My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie Series #1)

My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie Series #1)

by Diana Rowland

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ISBN-13: 9780756406752
Publisher: DAW
Publication date: 07/05/2011
Series: White Trash Zombie Series , #1
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 330,188
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Diana Rowland has lived her entire life below the Mason-Dixon line. She has worked as a bartender, a blackjack dealer, a pit boss, a street cop, a detective, a computer forensics specialist, a crime scene investigator, and a morgue assistant, which means that she's seen more than her share of what humans can do to each other and to themselves. She won the marksmanship award in her Police Academy class, has a black belt in Hapkido, and has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition. She presently lives in southern Louisiana with her husband and her daughter where she is deeply grateful for the existence of air conditioning. A master of urban fantasy, she’s the author of the Demon series and the White Trash Zombie series. She can be contacted via her website,, or on Twitter at @dianarowland.

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My Life As a White Trash Zombie 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 84 reviews.
dalnewt More than 1 year ago
This book features an engaging 'loser' protagonist, a convoluted but entertaining plot, morbid details, wonderfully gruesome imagery and a new twist on zombies. In this story zombies are ageless supernaturals who only begin to rot when they don't get their quota of brains. The protagonist, Angel, is a surprisingly sympathetic character. Life has treated her badly but, as a pill popping high-school dropout, she's also cheated herself. At twenty-three she's going nowhere fast until she wakes up in the hospital with flashbacks of grave injury. She's told that she overdosed on drugs, and she believes it because she doesn't have a mark on her Then, she finds an anonymous note which threatens to inform her probation officer of the overdose unless she begins a job as a 'body snatcher' at the local morgue. She's also given 'energy drinks' with weird pudding-like material at the bottom. The story is part murder mystery, part upbeat self-discovery tale, part horror story and part traditional paranormal fiction with an underlying romance element. The first party narrative unwinds at a fast pace and culminates in desperate and thrilling climax. Note, the edible brain imagery and morbidity details are gruesomely excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any and all zombie enthusiasts. Further, I recommend this book to all urban fantasy fans looking for an unusual but entertaining story.
Betty Patterson More than 1 year ago
WTZ wad a great read with great character development, humor, and enough romance to make me like it more than some of those will not be named vampire books. Really hope to see a followup within the next year or so, and not just cause the zombie on the cover looks like me heh. Really great read.
ZombieJoe More than 1 year ago
I heard about this book last year during during the Romantic Times convention. Diana was talking about the newest book she was working on about a white trash zombie who gets a job as a morgue tech for easy access to brains. I know it's shocking, but the an unpolitically correct story about a zombie is totally up my alley. Also, being a huge fan of the Kara Gillian series by Rowland I have been waiting impatiently for this book to release. The book opens with Angel waking up in the hospital. She was brought in as a suspected overdose victim. Her scattered memories and the mysterious package left for her at the hospital hint at something entirely different. Now don't accuse me of spoiling the book for you, but she has been turned into a zombie. Of course the reason why she has been turned into a zombie and who her mysterious mentor is keeps you hanging through the ending of the book. In fact the majority of the book is about how being turned into a zombie is one of the best things that has ever happened to her. Also a good deal of the buildup is world-building. Namely, introducing you to what it means to be a zombie in this book series. It also lays the groundwork for how the zombies abilities and weaknesses work. The author takes the difficult situation of having to make a zombie likable and excels at it. By the end of the story I was really rooting for her. This brings me to the end of the story. As I insinuated in an above comment, I will not spoil the story. George R.R. Martin may threaten to put a spoilers head on a pike, but the author in question on this series has certifications maintaining her aim and ability with deadly weapons. (According to her own bio she has worked in the police force among other jobs.) That being said, I will say that her ending took me by surprise. My expectation is for an ending (even one with a twist) to be along the lines of the direction I thought the story was going. Rowland caught me on this one, marking it as one of my favorite reads so far this season. I will over the caveat that this is a story about zombies. Those with a weak constitution should be forewarned. Even if you are a little skittish at the thought of brain-eating zombies, I would urge you to read this as you might very well be surprised at the extent to which you enjoy the novel. Mrs. Zombie (who is ironically not a fan of the gore) is chomping at the bit to read my copy of it. Easily I will give this one a full 5 dancing zombies out of 5. If you want to go the Slayer route on it, Faith calls this one 5-by-5. No matter what pop culture reference you use, it is easily worth the money. To prove that fact, even with my library budget tight I am going to stop tonight and purchase a retail copy. Normally I would consider this one for a Nook purchase, but that cover art is just to damn good to pass up!
