter One


Kate rubbed her forehead as she tried to make sense of her dream. Slowly she sat up and dangled her legs off the bed until she could feel the cool tiles under her feet. A bird sang outside her window on the closing of a hot May evening as the last of golden sunlight peaked through a small opening in the curtains that covered her window; she again dwelt on the irony that though she was just getting up the sun was just going down.

"I want to live my life on the edge, where every day something new and strange is waiting for me to discover or do like in my dreams."

Each day seemed to be one continual round of the same dull activities to Kate. It would be a nice change to have something other than complaining patients and a commanding officer looking over my shoulder all day, she thought. After a minute of contemplation, she picked up the fallen pillow on her way to the closet where she got dressed in exercise slacks and an old t-shirt, and put on her shoes. I'm nothing but a robot. Nothing ever changes. Even my days off don't hold excitement for me anymore; maybe that's because I'm not dating, she mused and blinked her beautiful Asian eyes as she thought about dating. Dating was on hold though, until she realized her special operations goal. Ugh, I don't know why I continue to have this conversation with myself every day. Half-mindedly she brushed her dark brown hair which was just long enough for the ponytail she tied it back into. Then she headed out the door to exercise before her shift started.

Every day Kate lifted weights and ran on the treadmill. If she was going to make a special operations group it was important for her to stay in good physical condition.

Kate entered the exercise room and started to run on the treadmill her thoughts turned to her brothers. All of them had served in a special operations group. I can't have them out do me just because I'm a girl. They will tease me for the rest of my life, if I never make it. I can see my brother David saying to me, "It's because you're so short sis. All the guys in your group will want to protect you and that would put them at risk." Proving to my brothers that I'm just as good as they are is my driving force. Kate ran at full speed.

She was the only girl in her family and the second to the oldest. When she was ten her mother died so Kate took care of her brothers. She looked very much like her mother and she was short like her too, only five feet three inches. Her bothers took after their Caucasian father, while Kate looked Asian. All of them had dark hair except for her youngest brother, Jake, whose hair was red.

She finished her run and worked her way to the free weights, then a few machines. Her thoughts wondered to her crazy dream about beings from another planet. I wonder why I had that crazy dream. She thought as her face brightened. It was so vivid. I can still remember it clearly. Finished with her workout she went back to her quarters for a shower.

After her shower, she wrapped herself in a towel, and looked around her closet. Every day she wore the same colored uniform. I haven't worn my class A suit in years. Maybe if I went to a social event once in a while I'd get to wear it. She smoothed her hand over the plastic that covered it. She sighed again, something she did a lot lately, and grabbed her usual uniform, got ready for work.

Kate worked twelve hour shifts. When she was only two hours in she realized it was going to be a long night. Unfortunately for Kate, she had been assigned two very demanding patients, Tom Carry and Harvey Black, which took up most of her time so she didn't even get her breaks. The two young men shared the same room. They had been in a serious car accident a week ago. Black had two broken legs and a concussion, Carry had a broken arm and leg both on the right side of his body. They would be discharged in a couple of days. All through Kate's shifts they both tried repeatedly to get her to accept a date with one of them. She refused their repeated attempts.

"I swear those two have a bet going to see who can get a date out of me. Well, it's not going to happen," she muttered to the other nurses as she left to answer their call for the twentieth time. Rubbing her fingers over a plastic container in her pocket she headed down the hall. Kate also had a patient who was dying and she felt she needed to give more care to that patient. His family was in his room waiting for his final breath.

Near the end of the night Kate got in an argument with her commanding officer, Joan Carter. Kate closed the door to Carter's office as the two argued about a medical procedure Kate refused to do because it wasn't necessary. The two went at it for fifteen minutes until they reached a compromise and Kate still had her morning rounds and charts to do before their staff meeting.

With all her work finally done Kate hurried down the hall headed to the nurses' staff meeting. Her stethoscope swung back and forth as she walked briskly down the hallway because the meeting had already started and she wanted to get past her two date-crazed patients without being seen.

"Williams," Black called as he wheeled after her. Kate frowned and rubbed the plastic container in her pocket again. Then she sighed and put a smile on her face as she turned to look at the man. She continued to walk backwards as she addressed him.

"What do you need Black?"

"I was hoping to take a shower." He held up a towel. Behind him Carry hobbled on crutches frantically trying to catch up with Black.

"I need a shower worse than he does," Carry huffed. His towel was draped over his broken arm.

