My Listening Heart

My Listening Heart

by Mary Lou Parrish


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ISBN-13: 9781456765866
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/23/2011
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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My Listening Heart

By Mary Lou Parrish


Copyright © 2011 Mary Lou Parrish
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6586-6

Chapter One


My Heart is steadfast oh God, I will sing and make music with my soul ...


* * *

I know it's true and I believe,
In spite of all I think or feel,
The Cross reveals the Truth I seek,
God's LOVE is making Heaven real.

* * *

1st Corinthians 2:12 We have received God's spirit so that we may understand what God has freely given us all.


* * *

Have you ever wondered,
Why Angels would appear,
To Shepherds on that hillside,
When the Temple was so near?

Can your mind perceive the miracle,
Of one bring shining star,
Leading wise men to a stable,
Though the distance was so far?

Does your heart feel soft and tender,
As you think about that night,
When God came to live among us,
Filling Earth with Heavenly light?

Will you bow your head and thank him,
For the love his Son did share,
Then wrap a special present,
For someone who needs his care.

Does the blessed day excite you,
With its promise old, yet new,
And when you think of Christmas,
Will you think of Jesus too?

* * *

He came to us as one of us in order to bless all of us ...


* * *

Let your mind imagine that quiet silent night,
When shepherds on a hillside beheld that awesome sight,
Allow yourself to listen to words of hope and life,
Once spoken by an Angel who promised Peace and Light.

Believe the Truth that Jesus, the blessed Holy One,
Came down to live among us in God's own precious Son,
Trust how well he taught us to worship and to pray,
And the Spirit, he has gladly sent to guide us day by day.

Let your heart be open to wisdom from above,
Then Jesus Christ arisen shall fill your soul with love,
A love you can't imagine and grace you can't contain,
That treasured gift of Christmas which no mortal can explain,
A Holy Revelation, A human life fulfilled,
A perfect friend and Savior, the Advent of God's will.

* * *


The Joy of the Journey is found in the Company of the Lord ...


* * *

There is a new World coming,
Midst this turbulence of fear,
And a time of jubilation,
With a hope of triumph near.

For that promised Holy Baby,
Who would smite the serpent's head,
Through the simple faith of Mary,
Freed each soul of morbid dread.

Dooms Day Prophet's dark illusions,
Were replaced that Christmas Day,
When God's Son was born among us,
To reveal a better way.

Now the blessed Christmas story,
Of the Savior's Holy birth,
Should remind us that His coming,
Was a glorious day on Earth.

For God sent his Son to bring us,
Into worlds we've yet to see,
As faith in what he promised,
Lights the way for you and me.

So believe the Christmas message,
Celebrate with songs and cheer,
And rejoice that Christ has banished,
That old faithless voice of fear.

Join those showing adoration,
Giving praise to God above,
That our fate is sealed by Jesus,
And our hearts can feel His love.

* * *



* * *

The Greatest gift of Christmas,
Is the One sent from above,
In the secret Jesus taught us,
By unveiling God's great Love.

For the Gospel is no legend,
Men have spun of myths in time,
It's the history of Salvation,
God has planned for human kind.

We are told about the Angel,
Whom the Shepherds saw and heard,
As He spoke that awesome message,
In these very simple words.

"Fear not, I bring good tidings,
Which shall fill your hearts with Joy,
If the world will trust the Advent,
Of this promised baby boy."

Once Isaiah told his people,
When he spoke so long ago,
Of the coming of a Savior,
One the world would come to know.

"He shall shine among all people,
As a Light that they may see,
Sent to live among God's people,
He shall set their spirits free.

For the Holy ONE has sent Him,
That the world may come to know,
Those who understand GOD'S wisdom,
Will inspire His Truth to grow.

Christ unlocks immortal being,
For each mortal soul on Earth,
That is why HE came to save us,
Through a Holy Human birth.

World religions now are legion,
Some are false and some are true,
Still the risen Lord, Immanuel,
Is the One to listen to.

When at last He comes in power,
To reveal His rightful place,
"Every knee will bow before Him,
And shall see His loving face."

Then the wonder of that Christmas,
When Mary, gave Him birth,
Those who trust Him will remember,
As the greatest Gift on Earth.

* * *



* * *

Some say there was no Angel to announce His virgin birth,
No stable with a manger, as His cradle here on Earth.

They tell us that the Shepherds, watching over flocks that night,
Never heard that glorious singing, or beheld an awesome light.

They presume it's all illusion, consisting of mere myth,
And that Jesus Christ, Emanuel, is a story based on gist.