KnowwhatIike More than 1 year ago
Half the book is setup. Conflict unconvincing and very late in the book.
krau0098 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I bought a copy of this book because of the awesome cover, oh and I had read a lot of great reviews on it...also I like zombie books.... This was a creative take on the zombie condition, at times pretty funny, and well written. All in all a highly amusing book that I really enjoyed reading. This is the first book in this series, the second (Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues) is scheduled for a July 2012 release. Right now there are three books planned in this series.Angel Crawford is your typical white trash young woman. She lives in a filthy trailer with her drunk dad, can't hold a job to save her live, and is constantly experimenting with the lastest new drug. Things hit rock botton when Angel wakes up in the ER; apparently she was found passed-out stark naked on the side of the road. She had a billion drugs in her system and is a presumed OD; problem is Angel doesn't remember any of it...the glimpses she does remember don't match what she's been told. Then upon exiting the ER she finds someone has left her a cooler of strange drinks and a job offer at the morgue. As time passes Angel realizes that she is....different...and she really, really craves brains.This was a fun story and a creative take on zombies. This isn't a zombie apocalypse story, but more a zombie as the minority and in hiding type of story. The zombies in this book look and act just like anyone long as they get a good amount of brains to keep things moving. This is an interesting and creative idea and I enjoyed reading about; the why behind it is never really explained, but if you just go with it, it's a lot of fun.Angel is a great lead, she is tough and funny but really wants to turn her life around. Looking over her shoulder as she learns how to be a tech at the morgue was interesting, fun, and kind of gross at times. As with most zombie books this one gets pretty graphic; especially since Angel visits a lot of crime scenes to pick up dead bodies. So not a book for the weak of stomach.All of the above would be interesting on its own but Rowland also ties in a good murder mystery. When a number of the vics Angel picks up are missing their heads, she suspects foul play and gets drawn into trying to solve this mystery. It is a well done mystery with a couple of unexpected twists and turns. The story is mainly urban fantasy, but does have a teeny tiny bit of romance.The story is nicely wrapped up, leaving a few small things unresolved for the next book.Overall I really enjoyed this book and had a lot of fun reading it. Angel is a great protagonist; she is fun, tough, smart and really wants to turn her life around. Zombies are dealt with in a creative and fun way and all of this is wrapped together with a murder mystery that is very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what happens in the next book, Even White Trash Zombies get the Blues. A great book for fans of zombies and urban fantasy, especially those who like some black humor in their books.
