My Mother The Man Eater

My Mother The Man Eater

by Tracy Krauss


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ISBN-13: 9781609765859
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 11/04/2010
Pages: 560
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

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My Mother the Man-Eater 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
LorieB1 More than 1 year ago
This was a page turner! It kept me up way too late at night. It had a little bit of everything, family drama, fashion, addiction, mystery, intrigue and romance, The best thing about this book was the subtle clarity of the message. It is a story of redemption with Jesus as the answer for all of us in our brokeness.
Toni59 More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to give, author Tracy Krauss a five star review on her book but I'm finding that publishing companies are lacking in the editing department. On the upside of this book, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the story. There were six women noted in this book and all of their names started with the letter "J". Each character had a unique and captivating personality. Tracy did an excellent job of staying one step ahead of the reader with a surprise at every turn of the page. Author Tracy Krauss knows how to captivate her reader and I look forward to reading her next novel.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Carly K. for Readers Favorite My Mother the Man-Eater by Tracy Krauss is the story about Joleen, the forty-four year old mother of five grown children. As the title suggests, she is looking for a man, but each man she becomes interested in ends up being interested in one of her daughters. Thrown into the mix is Joleen's ex-husband who is out to make her life miserable. Joleen's daughters have their own flaws and troubles and life is full of drama and tension. It is hard to imagine that despite all the troubles, God is able to make his presence known and Joleen is finally able to accept his love as the love she has been searching for all along. When I first saw the title of this book, I started to keep going past it. My Mother the Man-Eater did not sound like the type of book I would want to read if I was just judging by the title. But then I recognized Tracy Krauss's name as a Christian author, so I gave the book a closer look. I'm glad I did too because this is actually a terrific book. At an intimidating 555 pages, My Mother the Man-Eater is a story full of action, drama, suspense, family issues and the unfailing love of God. The length of this book works because it is such a complex and real story and it never feels rushed, nor does it ever feel slow. The pages flew by and I was thoroughly engrossed in this book about characters who were very real and believable. My Mother the Man-Eater is a definite winner, a truly excellent book. I was very impressed by Tracy's writing and her careful crafting of this complex and moving story.
DeliaLatham More than 1 year ago
Joleen Allen loves men. Now if she could only keep one of them interested! Lately, every man she dates falls for one of her five daughters. She's not a rich woman.just scraping by from payday to payday at her job selling lingerie in a department store. Yet her ex-husband shows up, fresh out of prison, determined to ruin her life, her reputation, and any monetary stability she's managed to achieve. Scary thing is, this guy's not just bluster. He'll stop at absolutely nothing to get what he came for. It's a mostly chaotic, completely unconventional family with characters and situations just crazy enough to be halfway believable, and to keep the reader hanging in there to see what happens. My take on My Mother the Man-eater: Wow! Tracy Krauss definitely knows how to create a realistic "world." The Allen women harbor enough long-held secrets, lofty dreams, bitterness, disappointment, and a few unexpected moments of genuine affection to make them dysfunctional (often comically, but other times totally tear worthy) and to keep the reader hooked. I must confess to becoming a little muddled at times, trying to mentally juggle six women, all with their own separate little sub-plots, and all having names starting with "J." I had to backtrack a few times to keep the who with the what. Despite that bit of confusion, My Mother the Man-eater is a well-written book. Krauss creates fully developed, believably flawed characters and constant action to keep the pages turning. The messages of forgiveness, redemption, grace and hope are well integrated into the plot, and deftly delivered without being even a little preachy. In fact, given the cougar-based storyline, it's a tremendous achievement for the author to have fit this book into the inspirational genre. This book is proof that inspirational fiction can be gripping without crossing the line to risqué. Readers who enjoy their Christian fiction with a thick slice of reality and a large cast of characters will love My Mother the Man-Eater.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
