My Justice

My Justice

by Patricia A. Mcknight


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ISBN-13: 9781452071695
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/23/2011
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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My Justice 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was just alright. I read it but it was difficult to finish as it was very repetitive and I wonder if the author realized that she turned out just like her own mother. The book would have been better if it were 200 pages, it just dragged on and on.
Mary-Graziano More than 1 year ago
MY JUSTICE “We all have courage sometimes it is hidden, Patricia A Mcknight had that courage.” By Mary Graziano Tricia Ann a five year old beautiful child with a smile that would fill a room with sweetness. Eyes so blue, so bright that showed love and happiness, those “Dancing Blue Eyes” that I have called her. How they danced with excitement when she was with her dad, and her grandma. Powerful, startling, Patricia Mcknight tells it like it is, in words that send chills throughout your body. She leaves you with not just a glimpse into her world, but into her life, a life of hell right after she went home from spending a day and night at Grandma’s, who made her feel safe, the last time she would ever feel safe for many years to come.  Opening the front door to her house, what she sees is the figure of a man, sitting in a chair. Mother tells little Tricia Ann, “this is going to be your new daddy.” Tricia Ann only saw evil, sending the reader into panic wondering what evil this monster was capable of!!! As you read through the chapters, you are left with a feeling of disgust, tears filling your eyes, running down your cheeks, so much sadness, making your heart pain to think that a child of 5 was subjected to so much abuse, so horrendous that it was hard to believe someone could be so inhuman, like “ the devil himself”!!! Each chapter leaves you in disbelief as you follow little Tricia Ann, day after day, week after week,  month after month, and year after year, living something that most of us would never ever experience. Follow Tricia throughout her different ages, as the innocence of a little child changes, becoming filthy, and sores oozing from her skin, taking away her self worth, tearing at her heart, as her own mother ignored her, ignored her sores, her hygiene.  Shunned by everyone, by her own mother, who knew what her step-father was doing to Tricia, but did nothing to stop it, no love given to a little girl who needed it more now than ever. As you read through Patricia A. Mcknight’s memoir, “My Justice,” it is not just a book, but the truth into the life abuse, sadistic hurt, never to be able to go back to the way she once was, a fun loving little girl. Read, take in; learn how abuse turns a life inside out, never to be the same again. How you as the reader can do something, use your voice, don’t turn away, and don’t pretend that you didn’t hear, or see something happen. This is your cue; to reach out to anyone you may know or see being abused, especially an innocent child. Make this a learning tool that will reach the depths of your soul to teach you not to judge the victim, as the town where Tricia Ann lived did just that.  Tricia Ann lived in a “house of horrors,” day after day. As an adult she still suffered abuse by the hands of her husbands, being left for dead many times, as her own children would witness the beatings that Patricia endured. No-one ever came to her rescue; no-one ever took her to safety. Reading about Patricia teaches you that abuse becomes a trend, something that is hard for anyone to break away from after only knowing this for their whole life.  “My Justice” is the chilling life of an abused beautiful little girl with “dancing blue eye,” that for so long danced no more. You be the judge and see if they EVER dance again.
Lynn_C_Tolson More than 1 year ago
My Justice, a memoir by Patricia A. McKnight, is a harrowing story of unrelenting child abuse and life-threatening domestic violence. The author says that she initially hoped her book would open lines of communication between her and her adult children, a generation affected by the ramifications of trauma. Then, Patricia realized that abuse is an unaddressed epidemic, and her family was a microcosm of the problems that plague our society. She chose to offer a solution by making her personal story a publication that serves to educate and empower. Even a seasoned reader of memoirs about trauma will feel the suffering of the narrator, an innocent child who experienced emotional cruelty, medical/dental neglect, and sexual abuse. Her father abandoned her, her step-father abused her, and her mother neglected her. Imagine wondering if this is the night your step-father is going to kill you, then trying to concentrate in school the next morning, then being the house-maid and nurse-maid when it’s time to be doing your own homework then being chastised for not having her assignments done on time. No child can be expected to carry-on like this for 12 years! Yet, no one seemed to notice the bruises, skin rashes, and tooth decay, obvious outer wounds that reflected the inner pain of a lost and alone child. Teachers ignored her and classmates harassed her. Trecia felt condemnation based on fear instead of compassion full of love. She also carried the burden of guilt and shame as well as the responsibility to keep the secrets of the disturbed and dysfunctional “family” she so desperately needed to survive because no one intervened! McKnight uses details, descriptions, and a direct writing model to convey the terror of her childhood and young adulthood. The style seemed stream-of-consciousness, as if telling a story all in one breath. While reading, I held my breath, waiting to exhale. Sometimes the tense changed suddenly from past to present, indicating that emotions are not orderly concepts like chronological time. Sometimes a paragraph was written in 1st person with a sudden shift to “you” statements, as if the narrative was too hard for the author to relive in “I” statements. (First you live through it, then you experience it again when writing, and at different levels of consciousness.) Yet the readers’ final exhalation may be a sigh of relief; despite the torture and toxicity Trecia survived. My Justice is not only a memoir; it is a call to action. In her own words Patricia A. McKnight implores people to “be the extended arm of help to anyone suffering from the impact of family violence or abuse.” She lives by shining example, offering words of encouragement and opportunities for enlightenment on the subjects of child abuse, rape, incest, and domestic violence. To tell a story about good versus evil, it takes courage to face fears, compassion for oneself and others, and a conviction to tell the truth. Bravo Ms. McKnight!
DrBrenda More than 1 year ago
For those of you who haven't read Trish's book, "My Justice," please pick up a copy and read it. Most people do not understand all of the factors and variables that come into play in abusive situations, and this book spells out many of these. You will get more of an idea of what children who are being abused go through, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, in order to survive their abusive situations. Trish also describes the abuse that she survived in her adult life, which points out the dynamics that play out in adult abuse situations also. Once you pick up the book, you will not be able to put it down! This is a must-read, and one that everyone should share with others, so that we can eradicate both child abuse and partner abuse!