titania86 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Angel Crawford is white trash and she knows it. She lives in an old, broken down house with beer cans for a driveway with her drunk, abusive father. Her addiction to prescription meds and her enjoyment of pot and beer keep her from keeping any one job for long. Angel also has a felony on her record because she bought a car that had been stolen from someone she mistakenly trusted. Her life completely turns around when she wakes up at the hospital. She is told she overdosed on drugs, but she remembers being covered in blood. An unknown benefactor leaves her mysterious liquid medicine and a job offer at the county morgue. Unable to previous stomach any sort of gore or blood, Angel is surprised that she is unphased by the job, even when she has to help with autopsies. The only really weird thing is when she gets really hungry at the smell of brains¿ Over the weeks she works there, a rash of beheading murders occurs, but they seem to be unrelated in any way. Can Angel figure out what they have in common and stop the killer?My Life as a White Trash Zombie is a different type of zombie novel and proved to be funny and enjoyable read. Based on the title and cover, I didn¿t have huge expectations and I didn¿t expect to get as sucked in as I did. Angel is a great main character. Despite her screw-ups, flaws, and complacency, she is a clever person who just needed a second chance. When her drug dependence was killed by becoming a zombie, she took the opportunity to straighten her life out. She went from uncaring and downright lazy to productive, cunning, and vulnerable. Without drugs to numb her, she experiences the world differently. She actually cares about those around her, much more than for herself. I really connected with her character and grew to like her more as the book went on.One of my favorite things about this book is the mechanics of Diana Rowland¿s zombies. Angel didn¿t even realize she was a zombie at first. They can blend seamlessly into human society as long as they can consume brains about every couple days. With brains, they are no different than humans. They look the same, eat the same food, and feel the same. The only difference in that state is drugs or medicines have no effect at all. When they don¿t have access to brains, zombies deteriorate quickly. Their skin gets grey and very fragile. Nails fall off. Skin is brittle and easily tears. They start to smell of decay. Plus their senses are heightened and the humans around them smell like delicious food. I really like these new zombie mechanics and look forward to how Angel is in the next book when she¿s fairly used to her new state.My only criticism would be the mystery aspect. The villain became obvious and there wasn¿t any intrigue or nuance. I expected red herrings and wrong turns, but came away a little disappointed. Maybe the next book will be better now that all the world building is already in place.My Life as a White Trash Zombie is a quirky zombie read that I highly recommend. I can¿t wait for the next book, Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues.
pacey1927 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Angel Crawford is just your average 'white trash' young adult. She lives with her alcoholic father in a dilapidated house that has crushed beer cans instead of gravel on the driveway. She has a felony on record because she trusted the wrong people and made stupid decisions. She can't keep a job and likes her pills, pot and beer. Then she wakes up in a hospital where she is told that she almost died for a drug overdose. She is given some odd bottles of liquid medicine and a job offer without ever have a clue why or how they came to be. Angel is a little disturbed to find out that her job is going to be working for the county morgue. She soon discovers she actually likes her odd job and unfortunately she has developed quite a taste for...brains? Something more than a drug overdose happened to Angel that night and "My Life As A White Trash Zombie" is the story about Angel finding out how she came to be zombie. It is also about how she comes to live with her new abilities and disabilities as a zombie who starts to decay without regular brain based meals. But what the book truly seems to be about is a young, messed up girl finally figuring out how to pick up the messed up pieces of her life and turn her life into something worth living...even as a zombie. Even though the idea of the novel is a little campy and even over the top, it works as well as it does because Angel feels so very realistic. Despite her bad choices and low self esteem, this is a girl the reader wants to root for. Even when she is trying to find brains. The story took just a little longer than I would've liked before I became completely invested in it. The resolution had some twists I didn't see coming (yeah!) but I would have liked the situation with the 'bad' guy wrapped up a little neater. Still this a solid four or four and a half star series debut and I am certainly going to read any follow up novels. I have never read this author before but I have her "Mark of a Demon" series in my TBR pile and based on the strength of "My Life As A White Trash Zombie", I may need to move them a little closer to the top of that stack.
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Angel remembers blood. LOTS and lots of blood, she remembers teeth and bones... when she wakes up in the hospital. But, there isn't a scratch on her, she's whole and in tact with a nurse telling her she overdosed on a pill buffet.She decided she's had enough of the hospital- she's leaving. She rips her IV out, when another nurse comes into tell her that two detectives want to talk to her about a body that was found not far from were she was discovered... NAKED- OD'ed on the side on the road. But she doesn't remember anything!The nurse gives her a bag containing clothes, a note that tells her she has a new job driving the van for the morgue and these shake things with instructions to drink one only every other day.Her first day on the job, while watching her very first autopsy... "A dead man. Buck *ss naked with his shriveled little junk right there for everyone to see." -Angel upon seeing her first dead body.Now, Angel can't figure out why she suddenly has the over-whelming urge to scoop this dead guys brains out of his skull with a spoon and eat them like ice cream.Dude, as you can imagine she is more than a little freaked out by this unusual brain craving- but she fights it and goes on about her day.The realization finally hits her that she is an actual ZOMBIE after she is out on a call one night and a rotted, gross guy tries to attack her for the body in the back of her van!Now, she has a LOT of questions! But WHO is she supposed to ask? Sure some anonymous person or zombie more likely has been leaving her notes and helping her 'survive' but how is she supposed to contact them?Then there is Deputy Inanov... Marcus. You know, the same guy who arrested her for stealing a car (that she almost didn't know was stolen when she 'bought' it) Marcus is also insanely hot, wicked sweet, totally caring... hot, kind, sensitive... HOT. But, how can she like him like THAT? But how can she NOT? The bigger question is does HE like her like that? Or is he just a sweet, concerned and incredibly sexy police man? "Yeah, right. I'm finally getting my life together. Too bad I had to die first." -AngelThe end of this book will totally shock you, I SO didn't see THAT coming!! My Life as a White Trash Zombie is total awesomeness. I loved watching angel go from pill-popping reject, to a mature, respectable brain-eating adult.