Still, I believe in Christmas, that glorious Advent,
A shining Star over Bethlehem & Love that Heaven sent.

I still believe in Wise men though doubts may come and go,
As I ask for wisdom daily that my own weak faith may grow.

I do believe in Christians, who celebrate His birth,
We hope and pray most every day For Joy and Peace on Earth.

I still believe that Christmas, sends this message from above,
"God gave a gift to everyone through Christ's immortal Love."

* * *



* * *

Mary thought she knew,
For the Angel had named her,
"Blessed Among Women".
But now lying in a stable,
Gripped by doubting fear,
And wrenching pain,
She could not see God's promise kept,
As she held her baby Son and wept.

Yes, Mary, daughter of Anne,
A little mortal Jewish Maiden,
Covenant child of a called out people,
Once bore the Prince of Peace,
God's only begotten Son, Jesus,
For she believed God's word comes true,
Through ways that we may seldom see,
In spite of human cruelty.

The Christmas Story links us all to God,
Because of that one silent night,
As hope rode the back of quiet desperation,
Angels and shepherds herd the song,
While wise men saw the shining star,
And trusting what had been foretold,
They followed it along, the Savior to behold.

Yes, Holy love and human faith,
Brought forth immortal life,
When Christ was born here on earth,
To Joseph and his wife,
God gave a gift, but so did she,
A miracle for all to see,
Blessed Mary filled with Grace,
No one can ever take her place.

* * *



* * *

I must have heard an Angel,
Whisper softly in my ear;
For the joyful sounds of Christmas,
Attuned my heart to gladly hear.

Sweet Little Jesus Boy,
Words inspired to touch and please,
And O Holy Night, my favorite,
Always brings me to my knees.

The warmth of Christmas music,
Swelled with gladness in my soul,
As the words of age old carols,
Recalled those mystic days of old.

I thought about the Savior,
Who's birth we celebrate,
And the coming of the Spirit,
To seal each believer's fate.

I recalled "Come All Ye Faithful",
And Christians living day by day,
Always trusting in the Master,
As they walk the Pilgrim Way.

I know the Holy Angels sang,
On that Silent, Holy Night,
In the Little Town of Bethlehem,
as the Star gave Wise Men Light.

So I knelt before the Holy One,
Grateful that my heart could feel,
The wondrous Hope at Christmas,
And the Christ who makes it real.

* * *



* * *

God's Child was born in Bethlehem,
The One and only Begotten Son,
A quantum leap, through Mary's pain,
Had linked a strong immortal chain.

Jesus, "the light of the world",
Once came and touched blind eyes to see,
The truth God sent us from above,
As a gift in Christ's abiding Love.

* * *


Many of the traditional disciplines now have a modern vocabulary. Some of the words that are ordinary jargon to the people studying those disciplines are slow to be recognized understood and used by the public at large. Language is unique to the people who use it-on many levels. Dr. Carl Jung once stated: "there is no language that cannot be misused."

Quantum and Quasar are unusual words to us. We would never think of them in relation to the New Testament Revelation of Jesus Christ. Still, if GOD is the author of all Truth then those words are easily understood by GOD. God shares His knowledge with those who are willing to knock, seek, open, and find- no matter what the subject might be. However, GOD is a Holy GOD and the things that are important to GOD are the things which GOD has deemed righteous.

JESUS IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN ONE OF US! Psalms 31:37 The Law of the Lord is in His heart


* * *

Love is the Light of Christmas,
Faith has sparked the flame
Jesus sealed the promise,
Emmanuel is His name.

The lighted tree reminds us,
Of His undying grace,
As carols warm our weary heats,
With gratitude and praise.

The Angels' happy message,
So old and yet still new,
Reminds us that the Father,
Remains forever true.

It speaks of God's redeeming peace,
His wisdom and His care,
A time when goodness will increase,
And Joy is everywhere.

Lord, please bless this Christmas,
Like those we've shared before,
Turn our hearts toward JESUS,
The CHRIST whom we adore.

Then help us all to follow,
Where you would have us go,
To share your message gladly,
With everyone we know.

* * *


My sister, Barbara designed a special cross-stitched background for this poem. The pattern was composed of a star and a manger. The two simple symbols are connected along the edge of the picture which she had framed within a rustic wooden frame as a special gift for Christmas that year. Every tiny stitch was a gift of love. It is a visual reminder of our mutual faith in Christ and a gift that I have cherished ever since.



* * *

Who is Jesus to you?

I see the life of Christ as before and after the Cross at Calvary.