"Guys I have a staff meeting right now, so you'll have to wait to take your showers. Tera Johns is your nurse today. I'm sure she'll be glad to help you after our meeting." Kate explained politely.

"Johns is our nurse," Black said with a glum look on his face. "I'm taking my shower after dinner then. Johns is a ..." he trailed off as Johns stood in the doorway of the meeting room and gave him a mean look. Johns was a short stocky woman with a turned up nose who always looked like she was in a foul mood. They did an about face. Kate smiled as she entered the room knowing that once again she had put them off, at least until her next shift.

Inside her pocket Kate reached for the plastic container again, it was filled with white tipped sewing pins. She took it out and played with it as Commander Carter went over the patients' stats. Carter always seemed to drone on and on. Today it seemed even worse because Kate was anxious for her shift to end because she wanted to try one of her latest experiments. For months she worked to perfect it, so it was painful for her to sit and concentrate.

Chemistry was Kate's major in college with a nursing minor. She knew how chemicals affected the body and could often tell by the patient's symptoms that they had been poisoned. It was a talent she didn't get to use very often where she was stationed. So she kept herself practiced in chemical warfare by secretly experimenting on herself in small doses.

Kate turned the plastic container over and over with her fingers, tumbling the sewing pins inside it as she waited for Carter to finish. When her shift was finally over she stepped out the door of the room and pulled her ponytail out—a clear signal to all of her coworkers that she was off. She was on a mission as she walked briskly down the hallway being sure to avoid eye contact with everyone.

Taking the stairs two at a time she headed up to the third floor lab, to visit her good friend Mike Cook. When she reached her destination and stepped into the hallway. She turned left and walked into Mike's lab.

"What's happening, Cook?" Kate asked as she sat in the first chair she came to and spun it like a child on a merry-go-round, she was so relieved for her shift to be over.

"Oh, the same thing as yesterday: I'm trying to stop the invasion of tiny microscopic Martians." Cook replied as he studied the so-called Martians in the microscope.

Mike Cook was a tall, skinny, twenty-one-year-old with brown, slightly curly hair. His freckled face reminded Kate of her younger brother, Jake. His eyes even looked a little Asian. Kate had asked him once if one of his parents was Asian, but Mike had said they were both Caucasian. Mike joined the Army after two years of college at the University of Texas in San Antonio because he ran out of money. He had been assigned to Fort Hood straight out of training, six months ago.

Kate and Mike became friends after they worked on a case together. They didn't have the same days off and they rotated from night shift to day shift for a month at a time, so sometimes Kate didn't even work when Mike did, but Kate visited him every chance she got. They had a lot in common besides both being raised in Texas and their southern accents.

"I put in for another special operations group three weeks ago." Kate looked down at the floor.

"What is the name of this one?" Mike rolled his eyes in anticipation of the rant that was sure to come next, but continued to study his Martians.

"They're called the Rage Warriors; I'll be stationed somewhere in Alaska if I get accepted. I expect I'll get my letter today. Though, I'm beginning to think that I will never be placed in a special operations group." She paused for a moment then added, "Oh and my birthday was this weekend so it's official, I'm over thirty now."

"Oh. Happy birthday!" Mike chirped happily. "I forgot to tell you the last time I saw you."

She smiled, but quickly got back to her complaining. "If I don't get this assignment, I'm done. My end of term, or ETS as you like to call it, is up in February so I have about nine months to make my decision about staying in the Army."

"Have you applied for all the assignments that have become available?"

"All of them," she replied without hesitation. Sighing she slumped into the chair and frowned. Without thinking she pulled her hair behind her ears, this was her tick whenever she was nervous or upset. "I have served ten years as a medical officer and I specialize in chemical warfare. I'm confident that there is a group out there that needs what I have to offer. Not only that I was the best marksmen in my class," she replied sitting up straight and confidently. "I'm not putting my life on hold anymore though. I'm sick and tired of waiting." Anger started to glint in her eyes. "If I don't get this assignment I'm going to become a civilian again and work as a chemical engineer or better yet get a job working for a mad scientist." She added the mad scientist comment just to see if Mike was listening. He flinched just a little, but continued working. "Then I hope to get married, if there are any nice guys left out there." Her beautiful Asian eyes winced slightly at the thought of who she might marry and it cooled her temper. She usually didn't like the military type and hadn't dated since high school so she was very uncertain about it. "I want to have a couple of kids before I'm too old," she continued, feeling determined about the direction she was going in her life. "I'm just ready for a change. I never planned on being a nurse. My first love has always been chemistry. Besides what are goals anyway if you never get to reach them? Maybe it's time to give up on special operations and get on with the other things I want," she moaned to Mike, her confidence starting to fade.