thehistorychic on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Bought for MyselfOverall Rating 4.5Character Rating 4.5Story Rating 4.5Ending 5++++ (Loved it)NOTE: I am going to forgo my normal review and divide this one down a little different. This was a fantastic Zombie read that I would recommend to anyone.Mystery: Yes Y'all, My Life as a White Trash Zombie has a little mystery in it. Take it from a person who reads Mysteries/Thrillers that this one was really well done. I honestly didn't figure it out until she did. Also, the secondary mystery of who turned her was fantastically done also. The whole darn thing was just so well planned out.Zombies: Gotta love them! I mean these aren't the typical rotting zombies and I liked it. Lets just say that Zombies are monsters with sometimes mushy hearts (that was a semi-quote from the book). Oh but don't worry there are still BRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNNS involved.Characters: I think most of the characters in this story were so well flushed out that you felt like part of the world. Made for a very enjoyable reading experience.Why I gave it a 4.5: It was Zombie-rrific and a very good summer read!
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Life is tough for a juvenile delinquent living in the middle of nowhere in southern Louisiana. You know, life is hard enough when you live with your redneck dad, hooked on drugs and alcohol, a high school dropout, and happen to have a police record (yeah, already). And it doesn't help when you wake up in a hospital bed and find out your a zombie. Yeah, just like that you're a brain-eating undead creature. How does that happen? At least it helps when a stranger helps you get a job at the local morgue, but do they really expect you to eat brains?Author Diana Rowland offers a fresh twist on the concept of zombies. Rather than being mindless monsters, Angel Crawford still feels very much like herself as a zombie, except now she craves brains and finds that she has strange zombie powers. And that there's a new guy in her life who makes her think that, for once, she might be made for more than life as a nobody white trash girl from a small town. All of the wit and whimsical fun that I've enjoyed about the Kara Gillian series shines through in White Trash Zombie, and this time it's even more powerful. Unlike in Rowland's Demon series, the story isn't bogged down with too much darkness or grittiness. Instead, the story comes across as fun, though not plausible at all, with some heartfelt moments that help Angel grow into a stronger person who isn't resigned to her white trash fate. I really enjoyed the fluffy, escapist sense running through White Trash Zombie. It's nothing but pure fun with a solid character that's a joy to read about. It does seem, however, that all of Rowland's energy has been redirected from the Kara Gillian series to White Trash Zombie. Each word just has so much more life in it than the most recent Demon installment. I hope that book two, Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues, as is much fun as the first.
