My Lady Series Bundle (1-5)

My Lady Series Bundle (1-5)

by Shirl Anders

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My Lady Series (1-5)

Sizzling tales of seduction, intrigue, obsessions, and passionate encounters with irresistible alpha lords that will take you on a wild ride and leave you breathless.

This 5 book bundle is regency gone sexy and check out these hot alpha dukes, earls, and marques who save their ladies while showing the passion that can be found in regency England.

My Lady Compelled: Meet our hero: The duke even at his age, he was still the most attractive man that Gabriella had ever seen. He was muscular and trim with short cut, silver-gray hair, adding a dramatic and handsome maturity to his tanned and hawkish features.
Lady Gabriella St. John is purchased, from a scandalous "wives sale," by her long-ago admirer and now ex-spy Drummond the Duke of Kitteridge.

My Lady Enslaved: Meet our hero: The earl looked and was dressed like an English nobleman, he was older with rich dove-gray streaks of silver in his wavy jet-black hair. His eyes were shards of black ice, cold and calculating. His face was planed and masculine. There was not a drop of softness in the man.
Captured between her deadly twin sister and Lord Ravenscar, Chloe finds herself kidnapped and imprisoned against her will.

My Lady Captive: Meet our hero: The earl was like a fierce predatory mountain lion. Golden and sleek with steely pronounced muscle while his purply blue eyes arced sapphire fire, and his face planed along rugged masculine bone.
Lord Wyndham Hawkenge risks everything trying to save Lady Orelan from the hedonistic clutches of an old revival, Alexei Tropov

My Lady Taken: Meet our hero: The duke was so handsome with his eye patch, shadowed jaw, and one clear crystal blue eye. A handsome rogue with strong square shoulders and a lean muscular body.
The Duke of Sutherlin's spying career is over and the time has arrived for him to marry. But Radford isn't certain he can find a hot-blooded lady like his ex-spying friends from the Archangels have.

My Lady Enthralled: Meet our hero: The marques had the face of erotic male seduction and beauty, from his shaded tea-colored skin to his sensually full lips with melting depths of mahogany-colored eyes, framed by black-tipped lashes and a long fall of rich brown hair.
This is an erotic romance chiller and not for the faint of heart. Lord Saxonhurst embarks on a dark and very dangerous adventure to save Joelle and himself from a dangerous cult.

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Publisher: Allure Books
Publication date: 10/09/2012
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My Lady Series Bundle (1-5) 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful series.Loved them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved these
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
My Lady Compelled -- 5-Star Review This is the story of Drummond Penhurst, Duke of Kittridge and Gabriella St. John. They have a past together but she chose another. Now her husband, believing her barren, has put her up for sale. Drummond buys her because she's the woman he's wanted for 25 years. Shirl Anders has this fabulous way of capturing the foreplay, the actual act of sex, and the aftermath, with the most incredible descriptions and emotions. I am in awe of her writing style. This is book one in a five book series and it was fantastic! This group of 5 ex-spies, called the Archangels, start out sitting around discussing their lives and the type of women and love they want, now that they are no longer spies working for the crown. I loved book one and I can't wait to read more. My Lady Enslaved -- 4.5-Star Review They were betrayed on their last mission, which left Harrison Ravenscar, the Earl of Ravenscar, with acid burns on his hands and damage to his voice from the toxic fumes. Harrison believes Lia Sang was the betrayer and he wants revenge. He kidnaps her to make her his sexual slave but is it really Lia he kidnaps or is it her twin, Chloe? This is the second book and almost everything about this book was perfect, except for the endearment used by Harrison. Calling Chloe "baby girl" just didn't seem to fit the era of this story and every time I read it, it threw me off a little. There were moments I started to think that the things he was doing to her were questionable but she seemed to thrive on his kind of kink. Because it was consensual, it made it acceptable. He thought he was torturing her and she was loving every minute of it. This was another fantastic book in this My Lady Series. My Lady Captive -- 4.5 Star Review This is the story of Wyndham the Baron of Hawkenge and Orelan Becou, stepdaughter to the late French Ambassador to Spain. He remembers the beautiful 16 yr old who helped them with a case and now 5 years later Wyndham must rescue Orelan from that same mutual enemy by any means necessary. The love this man must feel for this woman is breathtaking. The lengths they both go through to protect each other is amazing. Again, the only problem I have is with the endearments used by Wyndham. Calling your woman "baby love" just doesn't fit the era they're in and again, throws me off when I read it. Still looking forward to the next book in this series. My Lady Taken -- 5-Star Review Radford the Duke of Sutherlin and Nia O'Shea are the stars of this tale and what a clever tale it is! "Someone" is paying Nia O'Shea to seduce Radford. Nia was doing her job and more until Radford found out that she was getting paid to be with him. You'll never guess who set up this elaborate scheme. Fantastic story line! The mystery, intrigue, the chase, and the seduction are awesome. What makes this and the other books in this series, so amazing is that the men are all titled but not worried about prim and proper women. They are all falling for ordinary women and some with scandalous backgrounds. I am loving every minute of this wonderful series! My Lady Enthralled -- 3.5 Star Review The characters in this fifth book in the My Lady Series are Lord Saxonhurst, Marquess of Hartley and Lady Joelle Zurka. Both have fallen victim to a sexually depraved cult. Used and abused, they find strength to help each other and feelings start to blossom. Together they work to find a way out before their situations become deadly. The story line is good but love blossoms too quickly to be believable. The end came upon me so fast and I wasn't ready for that either. It just seemed to be missing a lot of filler story. I was still entranced throughout the entire book and I can't wait to read the final book in this amazing series. *free copy gifted for honest review **originally reviewed for welovekink(dot)com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dashing,captivating, beautiful, sexy, and romantic.  I want one of these handsome gentle, caring, passionate gentlemen!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really love this series. I read all five books in 3 days.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can not even drum up enough words to express these books as anything but horrible
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought the book was awful.   It was like I was reading porn.  Right from the beginning it got raunchy...  a man buys a woman to use as his sex slave.  It was vulgar, the writer uses terms I don't usually like to read  in my romance books.  It was My Lady Compelled:and I will delete it and not even try the other ones.  Tasteless.  Definitely not my type of reading.  Is there even a story?  After 5 chapters -- constant sex!  If you like descriptive sex scenes with obscene words... this is for you.  Not me.    
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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