My Imagination and Art Have Sustained Me: A Memoir by Mary O'brien

My Imagination and Art Have Sustained Me: A Memoir by Mary O'brien

by M.J. O'Brien


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Jenny, Muriel and I are being held in a room on the second floor. Downstairs a boy is being screamed at by his peers in a General Meeting. I hear them shouting "You pathetic Mamás Boy! yoúre disgusting! We hate you!"
Two hours later Jenny, Muriel and I are led downstairs All the lights in the house are off, as is the light in the dinning room. Wére placed at the front of the room.
The invisible audience begins whispering at us. Their voices rising each time they speak. Theýre all saying the same thing. Before they are shouting I hear their words-"KILL THEM!" When theýre screaming this the lights are suddenly turned on and with that the angry mob charges at us! It is awful. The loud volume of so many voices is unbearable. But the intensity of their anger and the salyva flying from their mouths is even worse!
Afterward we are each ridiculed in turn. Muriel is accused of being a witch because she is quiet, strange and it is believed that she killed some baby birds. Jenny and I are called mental cases and spoiled babies.
When wére informed that we will be shot down and have to dig ditches Jenny falls apart. She covers her face and sobs bitterly. The director orders two students to hog tie her on the floor. Although I know Íll be punished severely, I start laughing and cańt stop! I see Jenny rocking on her stomach, making me think of a rocking chair.
Ím charged at by my peers and pushed against the wall. The director makes me announce that Ím a dumb little girl, who knows nothing. Being thirteen I find this humiliating, but I comply.
Yes this actually happened. I was at The Elan School in Maine by this time and incidents like the above occured regularly. Kids were there for many reasons. I was a run away who had emotional problems. I was also legally blind.

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