My Lifetime of Weird Coincidences and Strange Happenings: How one ordinary person learned to experience precognition, visions, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and even miracles-and you can too.

My Lifetime of Weird Coincidences and Strange Happenings: How one ordinary person learned to experience precognition, visions, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and even miracles-and you can too.

by Forrest Carr


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For all of human history many have believed that a small few among us have had the gift of second sight, the ability to snatch glimpses of the future or to obtain information by some method other than the traditionally recognized five senses. But what if these gifts are not as rare as believed? What if anyone can learn to access such abilities-and may already be doing so without even knowing it? What if, in fact, such events are a basic part of the human experience?

Novelist and former TV news journalist and radio talk show host Forrest Carr has spent a lifetime experiencing various episodes that some might call paranormal in nature-episodes including premonitions, precognition, visions, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming-and yes, in three cases, even miracles. Like most "normal" people, wishing to maintain a certain credible reputation, throughout his career Carr kept these experiences private and under wraps. But the events led to decisions that profoundly changed the course of his life over time, an effect that has accelerated considerably of late. Because of recent dramatic new developments in his health-as accurately foreshadowed in personal premonitions-Carr feels that now is the time to tell this story. Or, put another way, if the story isn't told now, then it never will be.

When it comes to events of this nature, Carr does not consider himself to be a "psychic" or to be in any way "talented" or out of the ordinary. He is, instead, an entirely ordinary and average person, and he believes that anyone can learn to experience the types of phenomena he has. In this book, he explains his experiences and shows how others can learn to accomplish the same thing.

Carr spent a lifetime as a TV news journalist, and brings a serious approach to this highly personal subject matter, including supporting documentation where available. This book not only has the potential to open readers' eyes to an entirely new world, but to inspire the reader-especially those who might be encountering dark emotional crises-to embrace life in new ways, as these experiences have done for the author.

This is a book that will introduce concepts such as paranormal visions, precognition, perception that comes in from outside the normal 5 senses, and even lucid dreaming to everyday people, and teach them to embrace and experience such phenomena for themselves. All it takes is an open mind, determination and perseverance.

Forrest Carr, named by Kirkus Reviews as a 2015 "Author to Watch," is author of the novels Messages, A Journal of the Crazy Year, and The Dark.

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ISBN-13: 9780692457061
Publisher: Premonition Media
Publication date: 09/24/2015
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Forrest Carr is a novelist, blogger and former radio talk show host and journalist who spent 33 years in the television news industry, serving as a news director in the Tampa, Fort Myers, Albuquerque, and Tucson television markets. Carr has received or shared credit in more than 90 professional awards, including a Suncoast Regional Emmy and two regional Edward R. Murrow awards for investigative reporting, and is a co-author of Broadcast News Handbook, a college textbook published by McGraw-Hill, now in its fifth edition. Carr is author of the novel Messages, a "buddy journalist" crime story that shows how TV news evolved into its current state; A Journal of the Crazy Year, a prophetic zombie-genre post-apocalyptic tale inspired by an actual disease; and The Dark, a sci-fi novel about the most ambitious space voyage in human history, what happens at the end of it, and what that says about mankind's relationship with God. Carr is a long-time fan of old school science fiction, particularly the works of Robert Heinlein. He resides with his wife Deborah and their two cats Ellis and Mina, a.k.a. Butthead 1 and Butthead Also, in Tucson, Arizona. He invites readers to reach him through his author page on Facebook or by way of his website,

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