pollywannabook on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyDiana Rowland was becoming one of my favorite urban fantasy authors thanks to her demonically good Kara Gillian series, and now with MY LIFE AS A WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE, she¿s cemented that position. Trust me, this is the zombie book for people who never read zombie books. It¿s a nonstop riot of gross and girly fun.Angel is nothing like her namesake. She¿s white trash, pure and simple. She¿s a dropout on probation for a little pill problem, her boyfriend could teach classes on how to be a loser, she can¿t keep a job, and her dad is an angry drunk. She literally has NOTHING going for her. Until she becomes a zombie. Zombieism in MY LIFE AS A WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE is a lot like vampirism. Strong cravings, preternatural strength, agelessness etc. Except instead of blood, Angel craves brains. Granted, noshing on brains from the morgue is not as sexy as a nibbling on necks, but there is none of the mindless staggering around Romero style action going on. As long as Angel stays `tanked up¿, she¿s as normal as she ever was. And thanks to her new dietary needs, she lands a sweet new job, the attention of a seriously hot detective, and for the first time in her life, friends. The writing is super fun and full of sarcasm and just the right amount of snark. Angel knows she¿s white trash and when she feels insecure or threatened, out comes the bravado. The combination made me feel both protective and proud of her with occasional moments of disappointment when she let people dismiss or take advantage of her. But she had street smarts in spades which she used to brilliantly navigate the intricacies of her new lifestyle and her budding sense of self respect.If you didn¿t know, Diana Rowland used to work as morgue assistant and crime scene investigator and the details she provides in MY LIFE AS A WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE benefit greatly from her experience. Everything felt authentic, and yet thanks to Angel¿s voice, never intimidatingly complex. It was the perfect balance of info and entertainment.Overall, MY LIFE AS A WHITE TRASH ZOMBIE is every bit as fun and trashy as the brilliant cover. The story is gory and gorgeous with plenty of humor and a great new protagonist to root for. There is also a tightly written murder mystery too that shocked me by the end. The next book in the series is called EVEN WHITE TRASH ZOMBIES GET THE BLUES and will be published in 2012. I¿m already feeling the Hunger.Sexual Content:Kissing. References to sex.
mcelhra on LibraryThing 10 months ago
When I heard that the zombie is the main character and the "good-guy" of this book, I knew I had to read it. I've never heard of a book with a zombie good-guy before! And just look at the cover - how could I resist?Angel lives with her alcoholic dad in Southern Louisiana. She's a pill junkie and a high-school dropout who can't hold a job. In other words, a loser. One day, she wakes up in the hospital after overdosing. She remembers being in a terrible car crash but she mysteriously has no injuries. A note is delivered to her hospital room informing her that a job at the county morgue is waiting for her when she's released. How convenient now that she has an inexplicable craving for brains. Unfortunately, there is a serial killer on the loose who decapitates his victims.This book was so fun and original - I loved it. It has two mysteries to solve: 1)Who turned Angel into a zombie? and 2)Who is the serial killer? I couldn't figure out either mystery, the author definitely kept me guessing. There is also just the slightest hint of a romance thrown in as well. Angel is a great character. She has her flaws (obviously) but she is so likable, I was rooting for her to turn her life around.After finishing My Life As A White Trash Zombie, I was delighted to learn that it's the first book in a series. The next book is called Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues and will be released on July 3.
eternal_synn on LibraryThing 10 months ago
The cover drew me to this book! I loved the artwork and the title. Who could refuse an awesome, hot zombie girl claiming to be a white trash zombie? Definitely not me *^_^*This book did not disappoint! The book follows the beginning of Angel Crawford's undead life. After waking up in the ER, she receives a very weird letter, bottles on some chunky coffee drink, and instructions to show up for a job with the coroner. Considering that she is a pill popper, daughter of a drunk, and an all around type-a loser, Angel has a hard time deciding who would give her a job. After arriving at the job, she assumes it is something set up by her parole officer to scare her straight. However, that still doesn't explain the chunky drink, the unusual non-issue with gore, and this overwhelming desire to eat brains.Angel is one of the best main characters I've run across in awhile. She doesn't apologize for who she is, and she sure as hell doesn't pull any punches. I found it extremely endearing and hilarious that she is denying her zombie nature will munching down brains in the body cooler. And, even after confirmation of her new undead status, she seems to take everything in stride.I felt that Rowland took a lot of time developing this story. The characters and environment were very rich and full bodied. Even though she didn't spend tons of time there, I could imagine the sound of the cans crunching in Angel's driveway whenever she came home. I could also feel dirty when she walked into the house. The characters around Angel created a nice depth without taking anything away from the story or pulling attention away from her.I loved Rowland's take on zombies! It was also awesome to see zombies not always being the bad, shambling, id controlled monster we are used to in movies. I've always loved zombies, so seeing redeeming characteristics was a nice change!I am eagerly awaiting the second book, Even White Tr
