My Magnolia Memories and Musings- In Poems

My Magnolia Memories and Musings- In Poems

by Patricia E. Neely-Dorsey


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ISBN-13: 9781935316473
Publisher: Patricia Neely-Dorsey
Publication date: 02/17/2012
Pages: 114
Sales rank: 1,274,225
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

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My Magnolia Memories and Musings- In Poems 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
kbaby920 More than 1 year ago
My thoughts: I like Poetry. I love the flow of it, the way the words seem to flow so very intricately. Patricia did a wonderful job describing her love for her family, life and home in Tupelo Mississippi. I felt like I could visualize this place although I have never visited. Each Poem is heart felt; I could feel the emotion attributed to it. Some were funny, some very deep in meaning. I could easily relate to the Poet. A lot of the language and descriptions had very southern dialect but I have heard here in my own home town. Patricia, through her writing, has conveyed a sweet loving memory of her life and home through her work. It was very touching and well written.
Maranda_Russell More than 1 year ago
Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s second poetry book looks and sounds a lot like the first one if you only look at the cover and the title, but I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh, truly new material inside its pages. As I began to read through the poems, I noticed that the poet’s style and view on life had evolved and changed a little since the first collection. Although the subjects covered are similar in some ways to those explored in the first book, they are often tackled in a different way in this collection. One addition to this collection that I found delightful was the small collection of photographs shared throughout. The visual aids definitely make the book more appealing and help to make readers feel more involved as they read through the poet’s experiences and memories. I also noticed that the author seems to embrace free verse more in this collection. Although there are still some rhyming poems for those who prefer more traditional poetry, I felt that this collection leaned heavily towards freedom of expression and form, which seemed to make some of the poems even more personal and hard-hitting. Many of my favorite poems were in the section that talks about loss, a subject that wasn’t covered much in the first book. Overall, I feel that this second book of poetry naturally picks up where the first book left off and shows the growth and wisdom of an evolving poet. I would highly recommend this book to poetry and literature lovers or to anyone that simply loves great writing.
AnnBKeller More than 1 year ago
Warm and sweet as drizzled honey on a homemade Mississippi biscuit, My Magnolia Memories and Musings lingers in the reader’s mind long after the last page is turned. In its pages, I found so many similarities with my own life that I identified with the author herself. This is a rare appeal. Didn’t every town have a “Hoodoo Lady,” a strange creature who lived separately, yet still among us, a woman of unusual habits, who made secret potions and wore outlandish clothes? Every country town also seemed to have a “Reed’s Dept. Store” as well, that central location where one might obtain everything from a new pair of shoes or a winter coat, new curtains or towels, school clothes, Girl or Boy Scout uniforms or even a brand new dress for Sunday. Like the author, I also remember making homemade ice cream, turning the crank over and over, in rapt anticipation of the ultimate tasty treat, cutting perfect biscuits with a Mason jar, and lining up for Saturday night baths. I recall hurrying to the outhouse on a cold, rainy Fall morning, turning the crank on the old wringer washer and then hanging the heavy, wet clothes on the line to dry. I, too, dangled my feet in our cold lake, giggling with glee when the blue gill and catfish nibbled my toes. There was also nothing like the cool, if slightly sticky, ambiance of the spider webs clinging to my curly hair as I played with my brothers beneath the front porch. That was a land of adventure and delight! Do you recall the merry ping of raw peas striking an enamelware bowl or that unique aroma of the stove top grease can after a week of Mama’s cooking? How about swinging on the porch swing for hours on end, talking about everything from your hopes and dreams for the future, to the weather, the latest gossip in town, and whether the crops were better or worse this year? These are the types of memories the author gently offers us to remember. Once, life seemed somehow simpler, when a family was strong, unified and resolved in its beliefs - a time of Magnolia Memories. We had pride in who and what we were then, the same sort of pride that shines through every word in this book. I share Ms. Neely-Dorsey’s love of country and state, a love of the warmth of the past. I highly recommend My Magnolia Memories and Musings to those who would share these peaceful reflections of a true Southern belle.