The dark side of Calvary is concerned with the Christian pilgrimage up to the cross of Jesus. That is a long bloody history and most who have been interested in the Holy Bible know a lot of that history today through the media and books that have been left through each generation of research and study of the subjects involved. Many mature adults have spent a life time studying

The Holy Bible. And the writers who expand and enlarge consciousness of God through the revelation of Christ found only in that One Amazing Context. Why did Jesus speak of himself as "The Son of Man"? Jesus referred to himself as Son of Man as he taught. Why?

The light side of Calvary is brought to our attention on that specific morning when Jesus resurrected and ascended as our High Priest in Heaven. How many today still believe in that mystery regarding the Truth from God?

What changed when Jesus left earth in visual form?

According to the New Testament witness, people who believe in Him are seriously changed. Those early believing Jews and a few gentiles did not fail in their mission to spread the Truth of the Gospel of Christ throughout that part of the world and then ultimately throughout the Earth. The New Testament tells of the mission vision shared by JESUS before His ascension. History has left the names of many of those who were willing to literally die to keep the GOSPEL alive and well as God has hoped humankind to hear and to believe. What Jesus had hoped would happen has happened.

The New Testament clearly reveals what happened. The disciples and many of those faithful to Jesus reported what happened. Because they were on the front lines of that era in that place, living what happened. The Holy Mission Vision is still alive and well today in many souls; as the united hope and growing Spirit within those who believe in the living Christ our Lord become His true witnesses through their very lives

The only message anyone was required to teach and preach after the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost; and especially after the Bible was put into a specific ordered form and presented through both the Old and New Testaments; is to go and tell the world about Jesus The New Testament is a clear witness regarding what he came to do for all of us and what happened at his actual resurrection and bodily ascension.

JESUS is the very foundation of the Christian Faith Belief System and the motivation for a dynamic Faith in Him today.

How can one claim to be a Christian in Spirit and in Truth if one does not know for sure who Jesus is? Are you truly an Easter Person? Do you know what that literally means in this year of our Lord, 2011? Or do you simply belong to the Institution of the Church? Are you a building block in the great temple of the Heart which honors God through Faith in Christ? Are you a true child of God through a free will choice of direction? Or, are you simply an acquaintance of the Church who appears on special occasions?

How long will so many go on with our made up stories and childish beliefs? How long will mortals refuse the immortality that is real? How long will some go on killing and crippling and literally destroying human lives without a reasonable purpose in doing so except in lusting after power over others and a desire to rule the world?

Jesus once asked His own disciples that question, "How long must I be with you and continue to teach you about God and yourselves before you begin to get the message? How long today in the present world before we, the People of God rise up together in a Spirit of true faith and courage and say with one voice and unity of a True Heart. "It has been long enough. It is time to stop the madness and to live our lives as peaceful citizens of this good and resourceful planet which only God Himself, the Creator, could have made possible within this universe and those that exist out beyond our own."

Somehow I believe in the deepest regions of my own soul that God is thinking in his usual loving manner "It will go on for as long as it takes to give the last person alive on earth the chance to receive eternal life."

* * *


"Come unto me all of you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." JESUS


* * *

Alone with God, I came to know,
Who Jesus is and why it's so,
That our High Priest forever more,
Was asked to bear the Cross he bore.

I saw the folly of that pride,
behind the shadow where I hide,
Pretending wisdom that can see,
Inside my soul with clarity.

The last conceit to finally go,
Was when I said: " I do not know,
How God can care for one like me,
And prove that love so graciously."

Then falling down on bended knee,
I asked for mercy full and free,
From demon voices tempting me,
To just deny Christ's Deity.

My faltering faith has now grown bold,
By gaining strength among his fold,
No longer doubting why Christ came,
I'm daily calling on his name.

I've learned to trust his heart, you see,
As Jesus grows more dear to me,
And I believe He reigns above,
To gift our souls with perfect Love.

* * *


Psalms 97:11 "The joy of the spirit is in an upright heart ..."


* * *

Are you coming back among us,
Do you miss the pilgrim way,
Are you longing to deliver,
Every faithful soul today.

Have you really made a heaven,
For your trusting friends below,
So that we may come together,
And God's presence fully know.

Can we count upon the promise,
That your Grace has set us free,
And believe new life's awaiting,
There within Eternity.

Will you actually invite us,
To a grand and glorious feast,
Where the humble are exalted,
And the proud regarded least.


Excerpted from My Listening Heart by Mary Lou Parrish Copyright © 2011 by Mary Lou Parrish. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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