An accomplished, proud mother of five, 44-year-old Joleen Allen has set her sights on true love; unfortunately, every time a promising prospect comes into the picture - he bypasses her for one of her daughters. To make matters worse, her ex-husband - fresh from a stint in prison - soon makes it his mission not only to ruin Joleen's good name, but her life as well. An eclectic, conflicting mix of personalities themselves, Joleen's daughters don't do much to alleviate the stress in her life - especially when their actions lead to the exposure of some of the family's deepest, darkest secrets. With her familial bonds quickly falling apart at the seams, can Joleen summon the strength to hold it all together...? My Mother The Man-Eater is a surprisingly powerful tale. Skillfully mixing dramatic suspense, tender romance, and tantalizing shots of wicked humor, author Tracy Krauss paints the compelling portrait of a desperate soul in search of fleshly solutions to spiritual problems. Chronicling Joleen's tempestuous relationships with everyone from her daughters to her would-be suitors to her murderous ex-husband, Krauss presents the reader with a flawed, yet valiant protagonist you can't help cheering for. Throughout it all, readers are sure to relate to Joleen's complicated search for love and redemption as one they've either taken or will take soon, reminding them that - though the journey may be rough - the glory of finally reaching the destination makes the obstacles along the way more than worthwhile. A thoroughly entertaining, highly rewarding read. Kenya Dow Apex Reviews
PBenterud More than 1 year ago
This romantic suspense is filled with hilarious mix-ups, toe curling suspense and heart wrenching pain, culminating in blessed redemption. Tracy Krauss portrays Joleen, a single mother of five grown daughters, as a mixed up, man-hunting cougar who can't seem to get it right. Every time Joleen thinks she has found 'the one', he ends up falling for one of her daughters. On top of 'new' man trouble, Joleen is experiencing 'old' man trouble in the form of her ex-husband coming back from the past to haunt both her and the girls. 'My Mother The Man-Eater' is a thrilling adventure romance that will keep you coming back for more! WARNING: You won't want to put this book down once you have started it!! Highly Recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Martha-A-Cheves More than 1 year ago
My Mother The Man Eater - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat "I was a dancer," Joleen said, glancing up to gage his reaction. "Of the exotic variety." "I see. And your husband didn't mind?" William questioned. "It was his idea to begin with," Joleen answered back, somewhat defensive. "And I didn't take everything off. I think he took some kind of sick pleasure in the fact that other men wanted me, but I was 'his'." "And you didn't object to that?" William asked candidly. "I had no choice in the matter," Joleen shrugged. "What do you mean?" "O'Brighton was also our landlord. He had some very persuasive techniques for getting people to pay money that they owed him." "Sounds like a very unsavory character," William noted. "And what about after Harold went to prison? You continued 'working' for O'Brighton?" "Harold had made a lot of enemies. I needed the extra cash flow to keep my family safe." Joleen Allen is 44 years old and has 5 daughters. Jennifer is her quiet one. She still lives at home, works for a publishing house and enjoys quiet evenings with a good book. Jill is a police officer who has designated herself as the family protector. Jinger lives at home and is a designer waiting on the right person to come along and take her to the top of the clothing world. Jasmine, lives alone and even though she is the oldest, she has very little to do with her mother and siblings. Her time is tied up with acquiring new advertising accounts and drowning her sorrows in a bottle. Jade, the youngest, still lives at home and has nothing really going for her. She works 2 jobs, one at a coffee shop and one as a ticket seller at a cinema. Her favorite pastime - getting high with her boyfriend. These are Joleen's daughters. She loves them dearly but they all seem to clash when together. As for Joleen, she loves men. Young men. But she has finally come to the conclusion that something is missing in her life. She needs to find a man who she just might be able to stick with and settle down some. She has her eye on Sam in the delivery bay where she works and he seems to have an eye for her. So when he finally asks her out, she accepts. But she also likes the instructor from her self defense class and the teacher from her English lit class and then there was the guy who came in to talk her methods of selling lingerie and oh how can she ever pass up the motorcycle jumper she met at the race track. She can handle it. She will just have to juggle her time. As you can see, this is one mixed up family. As things heat up with arguments between the girls and Joleen trying to shuffle her boyfriends, in walks Joleen's ex-husband. He has served his time in prison and is bent on destroying the lives of not just Joleen but also the lives of the girls. To do this he has decided to take Joleen to court stating that the divorce and her infidelity ended with him requiring psychiatric care. I don't know where to start with my recommendations for My Mother The Man Eater. We all have skeletons in our family closets, somewhere. Most of us handle them by keeping the door locked, hoping no one finds the key. But what happens if those secrets of the past do get out? Whether we are the one hiding something or we find that someone we love has been hiding secrets from us, how do we handle it? Author Tracy Krauss has taken a family who's past becomes exposed. Piece by piece the family is torn apart.