andreablythe on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Angel considers herself a looser. She has an alcoholic dad, lives in a junky white trash trailer, dropped out of high school, has no job, and pops pills. Life has kicked her in the gut and she's wallowed in it for years. But after waking up in the hospital from an apparent overdose, Angel finds a note ordering to work at the town morgue with the threat of jail hanging over her head if she doesn't. Work at the morgue is gross, but going fine, except for the fact that she now has a craving for brains and just when bodies are showing up headless.Yeah, so Angel is a zombie, and she's also a pretty awesome character. She's complex and interesting, and she has a humor about things most of the time. Life has run her down, so she has a tendency to through self-pity parties, but she doesn't linger on them so long that it drags down the text. She's got a lot to struggle with, so I'm comfortable with her process of coming to terms with and taking control of her life. I also like how the author has taken an interest in how dead bodies work. Maybe I'm weird, but that's kind of interesting science (especially after reading [Stiff], by Mary Roach, which I'm I'm guessing the author read, too). It's a well put together and fun novel with well created mystery. It's not blatantly obvious who the killer is right away and I like how it all unveils.
AnnaKay21 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
The book starts with Angel being in the hospital, with no idea how she got there. She remembers a car wreck but doesn't have a scratch on her. She's told she was found naked on the side of the road, suffering from an overdose. Angel finds a note telling her that a job is waiting for her at the morgue as a van driver and to take it...or else. Angel soon finds out that she's a zombie who needs to eat brains every two to three days to keep from decaying. Being a zombie makes it easier for her to shed her 'loser' life. Angel gets off of pills and alcohol fairly quickly and comes to some harsh realizations about the squalor that she and her abusive, alcoholic father are living in. Their driveway is pretty much literally made of beer cans. Also, her loser 'boyfriend' Randy is becoming less and less relevant to her. Especially as she finds herself more and more attracted to the hot cop, Marcus Ivanov. Angel is sarcastic and snarky, not letting being dead get her down in the least. There is also a mystery element, in that Angel has no idea who infected her and why. Plus there is a possible serial killer who cuts off heads running around the parish. By the end of the book, the mystery is resolved and the answers are kind of a surprise. Angel is far from the perfect heroine - she is a high school dropout whose crazy Mother hung herself in her prison cell and whose Father is a useless drunk. But the way she evolves over the course of the book is amazing and awesome. I loved this book and couldn't put it down. This being said by someone who is normally NOT a fan of zombies AT ALL. EVER. This book got to me, probably in part because I myself am white trash. I get Angel in a way some people might not. This is a must-read for anyone who can stomach descriptions of slurping brains, who loves a good laugh and a well-written book. VERDICT: 5/5 Stars*No money or favors were exchanged for this review. This book is now available in stores and online.*
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! Thank goodness there's like 6 more books? Angel is a Zombie. How this happened she really doesn’t know. I loved the narrator of the story. The whole southern twang in her voice, it was awesome. This was gross at times, totally hilarious and even the gross parts were hilarious. If that makes sense? Angel has had a pretty rough life before she became a Zombie. So you can only guess what she has to navigate all the way through this thing. I loved how there was a mystery surrounding the.m Something is going down and you can feel the eeriness of it. Diana is such an excellent writer. I wanted to read another series by her but my other co-creator of the blog loves her. So I jumped to the Zombie one. Because I love Zombies. So it totally makes sense. Rowland takes the whole concept of Zombies to another level. Overall, I give this Five Boundless Stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Romance novel with Zombie protagonist. Nothing else needs to be said.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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SecondRunReviews More than 1 year ago
h, MAC2, how you devastated my TBR pile. I came home with so many books and many of them free. Drat that freebie table! Oh, MAC2, you and your freebie table introduced me to at least one new author and her crazy world of zombies who work in a morgue that now I’m afraid that I might be changing my opinion on zombies. My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland was simply a delight to read. I was surprised by how much I liked it and by how fast I read it. I’m sure if I had started it on the weekend, it would have been finished in one day. I identified with Angel and her struggle to make a better life for herself. I’m almost certain when she set that goal it didn’t involve being turned into a zombie first, but those are the breaks. Angel is smart cookie with a lot of attitude. And since this book takes place in Louisiana, I couldn’t help but wondering what would happen if Angel ran into Sookie, Eric and Bill. While the mystery and its reveal did fall a bit flat and felt hidden behind Angel’s drive to find out who changed her and why, I did enjoy this novel and will probably keep an eye out for the other books in the White Trash Zombie series at the library when I need a light quick read after some of the heavier books I tend to gravitate towards.
