My Little Brother: Fiction about Bullying

My Little Brother: Fiction about Bullying

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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My Little Brother is a cute little story about a very smart, bright, and pretty young girl named Mandy Green, who has a brother that is very protective of her, as she and the family has moved to a new neighborhood, the course turned on her as the school kids decide that they don't want a smart newcomer in their school, immediately she gets in trouble with the school because she warns them that her little brother don't like people to mess with her.The big event happens, and she is rushed to the hospital after dealing with these kids, with this event, the saving grace were her three large dogs in the back yard and her ability to outrun just about everyone in the school.This is considered a short story, of seven three to four page story-line, as the events are fictional, and the names within seem to be very real, and the situations appear to be very real, the whole town, the new neighborhood, even down to the very obedient dogs, are all made up. How then did I come up with this story? God question, Most of the stories that I come up happens through one of three ways, either it is a life experience, through dreams, or through inspiration, or, at times, it is a mixture of all three, in this case, it is all inspiration, based on life experience.

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ISBN-13: 9781546309642
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

My name is Ollie Fobbs, I was Ordained in 1986, went in the military in 1988, after being married to my second wife Joyce Smith, I was stationed in Germany for two years, there I joined a local Protestant Church, where the pastor led me in the things of Holiness and the preached word.
Upon getting back to Richmond Virginia, I started trying to find work anywhere I could. During the course of the next ten years, many would reject me as a man of God, many would deny me a place of employment, and teaching the word, where ever I was, became the order of the day. I became homeless two times during this season of my life, and the devil made valuable attempts to get me to move back into an old lifestyle that I had already defeated, during this time, I found out just how good God really was. I was hungry, and I made use of public trash cans, I was in need of bathing, and God helped me to make use of the local river and streams. then I started doing ministry courses on the web, one was of a school in India, it was a great course, three times a week, I went to the Library to do the weeks assignments, after four years of study with them, they sent me a grade average and said that I was a graduate, but the degree never showed up which was fine.
Two years later, I moved to Winston Salem North Carolina, that was when I married my present wife LaVonia Boartwright Fobbs. She has been a God sent from the word go, we have really enjoyed life, and we are presently looking to take life to the next level and travel extensively, but, that still too depends on what the Lord wants of us.
I grew up in Richmond Virginia, and there I was abused in many different ways, i never understood why I was treated the way that I was, but nevertheless, I too made it through it, and my goal in life is, if I made it through, so can others.

I am now an Ordained Minister, and I don't Pastor a church anymore, which is fine, I consider myself as a traveling Evangelist. Life has taught me a lot, and I try hard to pass that knowledge onto others.

After dealing with Cancer three times, I find it difficult to understand why some can't seem to break free of it, But God knows what is best for us, we are in that season I guess where the best are going to be with Him.

As a Bus Driver in Richmond Virginia, I was on a Flower Tour, and I was diagnosed with Cancer, and was told that I had within 90 days to live, a young girl of about 16 told me to stop talking about death and live, that changed everything.

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