My Life, My Journey

My Life, My Journey

by Bruce Wilberforce


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Born into a family in difficult circumstances, Bruce Wilberforce finds himself in the streets at a very young age, struggling to eke out a living. Having been taken out of the streets and encouraged by teachers at school, he turned out to be a brilliant student. His first-cycle education earned him a Middle School Leaving Certificate.

Against his father’s inclination to get him into carpentry, he secretly joins the Teenagers Group after passing an examination. He finally passed out in a batch of last round of recruits, but below his expectation of being assigned to nonadministrative work, he was assigned to administrative duties in the army.

His initial enthusiasm for the Avuh coup, which involved past trainees of the Teenagers Group, turned into opposition to it when those colleagues became targets of attacks from the regime.

He then joined the military opposition to Avuh. On one occasion of daring, his conspiratorial group, led by Major Omar Mukhtar, got bombs rained on it. His only way of escape was to rub himself with his own excreta. Having escaped into exile in Kroto, he ended up in Caucasian Republic, where he resumed his education and acquired a master’s degree to become a manager.

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ISBN-13: 9781524595432
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 11/18/2016
Pages: 214
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About the Author

Bruce Wilberforce was born in Western African Republic and educated in Western African Republic, Caucasian Republic, and Queensland. He holds an MBA in international management from the University of East London. As a teenage recruit in the Teenagers Group of the Western African Republic Armed Forces, he had direct experience of military brutality in the barracks about which he recounts here in simple English.

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