My Morningless Mornings

My Morningless Mornings

by Stefany Anne Golberg


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If you’re ready to get cerebral while also being hypnotized by prose, this slim memoir is perfect. Golberg writes about isolating herself in the night, rejecting the world’s attachment to day. The dark brings on all kinds of meditation on psychology, death, art and what it means to be awake. This might be the ultimate quarantine read." — Seattle Times?

Have you had a reason to avoid the morning? To wish you didn’t have to wake up and face your life? For Stefany Anne Golberg, the morning itself became a possibility she could no longer tolerate, and at age fourteen she erased it all together.

In a ranch house in a Vegas suburb, Golberg’s peculiar brand of insomnia lives alongside an ailing father, a professor on permanent leave from the local university. Her mother has moved out, her older brother has gone to college, and she is alone with the night, resisting the fundamental unit by which we measure our lives: the next day itself.

Startling, poignant, and harrowing, Golberg’s voice is informed by an eclectic range of interests, from Bruegel to Jung, Loren Eiseley to Marina Tsvetaeva. Equal parts coming-of-age memoir, art history, and philosophical inquiry, My Morningless Mornings is a young person’s reckoning with consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781951213046
Publisher: The Unnamed Press
Publication date: 03/24/2020
Sales rank: 752,721
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Stefany Anne Golberg is a writer and multi-media artist who co-founded Flux Factory, an arts collective in Brooklyn. Co-authored with Morgan Meis, she published Dead People, a series of eulogies about cultural icons, garnering praise from Adam Gopnik, Tom Bissell, and Keith Gessen, among others. She has written for the Washington Post, Lapham's Quarterly, and the New England Review, and was Critic in Residence at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She now lives in Detroit where she is creating a museum in her house called The Huckleberry Explorers Club. Golberg has a degree in philosophy from the New School for Social Research and an MFA in music/sound art from Bard College.

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From the Publisher

"My Morningless Mornings is a brilliant book, an exploratory meditation on the significance of day and night, waking and sleeping, light and shadow. It moves fluidly from one object of contemplation to another, giving each a gentle, deft attention that makes it at once familiar and strange. This is a book that works on the reader's mind so that after you finish it, the world around you seems changed, revealed to be more mysterious, fascinating, illuminated and alive than you had realized before.” — Emily Mitchell, author of The Last Summer of the World and Viral: Stories

"It is disorienting to be a stranger. Stefany Anne Golberg's My Morningless Mornings takes the memoir beyond facile lyric self-regard and renders the troubling experience of the self as stranger... in childhood, of which we remain tributaries, another world perhaps definitively lost to the recuperation of grieving. This work shows us what it means that writing is re-living." — Michael Stone-Richards, founding editor, Detroit Research

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