"I'm sure you'll get placed soon. And I'd hate to think of what you'd do if you worked for a mad scientist." He stepped away from the microscope. "Take a look at this," he said to distract her from her discontented moaning.

"What is it?" Curious by nature, she hurried over to him to peer into the microscope.

"Some kind of new virus I think." It really wasn't a virus, but Mike was always showing Kate strange things he would find at work. He got a kick out of trying to fool her. To him she was small and feisty, kind of like one of those small dogs who think they're bigger than they really are. Kate didn't have many friends, probably from her lack of respect for authority she reasoned, but she was very good at what she did, and Mike liked her.

"This isn't a virus. It's blood. This blood is certainly different though. There are spikes on the blood cells. It looks like an A type blood with an extra antigen. The blood cells are sticking together." Turning her head to look at Mike accusingly, she asked, "Where did you get this?"

Mike laughed. "Oh, so you know the difference huh? Well you got me." Mike pretended to be disappointed and shrugged his shoulders. Kate smacked him playfully on the chest. "Ouch that hurt." He pulled back and covered his chest. "If you promise not to hit me again I'll tell you." Kate tapped her toes impatiently and glared at him. Mike held up his hands as if Kate were about to strike him again. "It came in a confidential package. I opened it accidently and took a small sample, out of curiosity." He waggled his eyebrows. "Then I sealed it back up. Some three star General came in and picked it up just a few minutes ago. I was afraid that he would still be here when you arrived." His face was all smiles as he watched Kate's reaction.

"Where did it come from?"

"Seattle I think."

Kate looked into the microscope again. "This is really weird. It's like no blood I've ever seen before. This is a good find."

"I thought you'd like it. So, enough fooling round Williams why are you visiting me today?"

"What? I'm shocked! I visit you every day." She gave him hurtful look and smiled mischievously.

"Yeah right." He knew exactly why she was there. "It has nothing to do with your sleeping serum. And you don't want to test it while I'm around to make sure you don't die while you try it." He teased her. "Really Williams you're a dangerous little thing. I suppose you have some patients you want to use it on?"

"I have a few in mind." She smiled as she thought of using it on her date-crazed patients. "I'm starving though so let's hurry and get this test over with so we can go to breakfast."

"Of course, of course, your bed madam," Mike said bowing before Kate and gestured towards the cot in the back of the lab he had prepared for her. She walked past him and laid on it.

"Time it for me please?" Kate asked as she fumbled in her smock pocket.


Kate pulled the plastic container of pins out and handed them to him. Mike carefully pulled one out and pricked her with it. Immediately Kate was asleep. Mike pushed a button on his watch and began keeping time. He went back to his work. Kate woke up several minutes later and sat on the edge of the cot. She dangled her legs over the edge as she waited for her head to clear. This action reminded her of the dream. Scooting forward she stood.

"Did you get it Cook?" She walked up behind him.

"Yes." He held out his hand, wrist watch up, so she could see what the time was.

"Fifteen minutes exactly. Thanks!" She gratefully kissed his freckled face. He handed her the container of sleeping pins as he cleaned off his work space. Kate stared blankly at the wall thinking about her dream and sat in the chair again. Patiently she waited for Mike to finish his work.

"I had a strange dream." Really she hadn't meant to tell him about her dream, but she needed to talk about it and Mike was right there.

"I thought your sleeping serum caused a dreamless sleep?"

"It does. I had this dream last night and I can't get it out of my head."

"Okay," Mike sat on his chair and pulled a note pad out of one of the drawers. Then he took a pen out of his lab coat pocket. "Tell Doctor Cook all about it and we'll see if you're mentally stable enough to go eat breakfast," he teased.

"Ha ha, very funny Mike." Kate frowned at him. "This is serious. Ever since I was a little girl I've had dreams that would come true. Like, for instance, I dreamed about a skunk that crawled under the porch and my dog, Lady, went under the porch to get it and our house stunk for weeks. The next day it really happened. Only not exactly the way I dreamed it, but it still happened."

"Wait! You had a dog named Lady?"

Kate just punched him in the shoulder and continued, "Then again when I was ten, I dreamt about my mother dying before her death." Kate frowned at him.

Mike's face saddened with hers and he became serious. "Okay, so do all your dreams come true?"


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