My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent

My Kids Play Hockey: Essential Advice for Every Hockey Parent

by Burns Christie Casciano


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For the past several years veteran hockey mom Christie Casciano's monthly Hockey Mom columns have been required reading for the half million readers of USA Hockey Magazine. Drawing on her twenty years in the youth hockey trenches, she brings a wit and wisdom that comes with spending countless hours in the rink. Mixing in a little cutting humor and some good old-fashioned motherly advice, her articles speak to and for grizzled veterans and newcomers to the sport alike. My Kids Play Hockey is a compilation of Christie's work. Some of her topics include:

  • Back to School, Back to Hockey: Getting Ready for a Fresh Season
  • How to Act Like an Adult at a Youth Hockey Game
  • Organizing Your Hockey Household
  • Valuable Lessons Learned during a Losing Season
  • Striking a Balance between being Coach and a Parent Whether your kid shoots a puck, kicks a soccer ball or swings a baseball bat, Christie's sound and sage advice should be required reading for all sports parents. Because when it comes to keeping your head in the game, this mother definitely knows best.
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    Publication date: 08/07/2018
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    About the Author

    Christie Casciano Burns is hockey mom and a television news anchor in Syracuse, New York. She has been an award-winning reporter and anchor for WSYR-TV since 1986 and also provides morning news updates for the popular B104.7 country radio station. She is the author of two children's books about hockey. Christie lives with her family in Syracuse, New York.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword xi

    Introduction xiii

    1 Back to Hockey, Back to School 1

    2 You Better Shop around for the Right Team 8

    3 Today's Questions Can Save on Headaches and Heartburn Tomorrow 10

    4 How to Make Tryouts Less Stressful 12

    4.1 Hockey Tryouts vs. Job Interview 14

    4.2 Ways to Get through a Youth Hockey Tryout 17

    5 Preseason Meeting Puts Everyone on the Same Page 20

    6 Setting Goals for the Season: For Your Player and Yourself 23

    7 A Parent's Pledge to Make This Season Special 27

    8 Getting Ready to Go Ten Rounds This Season 33

    9 A Word to the Wise; Choose Your Words Wisely 36

    10 Cars Are for Transportation, Not Coaching 38

    11 Where's the Hockey Moms' Green Jacket or Hard Hat? 41

    12 What to Expect from Your Expectations 43

    13 Oh Behave! How to Act like an Adult at a Youth Hockey Game 47

    14 Keep Your Focus Hockey Parents 49

    15 Twenty-Four-Hour Rule Helps Cooler Heads Prevail 53

    16 Dealing with Mr. and Mrs. Know-It-All 55

    17 A Lack of Ice Time Can Make a Parents Blood Boil 57

    18 You Don't Have to Be That Hockey Parent 60

    19 Goalie Parents Face Their Own Challenges When Their Kids Strap on the Pads 65

    19.1 Seven Stages of Goalie Mom Grief 67

    19.2 Goalies, So Misunderstood 68

    19.3 Advice to New Goalie Parents 69

    19.4 Ways to Be a Saner Goalie Parent 72

    20 Keys to Keeping Kids Safe on the Ice 74

    21 Concussion Care Is Challenging 76

    22 Don't Let Bullying Take the Fun out of the Game 81

    23 Hockey Parents Walk a Fine Line between Coddling and Caring 85

    24 Avoiding the Cracks in the Ice: A Forte of Seasoned Hockey Moms 87

    25 Water Mom and Other Rookie Mistakes 90

    26 Hockey Moms Won't Let Kids Have All the Fun 95

    27 How to Shoot and Score Good Game Photos 97

    28 How to Turn the Page on Hotel Hockey Horror Stories 103

    29 Hockey for the Holidays: A Special Time for Families 107

    30 Proper Planning May Be the Biggest Present You Can Give Yourself 110

    31 Avoiding Tournament Turmoil 112

    32 So You Want to Host a Hockey Tournament 114

    33 Turn a Profit at Your Tournament Table 118

    34 The Crock-Pot Army Wages War against Fast Foot Pit Stops 121

    35 When Hockey Hurts 124

    36 Hockey-Inspired Poem and Song 132

    37 Rockin' Roles: Key to Volunteering Is Finding a Job That Works for You 135

    38 What to Expect When You're on a Youth Hockey Board 137

    39 Don't Bite Off More than You Can Chew 140

    40 Hockey Mom Takes a Penalty 144

    41 Stretching Your Hockey Budget During the Season 149

    42 The Peaks and Pitfalls of Fundraising 154

    43 Turn Your Team around: Get Your Numbers Up! 157

    44 Pros and Cons of Used Equipment 160

    45 Second-hand Saves: Hockey Gear Swap 162

    46 Organizing Your Hockey Household 165

    47 When Hockey Is Not a Family Affair 170

    48 Striking a Balance between Coach and Parent 175

    49 Cracking Down to Make Sure They Crack the Books 179

    50 How to Motivate without Going Overboard 182

    51 The Number One Trait of a Great Sports Parent Is … 184

    52 The New Kid on the Team 189

    53 When Is It Time to Play like a Girl 192

    54 Girls Locker Room vs. Coed Locker Room 195

    55 Valuable Lessons Can Be Learned from a Losing Season 197

    56 Throwing in the Towel Doesn't Mean Waiving the White Flag 201

    57 Sports Parents Should Only Have Five Expectations 204

    58 On the NHL Beat 211

    59 Hockey Season Is Whine-ding Down 220

    60 Making Heads or Tales of Hockey's Alphabet Soup 223

    61 Shifting Focus to Strength and Conditioning 226

    62 Just Say No: Resisting the Temptation of Year-Round Hockey 231

    63 Reasons to Love the Offseason 233

    64 When Is House League the Right Call? 236

    65 Branching Out Will Help the Roots of Development 239

    66 "I Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us." Your Kid Is not an Investment 241

    67 Quest for College Scholarship May Lead to School of Hard Knocks 245

    68 What's the Rush? Pumping the Brakes on Unrealistic Expectations 249

    69 Recruiting 101 252

    70 It's Showcase Time! 258

    71 Hockey Playing at a Higher Level 263

    72 Senior Night Planning 266

    73 A Hockey Mom's Enduring Memories 272

    74 Puck Hogs 277

    75 Life, Luck, and Mentors 280

    76 How to Bust a Slump 285

    77 The Journey to Nationals 288

    78 The Road Trip 294

    79 Giving Back May Be the Greatest Assist of All 301

    80 Hockey Overseas: Our Norwegian Adventure 305

    81 Hockey Myth Busting 309

    82 Test Your Hockey IQ 312

    83 The Top Things I'd Change in Youth Hockey as a Parent 315

    84 Thirty-Four Reasons Why Ice Hockey Is the Best Youth Sport to Watch 323

    85 The Perfect Season 333

    Acknowledgments 337

    Glossary 339

    Contributor Biographies 343

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