My Mother My Daughter: A Memoir

My Mother My Daughter: A Memoir

by Marita Malone


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A small 4x4-inch sealed envelope, a letter from Germany, sat on my desk. It's been untouched for days. I knew who sent it. I wanted to open it, but I was afraid of how it might change my life. Flashbacks of my young life colored the envelope black. The weight on my chest grew heavier, and as much as I wanted to get rid of the heft, I was more at ease keeping the suffocating weight than reading the likely contents of the letter. With no ability to understand the suffocating weight on my chest since childhood, I spent a lifetime working my way back to the beginning in a tiny German village and a mother whom I never knew was waiting for me.

Born and abandoned in Germany, reared in America, Marita Malone couldn't escape the suffocating weight on her chest despite a lifetime of successes both professionally and academically without the help of a sympathetic nun and a journey home to the family that gave her up.

Indeed, it is a book that touches the heart of mothers and daughters, adopted adults, and anyone who seeks answers to life-long questions. It's a book that touches all readers.

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ISBN-13: 9781512010954
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2015
Pages: 286
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About the Author

Dr. Marita Malone spent her professional years as a Special Agent of the FBI, assistant professor, lecturer and high school teacher. She investigated more than 300 federal violations and later supervised other Special Agents. Her official travels were world-wide. While in the FBI, she published several articles on law enforcement management,including the book Managing Law Enforcement Change (2010: Institute of Police Technology and Management, University North Florida).

Marita's home office is a testament to her professions: the books, framed letters and awards, and the desk toys. However, they are not as important as her history as an internationally adopted child during the tragic aftermath of World War II. She wrote My Mother My Daughter: A Memoir (2016) to inspire adoptive parents, adult adoptees, and give guidance to students of marriage and family counseling. The stories alone are fascinating, but the message is memorable and, perhaps, life changing

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