MY JOURNEY TO GUINNESS: "Walking Diva" walking my way into the Guinness Book of World Records



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Yolanda Holder is the Guinness World Record holder of "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year". She power walked 106 marathons in 2010 and has more than 14 years of power walking marathons. Her goal is to empower, motivate and encourage people to get fit, be healthy, and raise awareness for health and fitness in adults. Yolanda lives in California and is married with two grown children.

Never EVER underestimate the power of the walker. You know how many times The Walking Diva has smoked me in a marathon? And I'm a superhero! And the kicker is that she looks like a super model on the runway every time, even after 26.2 grueling miles. Yolanda Holder is truly a gem!" - -Endorphin Dude-

Yolanda is a true Champion, both as a runner and as a caring human being. As a runner, Yolanda displays raw courage and perservance and will finish a race, whether 5 miles or 100 miles, despite extreme fatigue and injury. However, when Yolanda sees someone struggling or in need of help or encouragement, Yolanda's focus moves from the race to finding a way to encourage and help the person struglling. Yolanda is a wonderful person, whom I can proud to call my friend.
-Larry Macon, Three time Guinness World Record holder-

"In 2010 Yolanda Holder set a world record. Inspired to give a greater voice to diabetes, Yolanda set out to complete 106 marathons in 52 weeks. Without any outside assistance or funding, she achieved all her goals and became known as the "Walking Diva." Yolanda is a friend to many and an inspiration to thousands. Her story is a remarkable journey of strength, conviction and sheer determination."
-Joseph Taricani, Show Host
The Marathon Show

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