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
Woo Hoo! I absolutely loved this audiobook. I found this book during one of audible's sales a few months ago and bought it on a whim. I just hoped that it would be a fun quirky story to go along with its attention grabbing title and awesome pick cover. I was instantly hooked with this one. I started this audiobook while I was doing the laundry one Sunday night and I actually found myself spending a lot more time than usual folding clothes just because I didn't want the story to stop. Anything that can make me want to do laundry deserves a medal of some kind. I really haven't had this much fun listening to an audiobook in a long time. I love a good zombie story. I will have to blame The Walking Dead for that I guess. These stories are just so much fun and I like how varied each one can be. Angel is really my kind of zombie. She doesn't throw herself a pity party when she realizes that she is a zombie. She just tries her best to figure out what she needs to do in order to take care of herself. Angel is smart and I really liked the way she thinks about things so spending time in her head was great. The mystery of this book really took a backseat to the wonderful characters for me. There were really two mysteries in the book. The main focus seemed to be about a series of deaths in the area but I found myself really wanting to find out what had happened that made Angel into a zombie. That was the big question in my mind and I was satisfied with the outcome. I really liked the flow of the story. The pace that things were revealed was just right to keep me very interested. It was a very well rounded book for me as well. I wouldn't say that this book was laugh out loud funny but there were some moments of humor that I really enjoyed. Angel's realization about what she is and what she wants was just a lot of fun. She also shows a lot of growth during the book which was well done. I loved the narration of this audiobook. Allison McLemore did an absolutely fabulous job of bringing life to this story. I am so glad that I went with the audio on this one because I can't imagine a better way to experience this story. I loved the voices that she used for all of the characters and her southern accent really was perfect for the story. I would definitely like to listen to more books narrated by this narrator and plan to continue with the series very soon. I would highly recommend this book to others. I had a great time listening to it and would recommend to others to try it on audio if they have a chance. This is the first book by Diana Rowland that I have read and I can't wait to see what else she can come up with. It looks like I will be purchasing the remaining audiobooks in this series very soon because I need to spend more time with Angel as soon as possible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm excited to see where it goes from here!
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
Angel is no angel. She’s a pill popping addict with a felony record and she can’t hold down a job. She’s also a zombie. When she wakes up in the hospital, she thinks she’s lucky to be alive after overdosing on pain pills. But then she starts getting these weird cravings, and she can’t seem to eat enough to get full. An anonymous note leads her to apply for and land a job at the morgue. That’s when her craving shows it’s true colors. That sweet smell that’s making her stomach growl in hunger is brains. What better job for a zombie than to work at the morgue. Nobody will miss a few brains here or there. I suspect any zombie would want the job. Another advantage is not having to worry about being so hungry you lose control and attack someone. But someone does notice the missing brains. And someone made Angel a zombie for a reason. And even worse, there’s a serial killer racking up a body count and taking the heads. No more brains means Angel will have to find out who the killer is or she might graduate to full dead. Angel isn’t the most likable character at first. I have little sympathy for drug addicts. Especially when they do harm to others to get their next fix. Once she was turned into a zombie, I hoped she’d take the second chance she’d been given and do something good with her “life.” She has her work cut out for her. And there’s a possible romance with a sexy deputy. I wondered what he’d think if he knew Angel craved brains. Angel made me laugh. She made me shake my head in exasperation. Then she grew, accepted the role life gave her. She slowly won me over and made me care about her. Looking for your next zombie fix. Try this series. It’s fun, kind of gross, (well, it’s about zombies and zombies eat brains), and has a killer plot. And there’s no cliffhanger ending, even though this is the first book in the series. Everything gets wrapped up. Yet it leaves you curious to know where Angel goes from here. I was so lucky to win this book!
