My Life Manual: Australian Edition: Estate Planning, Information and Messages for your Executors and Loved Ones

My Life Manual: Australian Edition: Estate Planning, Information and Messages for your Executors and Loved Ones

by H M Todd


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My Life Manual: Estate Planning, Information and Messages for your Executors and Loved Ones

Australian Edition

Don’t be forgotten

Take control of your affairs, for yourself and your family. Make your passing just that little bit easier for the ones you leave behind, and let them celebrate your memory.

This book will guide you and give you the opportunity to leave valuable information for your partner, children, friends, family and also your executor, such as:

  • Drafting a Will;
  • Protecting your assets;
  • What if you become incapacitated?
  • Arrangements for your children: important everyday information for their guardian;
  • Lists of all your assets and liabilities for easier estate management;
  • Letters to loved ones and letters seeking forgiveness;
  • Planning tools, to minimise future conflict, such as:
    • Can someone claim against your Estate, such as a possible de facto;
    • Estate planning mechanisms: your Will, Trusts, Super, etc;
    • Suggestions for managing your assets after you pass;

  • What about the people you care for and your pets?
  • And much more. Check out the Table of Contents!

A life worth living is a life worth recording.

This book is to help you keep track of your financial growth and plans and as an aid to your executors once you pass on.

Another purpose of this book is to comfort and assist those you leave behind in finalising your affairs, by giving them access to valuable information. The contents of this book are your final words on all the things that are important to you.This manual is for anyone, parents, couples, singles, young or old, anyone who wishes to organise their affairs, both for themselves and their family left behind.

The purpose of this book is to ease the burden for your loved ones in finalising your affairs, having all the information available so that your executors can do their job, while removing some stress for your family when you pass on.

Your executors need this information to administer your estate. If you have no family or your family may not be aware of the full extent of your financial position, your executors may have a hard time locating all of your assets and knowing how to wind up your affairs.

But also, how many times have you tried to have the conversation about what your family should do in the event of your death? They may have avoided the conversation, as if in doing so the unthinkable will not happen. Or if the conversation does take place they are often so preoccupied thinking about how they would deal with the loss that nothing is really heard or remembered.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994497826
Publisher: Hazel Todd
Publication date: 10/05/2016
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

Tips to Update and Protect Valuable Information 2
Protection of Valuable Information 2
Who Should Use This Manual? 2
Checklist to Review your Estate Planning Options 3
My Personal Details 5
My Team of Professional Advisors 7
Employment Details 9
My Accounts and Subscriptions 10
Loyalty Cards and Frequent Flyer Miles 11
Personal and Important Documents 12
My Online World 13
Assets 15
Real Estate 15
Bank, Building Society or Credit Union Accounts 19
Shares or Securities in Companies 20
Managed Funds 21
Units in Real Estate Investment Trust Funds 22
Monetary Investment Details 23
Motor Vehicles 24
Private Companies and Businesses 26
Online Assets 28
Other Assets 29
Superannuation and Trusts 30
My Superannuation 30
Superannuation Pensions 32
My Pensions 32
Powers of Attorney and the Withdrawal of Super before Death. 33
My Trust Interests 34
Executorships 36
Powers to Appoint 37
Letter of Wishes to My Trustee 37
Personal Items 38
Sentimental Possessions 38
My Personal Possessions 41
Items in my Possession that Do Not Belong to Me 42
Heirlooms 43
Liabilities 44
My Liabilities 44
Secured Debts 44
Unsecured Debts 46
Guarantees 47
Tax 48
If I Become Incapacitated 50
My Powers of Attorney 51
My Living Will or Advanced Care Directive 54
Insurance 55
Life Insurance: 55
Other Forms of Insurance 56
Estate Planning and Asset Protection Instruments 58
Trusts 58
Implied Trusts 59
Express Trusts 60
Discretionary Trusts 62
Life Interests 63
Accommodation Fund Trust 65
Right of Occupation and Use and Enjoyment Trusts 66
Special Needs, Special Disability or Protective Trusts 67
Children's Trusts 69
Education Trusts 69
Capital Reserve Trusts 70
Testamentary Trusts 71
Beneficiary Controlled Testamentary Trust 73
Estate Proceeds Trust 74
Superannuation 75
Withdrawal of Super Funds 75
Persons Eligible to receive your Superannuation Death Benefit 78
Binding Death Benefit Nominations. 78
Tax on Death Benefits 79
Superannuation Death Benefits Testamentary Trust 80
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) 80
Caveats 81
Mortgages 81
Equitable Mortgages 81
Change in Title 82
Buy-Sell Agreements 83
Binding Financial Agreements 84
Interest Free Loans 85
Insolvency 86
Organ Donation 87
Funeral Arrangements 89
My Funeral Arrangements 89
If I die overseas 90
My Obituary 91
My Eulogy 91
Message to be Read at my Funeral 91
Notifications 93
Last Will and Testament 95
The Need for a Will 95
When to Revise your Will 96
Validity of a Will 98
Things to Consider Before Making a Will 98
Executors 102
Challenges to a Will 108
Measures of Protection to a Claim Against your Estate 109
Long Term Relationships (not De Facto) 111
Where to Store your Will 112
Alterations to Your Will 113
Mutual Wills 113
International Will and Assets 114
Revocation of a Will 114
Deed of Family Arrangement 114
Dying Without a Will 115
My Will 116
Notes on Why I Drafted my Will as I Did 116
Further Notes on Why I Re-drafted my Will 118
Probate Guide 120
Suggestions to Beneficiaries of my Estate on How to Manage Their Inheritance 122
Others for Whom I Care 123
Pets 124
Charities I Support. 126
Letters to Loved Ones 127
Letters for Forgiveness 129
Letter to the Future Step-parent of my Children 130
Guardians of my Children 131
My Notes to my Guardians 133
Will Kit 136
Last Will And Testament 141
Statutory Declaration Template 143

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