Samantha57 More than 1 year ago
Great start to the series though had a new flaws but excited to read more
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
The Story Angel is a self-proclaimed loser and white trash. Living at home with her dad is only the beginning of her woes, as she's in her mid twenties, can't hold a job and has a problem with pills. She not bothered though. She used to want ,ore out of life, but came to the conclusion that some people just aren't that lucky. After dropping out of high school and going to jail for a car deal that was too sweet to be real, she knows she's one of those unlucky people. Then she wakes up in a hospital, an apparent drug overdose, following a night out drinking. She was found naked on the side of the road and barely escaped death.   Yeah, Angel was a loser. She was white trash.   Now Angel has a new chance at life. Maybe she can keep a job, get straight and have the house she always dreamed of. Okay, maybe it involves working at a morgue, but she seems to have a knack for the job. There's only one catch…   Angel has a huge craving for brains…good thing her patients don't seem to need them anymore.       Angel Crawford’s life is about to change in more ways than one. She struggles to take on a new perspective and come to terms with her past and future, most importantly her lack of pulse and the strange notes she keeps receiving. Can she live the life of a brain-craving zombie and not turn into a monster. My Thoughts I enjoyed every moment of this book. The first thing I noticed was that this was not your average zombie story. Instead of the typical ' ah, zombies are taking over and eating us, we have to survive' we are given a story where zombies are a minority. They have been changed, and now they are trying to remain as hidden as possible. As long as they have their fill of brains every couple of days, they remain as warm and lively as you or me. Most of them find jobs where they brains are easy to come by, such as Angel's new job at the morgue. This means they have no need to hurt anyone to stay whole and healthy, they just use the brains from those who won't need them anymore. There's even a market for them, where one of the local zombies sells those he doesn't keep for himself.  I love that the story has a completely different perspective from the typical zombie read. I love zombie stories, and this one has really got me hooked. I like reading about Angel's life and her struggles to try and remain 'normal.' She has to go through life finding out who she is, just like we humans do. She needs to learn to understand herself, her limits and what she needs to survive.  I also like that the story isn't just about that. It also has lessons about finding yourself in general, it tells you about Angel's discovery that she can make more of herself (and that lack of money isn't the only reason to turn to drugs, drink and give up on life.). Finally, you learn about Angel's love life, or lack there of, and how she comes to terms with the fact that she deserves someone good for herself as well.  The story does have a great tale of rags to riches, though Angel doesn't get rich in money, she does learn that there are other forms of rich. She starts to stand up for herself, becomes strong and gets herself out of her self-proclaimed state of white-trash.  I love the characters in the book, as each has a deep, meaningful personality. Each character sticks to the personality they have been given, and they really do feel real, not all alive, but real.  The details, both of characters and in the storyline, are brilliant. There are enough details that you know and trust everything is happening, but to enough are given to actually ruin any of the surprises that are to come.  The pace of the story is perfection. It moves swiftly, keeping your attention held, and gives you snippets of details about the brain-eating issue throughout. However, it doesn't move so fast that you aren't able to get into the story. It is just right.  OVERALL: I really enjoyed every second of this book. It was engaging, interesting and had great side lessons/stories. I know there are two more books at the moment, in the series, and I cannot wait to have a go at them. I want to know what happens to Angel and her friends next. She has so much more to learn, do, achieve and I cannot wait to see what happens. After the ending, I was left on the edge of my seat, excited and happy for Angel, but also worried and wondering where they will go from here. I would highly recommend this books to anyone age 14 and above. It does have gory details, but nothing that couldn't be handled or expected in those ages. It really is a read that you shouldn't pass up, especially if you are a zombie fan. I've never read a book like it. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great new take on the zombie genre. Part mystery, part zombie story.